BABA Reviews EOS Lip Balm

BABA purchased an EOS lip balm pack of five from her local Cosco and performed a review of the products on her YouTube channel. The scents included were Summer Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Sweet Mint, Passion Fruit, and Strawberry Sorbet for a value price of only $10.99 for all five.

She describes the packaging as cute, and raved about the ingredients being 100 percent natural, 95 percent organic, paraben free, and with shea butter and jojoba oil, as well as Vitamin E. The combination promises a moist, smooth application. Read more, click

To keep the video short and concise, BABA samples two of the five flavors on air. First, she tried the Passion Fruit, and could really feel the shea butter, which left her lips smooth and feeling conditioned. She added it had a great taste as well. Next she tried the Sweet Mint, with the same result as Passion Fruit, but with a tingling sensation, undoubtedly from the mint content.

Aside from it’s unique packaging and wonderful application, another really great aspect to the EOS lip balm is that the balm itself is colorless in all flavors. This makes it easy to choose a balm because it doesn’t have to be color coordinated to an outfit, you can choose based on your flavor or scent preference.

The YouTuber had nothing but great things to say about the EOS lip balm spheres, and gave them an “A+” in her review, stating viewers should definitely buy this product.

EOS Lip Balm Review Of Cooling Chamomile Flavor

If you like the cooling and healing effect of menthol on dry lips, you will simply love EOS Lip Balm’s new product. The EOS Cooling Chamomile lip balm is a welcomed addition to the EOS line of products. The new lip balm is medicated and contains healing Chamomile. Certainly, this is a winning combination for those that prefer a medicated product to heal, soothe, and calm their dry lips. It is also important to note that the new lip balm is also available at a very affordable price online or in your local stores (Amazon).

What’s Different

Perhaps, you are wondering what is different about the new EOS Cooling Chamomile lip balm. First, it is packaged in the very familiar round container. It is not clear like the previous new release. It’s an opaque white color. The product also includes a long list of very healthy and nourishing ingredients that will instantly soothe and heal your dry lips. Ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter to protect and hydrate your lips. This is a purely natural product that does not contain harmful paraben and is petroleum free. It is also important to note that the product was not tested on animals and is cruelty free.

About The Evolution Of Smooth

Many fans of EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth are not familiar with the company’s origins. EOS was a little startup that entered the lip balm market head to head against the big giants in the industry like Burt’s Bees, Chapstick, and Blistex.

EOS quickly cornered the lip balm market and is the second best seller in the lip balm market today. Today, young women across the Internet are raving about the little round containers of EOS lip balm and like to share stories about their favorite flavors online.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s Valuable Combination of Medicine and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Mark McKenna attended the Tulane Medical School where he acquired his degree. Immediately Mark finalized his studies; he entered into the corporate world aiming to succeed. Mark commenced his profession as real estate executive and later shifted back to medicine. Dr. McKenna’s entry into the medical industry began with the augmenting of ShapeMed, which was recognized for providing various cosmetic treatments including Botox injections and weight counselling. In 2015, Dr. Mark McKenna sold the venture to Lifetime Fitness where he served as the company’s staff before quitting. Now, Dr. McKenna is working on his latest venture known as OVME with the aim of incorporating numerous national cosmetic offices with an excellent application. Nevertheless, besides being operational in the healthcare segment, Mark values business for a couple of reasons.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s interview with Susan Adams demonstrates his zeal to dominate the corporate world. Mark postulates that his passion for business began when he was in medical school. Dr. Mark McKenna started purchasing his real estate while still in the institution. Mr. McKenna’s source of buying the real estate was his physical activities in prisons. He performed physicals on the prisoners for $50 hourly raising his investment finances. Additionally, he associated with his father for a half a decade to manage his real estate operations. According to Mark, he experienced tremendous success while in the real estate industry given that he earned approximately $500,000 annually. Moreover, his worth at that time was approximated between $4 and $5 million.

Despite his previous achievements, Dr. Mark McKenna is working towards achieving further success in his lifetime. OVME is his recent creation situated around Buckhead location. Mark postulates that OVME will feature attractive and luxurious treatment rooms and a secluded consultation room. ForDr. Mark McKenna, OVME is a unique product focusing on the combination of medical aesthetics alongside technology. Additionally, Mark intends to aid the residents of Atlanta through helping them in the realization of their individual selves. Throughout his professional life, Mark McKenna has gained popularity from his patients. The reason behind this is McKenna’s advocating for them while implementing minimal invasive procedures. OVME will provide exclusive services including Botox curing and testosterone replacement therapy.

RealReal’s Quest for $100 Million Investment Has People Talking

The fashion resale market is an industry rife with start-ups. Venture-backed business that try to stand out from the rest. RealReal is not different. Launched back in 2011 the internet-based luxury consignment retailer operates much like eBay. The one difference is that RealReal deals in high-end luxury brands like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. The goal of any web-based start-up is too eventually stand on its own, take the leap and become a full business. Since its establishment RealReal has raised $170 million dollars investments, it has also made a reputable name for itself. In a recent announcement from CEO Julie Wainwright it was revealed that RealReal is seeking another $100 million. Now may speculate as to why.

