Advocates, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Say Deportation of Migrant Workers Will Rock Agriculture Industry

According to Frontera Fund founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the US economy has a high dependence on Mexican labor. In fact, a little more than 10% of the country’s economy depends on the labor of Mexicans living in this country.

Although the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States has stabilized in recent years, after decades of rapid growth, President Trump considers migrants as invaders who steal jobs from Americans.

According to an online NYtimes article, farmers in California heavily voted for Trump, and backed his pledge to crack down on immigration, but what they didn’t consider were their migrant farm workers being grouped into those policies.

According to Pew, 52% of undocumented migrants are of Mexican origin, although total numbers have declined in recent years. In 2015 it was estimated that of the total US workforce, only about 8 million were unauthorized migrants.

This is equivalent to 5% of the total workforce. Larkin and Lacey point out, if migrant farm workers are returned to Mexico, the impact would hit the agricultural industry hard. About $35 billion annually is made from California farming fields, and is heavily dependent upon migrant workers.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin say that disrupting the migrant workers would impact not only the agriculture industry, but sectors in leisure, hospitality, transportation, trade and professional services. One of the most important sectors of the US economy right now is construction, which would also be affected.

For years, in the United States, food has been dependent on Mexican migrant workers. Studies conclude that the impact of expelling all Mexican workers will hit 10% of gross domestic product (GDP). Calculations show that the economy would fall back to 2008 levels, when the country was hit by financial crisis.

Lacey and Larkin point out that Trump has threatened to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, including migrant farm workers, and accelerated deportations, which could be catastrophic for the agriculture industry. California has one of the largest economies in the US, and 70 percent of the workforce in the agricultural industry is made up of migrant workers. Migrant workers are granted an H2A visa, used for workers in the agricultural field.

In eight states there have been significant declines in the number of undocumented immigrant workers: Alabama, Nevada, Kansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina and Rhode Island. While in seven others, numbers have increased: Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

There is also the issue of low wages. Mexican migrant men and women have the lowest salary of all ethnic communities in the United States. “Despite being the largest community, Mexican migrants earn less,” say Larkin and Lacey.

Since the founding of The Frontera Fund in 2014, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have partnered with groups to support better opportunities for migrant workers. Working to alleviate poverty, get more resources to vulnerable groups, and strengthen participation to exercise rights in the US. Their work is based on needs in local communities, and supporting organizations that help problem-solve various issues.

Through the Frontera Fund, Michael and Jim empower, network, and lead an active role in helping improve access to better opportunities.

Doctor Imran Haque Provides Patients Internal Quality Medical Care

Doctor Imran Haque is an MD who works for Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina in the US. He is one of the best known internal medicine specialists in the Asheboro and Ramseur offices. He has spent over 15 years practicing an array of specialized internal medicine services. This has resulted in Doctor Imran Haque being highly specialized and trained in many aspects of internal medicine.


Dr. Imran Haque is a professional in the field of medicine and he got his degree from the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) located in Santo Domingo in 1988 where he graduated with high honors. He went on to train at the University of Virginia’s Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program and was affiliated with Randolph Hospital during his training in that program. Dr. Imran Haque has also successfully obtained a certificate that allows him to practice internal medicine in the state of North Carolina. Since then, Dr. Imran Haque has successfully made his name known and highly regarded among many local residents of the North Carolina area and many continue to seek his expertise for all of their internal medicine needs.


Horizon Internal Medicine where Dr. Imran Haque works is one of the most highly regarded internal medicine care centers in the Greater Asheboro Area and in all of North Carolina. This center prides itself on being on the cutting edge of internal medicine and continuing to offer all the latest treatments as they become available to the public. Dr. Imran Haque also is known for his high level of professionalism and helping patients find the right treatment that works for them every time they come in with an issue. He treats many common ailments, but also some more other, more rare cases as well. Patients come from all around the surrounding area to experience the genuine, quality care that he will provide them as his patient, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

How AviWeisfogel has advanced the Treatment of Sleep Disorders

AviWeisfogel is an accredited dentist who is currently based in New Jersey. He a graduate of the College of Dentistry at New York University and also attended the Rutgers University for his degree in biology and psychology. The dentist created Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999, and he has been running for the past one and a half decades. He has managed to the be offered the Best Dentist Award several times due to his outstanding dental services.

