Good Fortune Expected from Equities First Holdings Move

What happens when a family lives, works and grows along on the right track, for a substantial amount of time? Hopefully, two things in particular occur, at their own natural pace and point in time. For one, each member of the collective unit grows in prowess and intellect to contribute power and lend their support to ensure that the fortune and reputation attached to the name, property and future they share remains intact. And, in doing this, they outgrow the place they all call home to branch out to different locations. Or, they collectively find another roof to continue to live under.

The same thing happens in the world of business. This time around, it is the Equities First Holdings LLC family that has to pack it all up and move into better digs. This company is relocating across town in Melbourne AU, and it is not because they feel like having something better for themselves. The focus and purpose behind this move is really to accommodate guests and make visits from clients and fellow industry contemporaries more conveniently accessible. In the meantime, this company continues to maintain their other two office locations in Sydney and Perth. Like most everything a for-profit organization does in the course of a day, this relocation is sure to facilitate or present profit opportunities, one way or the other.

But, making sure that a business stays in the black commerce wise, through financing solutions, is the daily standing order for the Equities First Holding team. The mode of operation, when it comes to providing these solutions, comes in the form of capital put up against their client’s publically traded stocks. This fiduciary breathing room allows these businesses to make crucial executive, accounting and human resources decisions, without having to jeopardize their productivity. Most impressive of all is the network of professionals the Equities company houses. It spans from the United States to China, with offices based in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Saigon and Thailand.

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The More Unique Blends that EOS Offers

EOS is one of the most innovative lip balm manufacturers out there. Not only have they developed a lip balm that is far superior to the competition in terms of using quality ingredients in a neat easy to use and sanitary sphere applicator that is like nothing else on the market, but they have also developed a wide range of lip balm flavors that stand out on shelves even today, after many of their competitors have been copying their business strategy. Read more cool articles here on

Partly, this innovative nature by EOS was part of their history as an outsider in the lip balm market. When EOS entered the market there were several well established competitors out there who controlled the distribution channels and had been in business for nearly a century. EOS had to enter this market with a unique product offering that was quite simply better than their competition, which they did with the strategy of high quality ingredients and unique flavors noted above. Check out this link for more details,

EOS has many flavors that are quite different from everything else on the market. One of my favorites is honeysuckle honeydew. This flavor has both fruit and floral flavor notes and both flavors are subdued and mild but make for a truly refreshing lip balm that doesn’t try to beat you over the head with its flavor. It is mellow and perfect to apply on a daily basis.

Another unique lip balm that EOS sells is vanilla mint. While vanilla and mint lip balms are common separate from one another, EOS combines them in a way that allows their flavors to compliment each other and provides a rich and unique application. Check over this lovely site.

Blueberry acai is yet another flavor that has stood out to me for its strong yet textured flavor. It has added vitamin E and works perfectly in the summertime with a rich and interesting flavor, see all products here on


EOS Lip Balm Flavors Are Among the Best In the Industry

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has been in business for less than 10 years, but has made a huge impact on the lip balm industry. The company is the second best selling lip balm brand in the United States, and now brings in more of a profit than legendary brands like Blistex in the past few years. EOS sells about 1 million units each week, and a number of celebrities, including Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, are EOS customers, which can increased the brand’s popularity significantly. Beauty publications like Cosmo and Allure have also featured EOS products in several issues and exposed the brand to millions of readers. Get more info here on

EOS flavors include Strawberry Sorbet, which is a fruity scent that is great for the spring and summer seasons. Honeysuckle Honeydew is another popular flavor, and boasts a fragrance that is both floral and fruity. EOS lip balm also sells Vanilla and Vanilla Mint lip balms, which are popular stocking stuffers during the holiday season. The balms are made from antioxidants like vitamin E to keep the lips youthful, and shea butter to shield the lips from the sun, shop here on There are also shimmery lip balms offered by the brand, which are made with coconut milk to keep the lips conditioned and smooth.

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Finally Saying Goodbye to Dry Hair and My Shampoo with WEN by Chaz

     As a beauty blogger, I often have to take on daily regimens that at best sometimes add an extra hour to my mornings and at worst have me questioning if I may have to start investing in head scarves. Though with a number of regimens I have tried, I have yet to find a perfect solution for the most basic of life questions, how do I permanently say goodbye to dry hair?

Through PBR omelette hair treatments, cayenne cleansers, and a few DIY conditioners I had still not yet found one way I liked, though going throughout week smelling heavily Pabst made for an interesting work week, that was until I tried out what another beauty blogger had tried turning me on to months before. She had given up on using shampoo entirely, instead opting to use only conditioning cleansers every time she would normally shampoo.