For many years now Wainwright has teased RealReal’s expansion into IPO. Those promises have been extended to a new round each time. The newest round may very well be the last, but at present it is anyone’s guess. So here are a two of the prominent guesses.

It cannot go public yet.

One way people are looking at RealReal’s need for further funds is that it does not have enough capital to make it on its own. So $100 million is a way to get further funds and time to reach the scale necessary to stand on its own. It also allows the company to gain more investors and acquisitions.

Resale is too lucrative.

Others postulate that there is too much money to be had in secondhand. The company and its investors have realized that there is more opportunity than initially perceived. So they are holding back to gain a bigger market share with more growth. Then when they go out on their own, they will have dominate the market.

Whatever the case, not easy to become active the decision to seek more funding means RealReal wants to do it right. RealReal operates using the consignment model, reselling goods for profit which it splits with the sellers that provide them. Individuals get top-rate quality at a lower price, while sellers get a return on the investment they initially made.

Academy of Art University: What’s Your Passion

The Academy of Art University has a strong influence on today’s entertainment culture. This extraordinary school for the arts has developed top-tier talent in a multiple array of fields, including design and fashion. The San Francisco-based school participates in the affluent New York Fashion Week on an annual basis. Many of its former-graduates have displayed their fashion lines at this prominent event and last year was no different. The school introduced five womenswear lines as well as two menswear lines at its last appearance.

The motion picture industry is another area that this school has sent its unlimited talent to. The Academy Awards is the most prestigious event in Hollywood as it honors the top films of the previous year. The Academy of Art University was well-represented by Daniel Arriaga at the 2018 event as he played a key role in bringing to life the animated flick “Cocoa.” Arriaga, a past student at AAU, works as a senior director at Pixar Animated Studios. He, and his team of animators created a brilliant film about a Mexican boy who set-out on a journey to find his passion in life. “Cocoa” has implemented a lot of Mexican culture right into the film such as spirit motifs, music, festivities and folklore.

This film won the Best Animated Feature Film award as well as won the Oscar for Best Original Song. The film was quite close to Arriaga as he is of Hispanic decent. Hours and hours went into developing and producing this work-of-art as it displayed some of the most brilliant visual effects.

The Academy of Art University has created an astounding environment for being creative thanks to its abundance of galleries, its exhibits, and its advanced technologies. This for-profit institution has certainly delivered on its promises, has raised the bar higher and has set new standards.

Newswatch T.V. In High Demand

Saygus is a company that creates and sells cellular phones. They recently made a new line of cell phones and were very excited to get them to the public. But the question was how they would go about doing this. Would they spend their resources to create and get a commercial aired? Would they just go for a short and sweet online aid strategic placed on the right website.? They had a lot of options but they chose a route that maybe was the best and most beneficial choice all along. They chose to work with Newswatch tv.

Newswatch tv is a weekly television show that has a huge reputation for getting products over in the market. It is a 30-minute show that airs in over 200 markets in the United states. Since it first started airing in 1990 it has amassed a over 1000 episodes and an online companion that provides the best news and product reviews. The reviews that the show creates are what draw the audience as they showcase what exactly what a company is offering the people. This has been done for years to huge success by them.

The results of Newswatch’s work with Saygus are example of Newswatch’s strength. They hired them to create a review for their new line of cell phones and wanted them aired on the national television show. Newswatch traveled to Barcelona to the Mobile World Congress to get their footage and complete the review. Saygus got support from Newswatch for their product and the Congress. The results of this marketing campaign went vey well for Saygus. They got over 1.3 million dollars in sales. This went over their projected goal by 300,000 dollars. The proof is in the pudding and companies continue to order Newswatch tv.

Malcolm Casselle: Effective Changes in Video Game Asset Marketplace

OPSkins is the leading bitcoin merchant in the world especially the in-game virtual assets. Malcolm Casselle is the current CIO. The firm has a great multitude of users who make cross-border payments for micro-services. OPSkins is currently leading type of centralized marketplace for virtual kind assets. Its creators are building a new blockchain platform where virtual assets can be effectively traded. This platform is called WAX, Worldwide Asset Exchange. This is a marketplace for trading all virtual assert that is founded on blockchain and decentralized contracts. This will give a chance to the sellers and buyers in trading their virtual assets with each other. This platform, WAX, has brought in solution for two major issues. The first one is the fragmentation and secondly the fraud issues. What it does is it has a single widget that allows all the users to buy and sell their virtual goods instantly without having to click off the game. WAX has united the separated virtual asset market. It has introduced the WAX tokens and eSports that allow the users to tokenize and sell their virtual assets in a safe blockchain. It allows the buyers and sellers to tokenize their assets and engage in the trade with players from different places just by clicking on the screen. The president of WAX, Malcolm Casselle is a firm believer in the new technology affiliated to gaming. Moreover, it has solved fraud matters like receiving incomplete games assets, incomplete deliveries and much more. Their blockchain eliminates any intermediaries and ensures that all goods are availed to the users without the intervention of a third party.