During his practice in the dental field, Avi started learning more about disorders various therapies that could be used in curing them. In 2010, he launched Healthy Heart Sleep, which is an institution that has been dedicated to managing sleep labs in different parts of the world. Weisfogel started off by working with various medical professionals but later narrowed down to dentists only. He created Dental Sleep Masters in 2014, and the organization has been teaching dentists on how to heal sleep disorder by using their regular working tools. Over the years, sleep apnea has become a major life threatening disease since it is linked to conditions such as diabetes and heart malfunctions. This has made it necessary for medical professionals to develop an ideal cure.

AviWeisfogel has been focused on treating patients who are affected by sleep apnea. He believes that a very high percentage of people who suffer from the condition have never been diagnosed due to lack of awareness. Weisfogel currently works with other dentists to ensure that more people can access proper treatment for sleep apnea. He has established an excellent business model that enables the medical professional to attract more clients to their clinics. In the past decade, there were various mechanical methods that were used in treating sleep apnea, but they failed to be efficient. The research that AviWeisfogel has conducted has led to the development of better therapies. Most of the Dental Sleep Master’s cures have been approved by the FDA clinical trials and commercialization. The dentist is also a philanthropist and has devoted his free time to supporting the activities Operation Smile. Several children across the globe have benefited from the organization’s undertakings.

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Jason Hope – Helping Propagate the Use of Advanced IoT Technology

In the field of technology, many pioneers have contributed to the advancement in the field. One of the names that are well-known in the world of technology in the United States is Jason Hope. He is a self-proclaimed futurist and a highly successful serial entrepreneur. Over the years, Jason Hope has invested in many of the tech start-ups successfully and guided them to success. At present, Jason Hope is associated with the world of mobile technology and helping to make advanced mobile applications.

One other development in the world of technology that Jason Hope is highly excited about is the growth of the Internet of Things technology, which Jason Hope believes is the future of technology. The Internet of Things technology would help in connecting different devices through the shared network and allow them to work in a coordinated fashion. It would help in utilizing the resources optimally and ensure the waste is reduced. Jason Hope believes that the use of IoT technology would help the corporate sector in improving their performance and ensuring that the cost of operations is reduced significantly.

Jason Hope is excited about the fact that the aviation industry has already started adopting the Internet of Things technology. It would help the airlines companies to know in real time if the airline has any problem in the engine or any other parts, so that corrective measures can be taken immediately. Jason Hope feels that the process of aging can be reversed if there are advanced research conducted on the molecular level. It is one of the reasons he donates to SENS Research Foundation, which research on anti-aging, mortality, and finding the cure for terminal diseases like Cancer. Jason Hope is also associated with many other charities and helps in many ways to empower local communities and providing them fund and support needed to build a better life.



Dr Jennifer Walden: Born to be a Surgeon And Business Owner

Jennifer Walden has a thriving practice based out of Austin, Texas and also is a successful surgeon. Harper’s Bazaar has recognized her as among the top beauty surgeons in the USA. Walden continues to increase in popularity and has an extensive waiting list for body and face surgeries and more information click here.

Walden is frequently recognized by being featured in both national and local publications and she’s appeared on radio and television shows talking about her work. She is doing fantastic and she knows she will be in the spotlight for years to come, because she is a rarity. Jennifer Walden grew up with professional parents that were in the medical field and she had always wanted to be a surgeon at a really young age. She earned the Salutatorian Prize in her profession and was also informed that she would be able to work with Dr Sherrell Aston at Manhattan.

Walden possesses her own company in Texas and is among the state’s leading plastic surgeons. She uses the best imaging technologies available and is savvy when it comes to creating her own personal brand of tools that are customized. Most companies consult with her in case of inventions which they expect to present to the marketplace and learn more about Walden.

