Paul Mampilly, the Advocate for the People

Paul Mampilly, a financial guru is now using his talents for the average individuals to help them make money. After graduating in 1991 with an MBA from Fordham University, he began gaining capital and experience working in Wall Street as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. Next, he earned prominent positions at various legal firms like Deutsche Bank and ING. By 2006, he handled the hedge fund of Kinetics Asset Management, a $6 billion firm, and grew its company’s assets to $25 billion. Paul Mampilly continued to prove himself by winning the Templeton Foundation’s prestigious competition. Wall Street, however, took its toll and he exhausted making the rich richer, so he decided to take his aid to the families in need.

Now Paul Mampilly works as a research and investment analyst for common individuals so many can make the most of their income and have better lives. He has appeared on many TV programs and has developed many newsletters like Winning Investor Daily and Profits Unlimited. Since Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, he has brought over 90,000 new subscribers for his newsletter alone. On the side, he also manages two elite trading services: Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

In an interview with Eric Dye, Paul Mampilly discussed many great things that his subscribers often ask about. He mentioned how computers have changed stock trading in a huge way. The users should beware though because this new advanced technology can now use your trading habits against you. Mampilly pointed out the new arrival of ETFs – “Exchange Traded Funds” – which now dominate the market like mutual funds used to do in the past. The way people value companies today has also changed over time. Now that we have a way of putting a number on innovation, opportunity, and growth (particularly through sales), companies have been given a greater worth for future successes (i.e. Amazon). People would do better in Wall Street if they avoid the two most common mistakes: Going all in on a stock and putting 60 or more percent into one stock. This is way too risky in Mampilly point of view. People can learn a lot from people like Paul Mampilly. The everyday individuals are in better hands with him as their advocate.

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