Businessman And Visionary: The Mind Of Sam Sotoodeh

Being a successful businessman means having more than financial acuity. It means to have a vision for strategies to be implemented when others do not see such an opportunity. This is what has man Sam Sotoodeh such an impressive businessman today.

Hailing from Orange County, California, Sam Sotoodeh has made his tenure as the president of the Acquisition Group, inc. a very impressive run. Knowing the real estate market and the current trends that are in it has given him the ability to venture into other investments as well. Securities and oil and gas are other ventures that his firm invest in as well. Many who know Sam Sotoodeh knows his brilliance and background in education and business. He received degree in Economics while attending California State University. Next, he attended Cornell University for his MBA. His post-graduate studies were done at Northwestern university. This is where he honed his negotiation techniques at.

His company, the Acquisition Group, has just purchased the famous building known as the headquarters of the News & Observer for over $20 million. This purchase will be used as a mixed use project. Sam Sotoodeh was involved with this investment. Although the Acquisition Group made the purchase, they also provided a relocation for the newspaper to move the primary office operations to another location where their printing press is located. Deals like this will make many wonder, “Just what is the Acquisition Group up to now?” This is the track record that has followed many of the investments that the Acquisition Group has made. Afterwards, when the plan is brought to fruition, the brilliance is then appreciated by many.

Having been involved with the Acquisition group since 2004 has given Sam Sotoodeh the necessary foundation to continue to make headlines with his strategic investments today.

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