Walden was born in Texas and she went to college at UT-Austin, majoring in biology. She went to school earning the honor of Salutatorian. Walden, a proud parent of twin boys, is also an excellent surgeon and author. Jennifer made her choice when she had been in the eighth grade level to be a surgeon. She was also good in sports and health which are a very significant part her life today and Walden’s lacrosse camp.

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Fabletics Uses Versatility and Innovation to Make Headway in the Online markets

There is little doubt that the modern fashion industry is one of the most competitive marketing sectors today. While many optimistic startups are introduced to the market few can stand the tussle with bigger well-established market brands. The biggest and most preponderant of them all is the giant Amazon whose sales account for a cool 20% of all online dealings.


But, this is not written in stone and with the right approach, a persistent and intuitive startup can succeed where others have failed before.


Look at Kate hudson and her famous Fabletics line of fashionable sportswear. The startup has seen difficulty and risen above to gain a net worth of over $250 Million in the three years they have been in operation.


So what is the secret to success where others have failed before?


The special brand of marketing skills applied by the Fabletics company is the primary reason for the sweet success they have enjoyed. An intuitive approach mixed with plenty of flexibility is essential to making a business stand out from the competition and the Fabletics brand has accomplished this with panache.


The first job they had was to eliminate the notion that good quality and impressive design is something only found at the stores with exorbitant price tags. This was especially popular with the overwhelming consumer demographic looking for diverse designs and materials at the best prices possible.


This is not all that Fabletics has done to secure a loyal and enthusiastic customer base, taking the time and effort to become their client’s greatest allies in their personal goals for fitness fashion and confidence has made them their client’s best friends.


Fabletics and an innovative “Reverse Showrooming” approach


One of the greatest roadblocks on the road to supremacy in the fashion realm is the showroom. On the one hand there is hardly a better way for the customer to get a feel for the styles and designs being offered. But, this also provides the perfect opportunity for a clever tailor to undersell the corporations with a quality replica as per the requests of the client.


Fabletics has taken the time to set up their showroom and offer especially low prices for their dedicated groups of customers. Furthermore, any style or design that a customer finds in showrooms from other brands will be provided to the customer from Fabletics and always at a lower cost.


This way clients browsing the showrooms from Fabletics can rest assured that they are being presented with the very prices for the styles or designs they are looking for. But the personalized service goes further than this as well.


Specialized Customer Service



Fabletics is looking to provide the client with every support and assistance toward their goals of fitness fashion or confidence. To this end they regularly hold events and special showings that are geared toward attracting more clients and friends. There is a special “Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz”that you can take today to begin your association with this reputable fashion line. This short questionnaire can help the company learn more about the specific needs and goals you might have.


By making their client’s goals their own, Fabletics has set the bar for customer service higher than it has ever been before.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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The Rising Capital

NexBank Capital is a financial service company that provides various services such as banking and customized finance primarily to the institutional clients. The bank serves its customers in three core businesses which are; commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. NexBank, however, is based in the United States and where it was founded in the year 1922. The bank announced assets of between $1 billion and $10 billion. This led to its ranking as the best performing U.S. community bank by its S&P global marketing intelligence. NexBank also announced that its C.E.O and president Mr. John Hault, was appointed the chairman of the community bankers Council. this occurred later after he was re-elected to the Texas Bankers Association Board of Directors.

Based on the overall score, the Bank has been positioned the 10th best performing bank due to its reliable performance metrics, and 5th in the country based on pre-tax ROE. The Banks C.E.O is pleased by the positive response of the bank’s shareholders. The announcement was made by the bank on August 15th, 2016, that it had in the previous months been able to complete a $24 million general equity raise, which as a result, brought about a capital growth to the company.

Nexbank received an upgrade of its senior unsecured debt rating from negative to positive whereas the NexBank SSB managed to get a deposit upgrade and a senior unsecured debt rating. It was founded in the year 1987, and it is the leading regional bank headquarters in Dallas. Generally, the NexBank SSB focuses on college saving programs. It provides unsecured investment options without charging any management fees to its clients. The NexBank SSB is an affiliate of the Nexbank capital Inc, which serves customers nationwide. Besides, it also serves the leading financial institutions, corporations, and individuals.