After having denied the evidence for more coffee dates than is realistic, I asked how she was enjoying her switch to the “no-poo” lifestyle as it is humorously dubbed. Though her hair spoke for itself, she armed me with an extra bottle of WEN by Chaz that she had laying at her place.

WEN by Chaz for a Healthier Scalp and More Beautiful Hair

Now two weeks into the no-poo life and I have noticed a vast improvement in how my hair looks and feels.

Grab your bottle of WEN by Chaz here.

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Philly’s Don’t Ask About Previous Employment Salary Law Is Back On The Books But For How Long Asks Attorney Karl Heideck?

A new law passed by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny that forbids employers from asking possible future employees about their salary histories was thrown out May 31st because the plaintiffs didn’t have proper standing, according to a story in

However, the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia has filed leave to amend the complaint which means the suit could be placed back onto the docket, according to attorney Karl Heideck, an attorney who specializes in risk management and compliance services for employers. The City of Philadelphia won’t enforce the bill until the lawsuit has been dismissed, or if the Chamber of Commerce files a successful amended complaint within the next month or so. Critics of the ordinance have called it burdensome and unconstitutional.

What Philly’s New Wage Equity Bill Does

The bill has some noble intentions and its thought that the ordinance could close the wage gap between men and women in Pennsylvania workplaces, according to Heideck’s reading of statements made by the Society for Human Resource Management. The bill itself would prohibit several things including:

Prohibits using any independently acquired job candidate salary data without that individual’s knowledge.
Prohibits directly asking job applicants to share their previous salaries.
Prohibits mandating that potential prospects reveal their salary history.
Prohibits punishing or retaliating against job candidates who decline to disclose salary details.

And there’s a significant fine, or an employer could pay $2000 per instance or violation of the law.

Meanwhile, Karl Heideck argues that employers should prepare to actually abide by the new ordinance if it ever comes into force and should consult a compliance attorney to best navigate the new legal landscape.

About Karl Heideck

Attorney Karl Heideck specializes in risk management and compliance services. Heideck also publishes a WordPress blog called “Inside the Mind of Karl Heideck”.

Karl Heideck, who earned his law degree from James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University, also has a long and distinguished career as a lawyer. Karl works to serve all Pennsylvanians from his base of operations in Jenkintown, PA.

Your Website Can Be Easier To Find With White Shark Media’s Help

If you have a business you know customers love and can bring many of them in with the right help, White Shark Media’s PPC and search engine marketing (SEM) services can help you. SEO when done the right way is still one of the best ways to improve your business reputation, but SEM can do even more for you. Using the right keywords, phrases and grabbing titles in an ad campaign can help you reach the top of a Google or Bing search ad box. Unlike SEO which could take a little while to climb to the top of rankings, changing your campaigns can change your ranking in minutes.

White Shark Media has teams of specialists that go through and make changes as needed to AdWords and Bing campaigns. Online review meetings are always hosted so that customers can see the analytics of ad performances and see the click-through and conversion rates. White Shark Media even has call tracking that can indicate the volume of customers contacting you through the phone. White Shark Media is a good choice because both Google and Microsoft back them up as small business partners and resellers.

To get an idea of what White Shark Media can do, you can visit their YouTube channel to see how different optimization tactics for keywords and website content works. Or, you can signup and request a free evaluation to get even more of a service overview. White Shark Media will see how you’re currently managing your AdWords and diagnose them from top to bottom. Their experts will provide feedback on what you’re doing well, and how you could improve. The evaluation doesn’t obligate you in any way to signup for White Shark Media, but they certainly hope they’re able to make their offer attractive. If not, you can use the knowledge on your own.

EOS Lip Balms: The Beauty Essential Taking Over The Makeup Industry

EOS is a company that has taken the makeup industry by storm. Scroll through any famous Instagram bloggers feed, and you are sure to find at least one picture of them either recommending or using EOS lip balms. Within a short time of it coming out onto the market, EO has made such a significant splash to become one of the leading lip balm companies in the entire world. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, which is exactly what the brand offers through their range of lip balms. Available in a wide variety of colors and flavors, this lip balm is soon become a makeup staple across the world, get more information.

EOS lip balms aren’t just known for their smoothness factor that they provide but are also known for their iconic spherical shape container that they come in. They are one of the few companies that stand out for what the outer packaging looks like but assure their customers that the inside is just as good as well. All of the lip balms that EOS sells are infused with some of the best things for your lips – vitamin E, shea butter and is also rich in antioxidants to make sure your lips are healthy as always.

