Article Title: Agera Financial – Helping Residential and Commercial Customers Fulfil their Customer’s Needs

Agera Energy is amongst the most reputed energy companies in the country providing services to millions of households and commercial operations across the country. The company has been focusing on energy efficiency and saving through its efforts to educate the customers as well as providing products and services that help customers saves on their energy bills. As the energy market continues to be competitive, it has become important for the customers to be aware of how they can choose what is right for them. Agera Financial goes to lengths to ensure that the customers are well-catered and provided with energy solutions that would help them in saving money.

Agera Energy uses the latest technology to ensure that their customers are benefited from it. They have the most experienced customer service department who are always ready to help their customers with what they need. It is essential for people to save energy if they want to save money. For businesses, it is eve far more important and it is exactly what Agera Energy aims to provide to their customers. They have great reviews from their existing customers and they trust the company for all their energy needs.

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Stream Energy

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder together with Pierre koshaki. In the global energy industry, it ranks among the largest companies with a once in a lifetime revenue of more than $8 billion.


The Dallas based company supplies energy to nine states among them New York, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, and Washington DC. Steam energy has grown to provide services such as; energy services, protective services such as stream virtual MD and wireless services like mobile hotspots.


Through its involvement in various initiatives, stream energy has proven that it is ready and willing to make a difference in people’s lives. It launched its new philanthropy foundation; stream cared in 2006.


Stream cares partnered up with hope supply co to help the victims of hurricane Harvey. The hurricane was responsible for the loss of lives, homes, and pets in Houston neighborhood.Stream cares were launched to formalize the company’s philanthropist efforts throughout the country.


Stream Energy is passionate about helping homeless people. Together with hope supply co and other associates they catered for meal and entrance fee for more than 1000 homeless children from North Texas at the splash event for hope.


This is an annual event which gives stream’s employees a chance to provide homeless children supplies, money, and a lifetime experience. Stream and hope supplies co have worked together for over four years where they regularly give the homeless children with diapers, school supplies, and clothing.


Back in 2016 when several tornadoes hit north Texas on Boxing Day stream energy worked directly with Salvation Army to help the victims. Stream energy also engages in once in a lifetime operations where they provided both moral and financial support to veterans from Dallas and their families.


They provided transport to the less privileged veterans to a Texas restaurant where they enjoyed a special lunch of burgers, steak, and ribs. The next day stream catered for all expenses for ten daughters from military families to take part in the American girl doll experience. In addition to choosing an American doll of their choice, the girls also had lunch at the American girl café.