Good Fortune Expected from Equities First Holdings Move

What happens when a family lives, works and grows along on the right track, for a substantial amount of time? Hopefully, two things in particular occur, at their own natural pace and point in time. For one, each member of the collective unit grows in prowess and intellect to contribute power and lend their support to ensure that the fortune and reputation attached to the name, property and future they share remains intact. And, in doing this, they outgrow the place they all call home to branch out to different locations. Or, they collectively find another roof to continue to live under.

The same thing happens in the world of business. This time around, it is the Equities First Holdings LLC family that has to pack it all up and move into better digs. This company is relocating across town in Melbourne AU, and it is not because they feel like having something better for themselves. The focus and purpose behind this move is really to accommodate guests and make visits from clients and fellow industry contemporaries more conveniently accessible. In the meantime, this company continues to maintain their other two office locations in Sydney and Perth. Like most everything a for-profit organization does in the course of a day, this relocation is sure to facilitate or present profit opportunities, one way or the other.

But, making sure that a business stays in the black commerce wise, through financing solutions, is the daily standing order for the Equities First Holding team. The mode of operation, when it comes to providing these solutions, comes in the form of capital put up against their client’s publically traded stocks. This fiduciary breathing room allows these businesses to make crucial executive, accounting and human resources decisions, without having to jeopardize their productivity. Most impressive of all is the network of professionals the Equities company houses. It spans from the United States to China, with offices based in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Saigon and Thailand.

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The More Unique Blends that EOS Offers

EOS is one of the most innovative lip balm manufacturers out there. Not only have they developed a lip balm that is far superior to the competition in terms of using quality ingredients in a neat easy to use and sanitary sphere applicator that is like nothing else on the market, but they have also developed a wide range of lip balm flavors that stand out on shelves even today, after many of their competitors have been copying their business strategy. Read more cool articles here on

Partly, this innovative nature by EOS was part of their history as an outsider in the lip balm market. When EOS entered the market there were several well established competitors out there who controlled the distribution channels and had been in business for nearly a century. EOS had to enter this market with a unique product offering that was quite simply better than their competition, which they did with the strategy of high quality ingredients and unique flavors noted above. Check out this link for more details,

EOS has many flavors that are quite different from everything else on the market. One of my favorites is honeysuckle honeydew. This flavor has both fruit and floral flavor notes and both flavors are subdued and mild but make for a truly refreshing lip balm that doesn’t try to beat you over the head with its flavor. It is mellow and perfect to apply on a daily basis.

Another unique lip balm that EOS sells is vanilla mint. While vanilla and mint lip balms are common separate from one another, EOS combines them in a way that allows their flavors to compliment each other and provides a rich and unique application. Check over this lovely site.

Blueberry acai is yet another flavor that has stood out to me for its strong yet textured flavor. It has added vitamin E and works perfectly in the summertime with a rich and interesting flavor, see all products here on


EOS Lip Balm Flavors Are Among the Best In the Industry

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has been in business for less than 10 years, but has made a huge impact on the lip balm industry. The company is the second best selling lip balm brand in the United States, and now brings in more of a profit than legendary brands like Blistex in the past few years. EOS sells about 1 million units each week, and a number of celebrities, including Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, are EOS customers, which can increased the brand’s popularity significantly. Beauty publications like Cosmo and Allure have also featured EOS products in several issues and exposed the brand to millions of readers. Get more info here on

EOS flavors include Strawberry Sorbet, which is a fruity scent that is great for the spring and summer seasons. Honeysuckle Honeydew is another popular flavor, and boasts a fragrance that is both floral and fruity. EOS lip balm also sells Vanilla and Vanilla Mint lip balms, which are popular stocking stuffers during the holiday season. The balms are made from antioxidants like vitamin E to keep the lips youthful, and shea butter to shield the lips from the sun, shop here on There are also shimmery lip balms offered by the brand, which are made with coconut milk to keep the lips conditioned and smooth.

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