EOS has an extensive range of lip balms that one can choose from, browse and choose the best lip balm for you here on One of their most loved varieties are the smooth organic spheres. Available in some of the most incredible fruity flavors such as Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit Honeysuckle Honeydew and Sweet Mint, the flavor line is sure to entice anyone who loves lip balms that taste and smell amazing. For those who like their lip balms giving them a little extra sparkle, EOS has a range of shimmer lip balms. The shimmer range has two products under it, Sheer Pink and Pearl.

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A Look At Brad Reifler’s Career As A Hedge Fund Manager

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur who lives in the city of New York. He has founded a number of investment companies including his current company, Forefront Capital Management, LLC. As Chief Executive Officer of the company, Reifler provides his financial advice to pension fund managers, high net worth individuals, institutional investors, and corporations. He founded the company in 2009 and his leadership has led Forefront Capital to being named the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in 2016.

According to Crunchbase, it was in the early 80’s that Brad Reifler founded his first investment company, Reifler Trading Company. His success as a star trader led to this company being bought by financial giant Refco in 2000. Brad Reifler is also the founder of another hugely successful investing firm, Pali Capital, where he was the Founding Partner, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. He started this company in 1995 as a sell side broker dealer. The company did extraordinarily well during the 13 years that Reifler was at the helm, earning over $1 billion in commission income and establishing offices around the globe.

Bloomberg revealed that there are a number of subsidiaries of Forefront Capital Management that Brad Reifler has formed. Due to his experience and success as a hedge fund manager, Brad has attracted some of the top registered investment advisors in the city of New York as well as top investment bankers.

Brad is active in other ways in the financial industry. He has served on multiple corporate boards including Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities, and the European American Investment Bank. He is also the Director of Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation and the Director of Root Markets, Inc. as well as the Director of ITG Market Research, Inc. He also lends his financial expertise to Millbrook School, acting as it Chairman of the Finance Committee and as a Trustee.

Outside of his work, Brad Reifler stays active with a number of hobbies and interests. He also enjoys spending time with his three grown children; two daughters and a son.

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EOS: The New Leader In Lip Care

When you think of lip care products in the form of lip balms, most people will automatically think of the industry stable Chapstick. Chapstick has held the title for nearly a century before losing it’s tight grip on the industry to Burt’s Bees. Like all good things, everything must come to an end. People as well as tastes change and the lip balm industry is no exception. Did you know that there is a new champion contender on this oversaturated field? That’s right and it this contender is known as (EOS).

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Evolution of Smooth has only seven years of existence, but it has quickly become the most popular brand of lip balms on the market today. This is a revolutionary product especially when being compared to others of the past. The egg shaped containers are appealing and the bold, vibrant colors stand out from the rest. Women are huge consumers of lip balms and with some of the best industry marketing techniques applied, EOS lip balm is benefiting with millions in sales. The brand is second in sales only to Burt’s Bees, but with this expected track, (EOS) will be the industry leader by the year 2020. It currently sells over $1 Million units on a weekly basis and is expected to reach $2 Billion in sales in the near future, hit this page.

Selective Marketing plays a critical role in the success and (EOS) exploits this area, but in a good way. Millennial or people under the age of 35, are buying the products in large numbers. Shop at The packaging of the product appeals to this demographic more so than others and the success in sales are a testament of it’s satisfied customer base. Evolution of Smooth is rewriting the status quo easily and raising the bar extremely high in this oversaturated industry. Check for more EOS products

Excite the Lips with EOS Lip Balms

Lip balm shouldn’t be boring. When EOS first designed their lip balm seven years ago, they created a product designed to excite the lips, starting with great flavors. Still going strong today, EOS lip balms keep the lips moisturized, smooth, and soft, all while treating your taste buds to something special. Refer to for more info.

The regular EOS balm is available in seven flavors. The Strawberry Sorbet flavor is a customer favorite. Who doesn’t love delicious strawberries topped with whipped cream rolling across their lips? It is a definite treat that most other lip balms fail to provide. The Raspberry Pomegranate is another flavor, and a fan favorite. This flavor is popular because of its uniqueness in that you won’t find it from every brand.

EOS is the second-top selling lip balm on the market today, selling more than one million units weekly. These numbers surpass the one-time lip balm leader, Chapstick, placing the brand into the third top slot. EOS lip balms sell so well because they offer everything the user could possibly want or need in a balm, including the versatile flavor selections. View for more info.

Doe Deere began Evolution of Smooth seven years ago, with a focus on customer experience. Tired of the boring and bland Chapstick tube that offered nothing fun, Deere was on a mission to do something different. Deere, along with her team, listened to customers, creating an all-natural lip balm that nurtured the lips. It just goes to show that it truly is the little things that count. There’s no question that the EOS brand is one that is here to stay!

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