Dr. Rod Rohrich and Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a medical doctor and an eminent professor who has high recognition both at home and abroad for his great contributions to the world of reconstructive and plastic surgery. He also has a wide reputation in his education, aging, facial aesthetics as well as his work in the rhinoplasty.

Rod Rohrich is the holder of the of the renowned charity crystal ball in the field of plastic surgery. He is also currently holding the Warren and Betty Woodward chairperson in reconstructive and plastic surgery. Professor Dr. Rod is the recipient of the Rod J Rohrich M.D of the distinguished professorship in plastic surgery as well as wound healing. Professor is the current chief editor of the Reconstructive and Plastic surgery of the American Medical Journal. Rohrich is also certified by the Plastic Board Surgery of America.

Dr. Rod was born and raised in the remote areas of Zeeland and had his undergraduate education completed with first class honors in both undergraduate and graduate studies at the University Of North Dakota. Rohrich decided to go and receive his medical degree from the College of Baylor and graduated as well with a first class honors.

Nowadays cosmetic surgery on plasticsurgery.org is full blown unlike in the past days it was hidden only to the major celebrities as well as the wealthy socialites. Cosmetic surgery ranges from the zapping Botox, full blown facelifts all the way to breast implants. This is a new industry and is not yet neutral as many novice entrepreneurs will likely cause disruption.

This industry nowadays is for all that are willing ad quite accessible to many people. In the past years, it has become mainstream, and we thank the TV shows like the Extreme Makeover for shedding enough light on the topic for the general mass as well as the informative ads that promote anti-aging products in cosmetics.

Dr. Gary Breslow is a plastic surgeon who came up with the online platform that links the plastic surgeons with patients to provide solutions online in a more efficient way to and provide consultation through online forums like chatting. This is a very wonderful invention that brings about telemedicine and HealthTap where doctors provide medical advice. Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/07/business/smallbusiness/cosmetic-surgery-thats-just-a-click-away.html?_r=1

Securus Technologies Fights Back

In a press release dated June 7, 2016, Securus Technologies made public that they (Securus) will begin a program of stating publicly facts and findings that point out integrity breaches and other wrongdoings committed by a competitor, Global Tel-Link (GTL). This is a good faith attempt to answer criticisms about practices and charges from customers using the communication services offered by Securus, GTL, and other prison service communication providers. Securus has a Better Business Bureau record of answering complaints made against their company. In all fairness, many of these complaints are coming from people on the outside who want to talk with friends and family inside a prison facility at the prices paid by unsecured providers on the outside. They do not realize that prisons require security and coordination between aspects of this complex prison system and any communication system within the walls connecting to the outside need to be monitored and recorded for security purposes.
The prison environment is different from the outside world. Freedom on the outside is totally different in prisons where conditions are purposely harsh, and there is an attempt to destroy rebelliousness and individualism, which inhibit the eventual return to society. The fact that the prison population is rising is proof that something is wrong with the system.

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Doe Deere and the Case of the Missing Name

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime cosmetic, is something of a success story, a perhaps unlikely success story. On any given day, Miss Deere might be sporting hair the color of cotton candy – pink or blue – take your pick.

This, of course, provides a lovely frame for a face done up to old-fashioned movie star perfection done one better. That is to say that if you could colorize old black and white photos using some of Doe Deere’s cosmetics, the results might be Technicolor to say the least. Her make-up style and fashion sense come circa Alice-in-Wonderland 2010, but Doe Deere is in no way a knock off.

She’s something of a memorable sight – a living doll really. So much so that her good friend, doll maker Joshua David McKenney, made her into a doll. Or at least a doll that’s a replica of her.

Doe Deere posted a photo of her and the doll on her Instagram account, which has 300,000-plus followers. This was done as a favor to Mr. McKenney to help promote excitement and buzz for his work.

It seems that Richard Prince, a 66-year-old artist with Gagosian Gallery, became enamored with the photo. So he made his own – a 48 x 65-inch print – by taking a screen shot. The photo then went on to sell for 90 grand at the Frieze Art Fair. The problem? Somewhere between the screen shot and the making of the portrait, the doll’s artist’s name got left off. Many bloggers have gone as far as calling the move theft.

However, all wasn’t completely lost. Eventually, Doe Deere reposted the image of herself and her mini-me doll on Instagram, giving proper credit to her artist friend.