He serves as the president at WAX. He is also the CIO for OPSkins. This is a leading marketplace for buyers and sellers of online video games. Before working here, Malcolm was the president and CTO for Tronc. He was the overseer for the properties and the leveraging of digital assets. He holds a degree in from the renowned Stanford University and MIT in Computer Science.

Malcolm Casselle is a pro at speaking Japanese and Mandarin. Malcolm has led many private companies in transforming their digital and technological aspects. He has been a chief executive officer and led to many startups in the digital industry.

A Review of EOS Lip Balms, A Collection For Everyone

EOS has made a dedicated commitment to ensure that its lip balms are not only the top quality available on the market, but contain the best possible ingredients available on the market. EOS, which is an abbreviation for Evolution Of Smooth, has been dedicated since day one to ensuring that each lip balm it puts out is not only incredibly aesthetically appealing, but contains natural ingredients that provide the absolute richest smoothness. This is one reason why women don’t simply buy an EOS lip balm, we carefully browse the flavors to find one that perfectly matches our personality and flavor desires. We all have our one go-to EOS that is packed firmly in our purse before any first date to ensure our lips are kiss-ready at the end of the night. Yet, we also carefully expand our EOS collection, as the new arrivals are so appealing to all five senses (

The soft click of the EOS sphere is a treat for the ears. The round orb fits perfectly in our hands and a unique thumb divot makes it easy to open and easy to hold as we apply. The colors fit perfectly with each flavor, bright, bold or soft, depending on the scent and smell inside. And of course, each EOS flavor is perfectly crafted with the finest natural ingredients to delight our sense of taste and smell.

Additional reviews on

The EOS lip balm lines vary from the original organic line, to the Visibly Soft line with extra moisturizers and to the new EOS Crystal line that is clear and wax free for the first time ever. Each holiday season, wonderful specialty lines roll out and the EOS Active with varying levels of SPF are perfect for those of us who want to protect our lips when we are outdoors during the warmer summer months.


Drew Madden Builds Unique Healthcare Corporate Culture Infrastructors

Imagine getting all of your prescription drugs from Amazon. No more trips to the pharmacy, delivery right to your doorstep and even significant savings over what you pay now.

Well, it may soon be possible because industry insiders recently revealed that Amazon is seeking pharmaceutical licenses in several states. The news sent shock waves not just through the pharmaceutical industry, but across the entire healthcare spectrum. When Amazon gets involved in any business sector – things change – dramatically.

As a possible reaction to the rumblings about Amazon, the pharmacy giant CVS may be seeking to absorb Aetna, the behemoth health insurance provider.

Why would CVS make this move? It’s not just to hedge its position against possible competition from the likes of Amazon. Health care industry watchers say that the future of companies in health care may rely on “owning customers” through all phases of their journey through the medical system, from first visit to a doctor, to getting treatment, to buying a prescription drug and finally the insurance that pays for it.

Healthcare IT entrepreneur Drew Madden is keeping a keen eye on what the likes of CVS and Amazon are doing in the healthcare realm. Madden is a managing partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company provides cutting-edge IT services to a variety of healthcare organizations across the country. The company provides implementation and advisory services across a variety of EHR platforms.

Drew Madden, who holds a B.S.E. in industrial engineering degree from the University of Iowa College of Engineering, says a key factor is making health care more efficient, cost effective and patient focused lies in medical records management.

Drew Madden and his associates are the insider industry professionals that play integral roles in developing the nuts-and-bolts, high-tech infrastructure aspects that will bolster entities — be it Aetna, CVS or Amazon — toward achieving corporate goals as defined by their respective managements.

Madden said he is passionate about the process of “building high caliber teams” and “unique company cultures” that are anchored by trusted partnerships. Madden served as president of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011 to 2016 before joining Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

EOS Lip Balm’s Provide Top-Notch Lip Care

Finding the right lip balm to use can be difficult, as there are many brands out there for various different purposes. Some lip balms are designed to repair and rejuvenate the lips, while others are just to add a shine. EOS is a well-known lip balm brand that sells their products around the world today at major retailers such as Target and Walmart. EOS lip balms are usually very easy to notice, as they are all in an egg shape container rather than the lip balm sticks.

When it comes to EOS’s ingredient list, they are among the best when it comes to lip balms, especially for their medicated products. EOS lip balms include shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, and even some vitamin E. With high-quality ingredients included in every one of EOS’s products, even the driest, cracked lips can be repaired (Allure).

Since Evolution of Smooth first made their way into the lip balm market, they have made enormous progress, not just for themselves as a company, but for the entire lip balm industry. Despite the market already having various big names to compete with, EOS managed to market their brand well and become one of the biggest out there today. Their popular lip balms as well as various other personal care products can be found almost anywhere. In less than a decade, EOS has managed to rise up with the other major market players, including Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees. EOS came into the industry with a twist for their own products, which is unique egg shapes. These little lip balm balls come in all different colors and flavors, with a kind that can fit anyone personal tastes. Read more on