And even McKenney managed to see the good in the situation. Because of this incident, his dolls are now perceived as fine art instead of just playthings for children.

Self-Made magazine named the Lime Crime cosmetics maven one of their Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. Her story is a small-time businessperson’s success story. She started on eBay the way many online entrepreneur’s got their start. It was the launching place for a DIY fashion line, and in fact, the name of her company came from that venture.

Her first make-up product/s to come from that start were her Unicorn Lipsticks.

Read further at http://observer.com/2015/05/meet-the-doll-maker-and-instagram-star-hacked-by-richard-prince/


NutriMost Spear Heads It’s Rival Company In Sales

NutriMost is a prepackaged meal plan that guarantees you’ll lose weight and this is backed by customer testimonial videos that have been stolen by their rival company Healthy Living. Healthy Living is accused of violating a cease-and-desist order to remove the video from their website. Thousands of satisfied customers have given their actual testimonial of the benefits of NutriMost and their rival company has decided to post the video on their site and replace all the mentions of NurtiMost with the slogan “Can’t Lose Diet.” NurtiMost is suing their rivals in court for a unidentified unprecedented amount in federal court, but the integrity of their product has not affected sales.

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/weight-lost-big-nutrimost-sues-rival-stealing-video-article-1.2476105

Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a chiropractor stands behind the NutriMost brand and says that is doctored recommended for anyone that wants to lose weight without taking drugs or excessive exercise. NurtiMost’s rival company held these facts from the people through their doctored testimonial of the video. Most of the testimonials deal with customers that lost a 20-40 pounds in 90 days or less by using their prepackaged meal plan program at NutriMost. They promise that their customers never have to starve because they have made technological advances that cater to your appetite.

More importantly, NutriMost comes in a variety of blends with your choice of dessert and appetizers. They have real chicken, beef, and tuna as meat choices with their meal plans. They even have the top salmon and crab cakes in the industry. They argue that their company tried to steal their good will reputation and should be held accountable for that because they have clearly ignored all cease and desist.

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Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital: An Inspiring UK Success Story

The story of Sanjay Shah and his company Solo Capital is one of the most heartwarming success stories in the financial world. It all began when Mr. Shah was brought to the UK by his Nigerian parents.  At a young age, Shah fully intended on studying medicine and becoming a doctor. But after a few years of study in this field, Shah quickly realized that medicine was not for him.

Eventually Shah ended up working as an accountant for various big financial institutions in the northern sections of London. Shah would have to take the train into work every day and back home again every night. Throughout these years as an accountant, Shah tried to figure out a way to free himself from this stifling grind.

The break Shah needed happened in 2008, but it did not happen with his willing consent. The 2008 global economic collapse destroyed many peoples livelihoods, Shah’s included. Shah lost his job in 2008, and he had to regroup on his own.

Soon after this news, Shah rented a very small flat on the outskirts of London. It was from this tiny room that Solo Capital was born. He only had a few friends working with him at this time, but slowly his company grew into one of the largest international boutique financial services companies in the world.

Today Solo Capital employs thousands of people around the world, and it owns offices in London and Dubai. Mr. Shah has made so much money off of Solo Capital that he considers himself retired now.

One of the major campaigns that Shah promotes now, however, has nothing to do with finance. Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism at two years old, and Shah has made it his mission to do as much as he can to help find a cure for autism.


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Billionaire George Soros Is An Investment Strategist That Knows When To Buy Gold

Some people called George Soros an Enigma. That’s fair. Soros is a bit of a puzzle, and at times, his actions and words are inexplicable. But one thing is certain. The 85-year-0ld Hungarian-born humanitarian is a master investor. Soros has been laying low in the investment market, but he recently got back in the swing of things when he dumped 37 percent of his hedge fund’s stocks and bought gold. Soros is letting the world know that his prediction that a major global recession is going to shake the air out of the stock market and send the developed nations around the world into an economic tailspin that could last for several years is coming true. The move to get back into buying and selling by Soros is a sign that the next best thing to buy is gold, according to an article published by the Wall Street Journal.

The United States economic figures aren’t great, but the GDP output is still in the plus column, but Soros thinks that won’t last long. By the end of 2016, the U.S. could be facing an economic contraction, according to Soros. George Soros has watched gold jump front and center when a recession becomes a reality through the years. Soros bought 19 million shares of gold miner Barrick Gold Corporation in the first quarter of 2016 in order to be part of the next gold jump which is in the works now. George is keeping his winning streak alive by selling stocks that will suffer during a recession and buying gold that will increase in value as the demand increases. The Soros Fund Management hedge fund has more than $30 billion in assets under management, and the addition of gold may increase that number before the end of the year.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

In order to understand George Soros, it’s important to know his history. At 14, Soros fled his home in Hungary and moved to England because the Nazi’s overpowered that nation. The Soros family was Jewish, but Soros was one of the fortunate ones to escape thanks to his father’s quick thinking. In 1952, George attended the London School of Economics, and when he graduated with a degree in philosophy, he decided he wanted to move to the United States and get involved in the financial industry. Soros got a job on Wall Street, and it didn’t take him long to learn the tricks of the trade. In 1970, he founded his own hedge fund, and he has made one incredible bet after another during the last 40 years.

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JustFab for Kids: Killer Summer Looks For Your Daughter

JustFab is a great online hot spot that sells the trendiest clothes and accessories for women that are priced very affordably. But did you know that JustFab also offers clothes and shoes for kids?

If you are looking to amp up your kid’s style, then we definitely have a few of our favorite summer clothes for you to check out.

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JustFab Summer Shop

Here are some of the coolest summer looks that we know your daughter is going to love:

Work it Romper Outfit: For the Active Girl
This short sleeve black cotton romper is a classic that your daughter will absolutely just love to wear. It is offered in all sizes and provides a tie waist that makes it simple to slip on and off in a jiffy. Whether she is lounging around the house or outside playing with friends this romper will provide her with ultimate comfort and style.

Active Butterfly: Bright and Cheery
The active butterfly ensemble available on JustFab kids is a girl’s best dream of an outfit that is super cool but that has a versatility that beats wearing jeans.

The Sweetheart Outfit: Perfect for a Girly, Girl
If your little girl loves hearts and dresses, then you simply cannot forsake the Sweetheart Outfit, which is actually a simple little blue dress dress with white hearts all over it. It is subtle and very simple, but it makes an impressive statement.

Shining Star Outfit: For the Little Rocker in Her
For the girl that is a raging rocker to be and who likes outfits that are reflect an edgy style, there is the Shining Star Outfit. This outfit features 2-pieces although it looks like three. It includes a long tunic with ruffles at the bottom and a simple pair of tapered leggings which are available in a large assortment of colors.

JustFab kids boasts incredible clothes that will absolutely turn your daughter into a stylish diva. You can get the coolest looks in dresses, pants, jeans, shirts, outfits, shoes, and more all in the convenience of your own home. Be sure to check out the new styles on JustFab kids and also sign up for their special VIP club so you can have access to all the sweet incentives and discounts

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Makari’s Effective Skin Whitening Formulas

Skin whitening creams can be helpful for people who want their complexions to look more even and smooth. These formulas can be effective at doing away with skin pigmentation problems. If an individual feels self-conscious about discoloration in the form of sun spots and freckles, skin whitening creams may be able to help her in a significant way.

People who want to purchase the finest skin whitening cream on the market can depend on Makari de Suisse. Makari is a high-end company that has a considerable selection of skincare products available. Face whitening formulas are a particularly big focus for this well-known brand. Some of Makari’s available face products include a caviar face cream, a day treatment cream, a skin repairing clarifying serum, a toning cream and a caviar enriched soap. One particularly noteworthy product made by the brand is its Intense Lightening Cream. This lightening cream contains both shea butter and vegeclairine and can do a lot for the complexion. It can slowly make skin tone appear lighter. It can hydrate the skin deeply. It can reduce the look of conspicuous age spots, pigment marks and discoloration in general as well. People who dream about even and clear skin on their faces may find this renowned Makari product extremely interesting.

People can purchase Makari’s exceptional skincare products via many local retailers that specialize in beauty products. The brand, however, also has private branches in several large metropolises. They’re in Paris, France, New York, New York and Brussels, Belgium. Makari employs many plant extracts to create its products. The brand’s products are completely devoid of hydroquinone, chemicals and bleach. Hydroquinone is believed by many to be detrimental to the complexion. Common ingredients that are found in Makari’s products include caviar, mulberry, malic acid, aloe vera, algae, vitamin c, seaweed and lemon.

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