What Does Beneful Mean?

Beneful is a popular brand of dog food made by the Nestle corporation. Focused on good nutrition and taste, it has a reputation for putting pets first. As a result, the company has earned over $1.5 billion annually since 2012, a testament to their quality and ingenuity. But most people are at least familiar with that much about the company. What less people are familiar with is the actual meaning of the name Beneful. Let’s examine it through the lens of linguistics.

According to one company spokesperson several years ago, “Beneful” is a word that was created to mean “full of goodness”. We can use that as a starting point as we break things down and examine their parts. The beginning part of the word, “Bene-“, would likely be a shortening of “benefit” or “benefits”. That’s definitely an appealing thing to have in your name if you’re trying to sell a food product.

The second half, “-ful”, simply means the product is “full of” something else. If we put those two together, it would come out to mean something like “full of benefits”, or “full of goodness” as the spokesperson said. In short, the name checks out. Not only that, so does its meaning if Beneful’s sales and popularity have anything to say about it. If you’ve yet to try any of the great Beneful pet food products with your four-legged friend, now might just be the time. See how just how “full of goodness” it is first hand.

Jose Henrique Borghi Improving Advertisement with Mullen Lowe Brazil

Jose Henrique Borghi is the longest serving Chief Executive Officer of Mullen Lowe Brazil. Mullen Lowe Brazil is an advertising company that manages to with the confidence of customers in buying a product. The company is a subsidiary of the larger international Mullen Lowe Group. In 2002, Jose Henrique started his own advertising company called BorghiErh which after fouryears it had succeededin the advertisement industry.

BorghiErh marketed itself and was appreciated by international admirers especially one being Low+ Partners. The two companies then merged forming an organization. The newly formed team has sincechanged to improve it. One of the changes was changing its name to Mullen Lowe Group in 2015with its subsidiary Mullen Lowe Brazil which has two CEOs, Jose Borghi and Andrea Gomes.

Jose Henrique is a well-known executive in the Brazilian advertising industry. Borghi has taken part in the advertising industry for more than 20 years and has expressed a lot of creativity in the industry. Jose Borghi graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas where heearned an advertising degree. Jose later joined Standard Ogilvy after University. Then he started working at advertising agencies. Mr. Borghi has worked in different ad agencies including BM9DD, Leo Burnet, and Talent. After working successfully for a few years, heleftemployment and started his own advertising company, the BorghiErh which merged to Mullen Lowe Group and learn more about Borghi.

Jose Borghi has taken part either directly or indirectly in advertisements campaigns. Most of these campaigns have grown to be award-winning campaigns in Brazil and globally such as Unilever and Boehringer among others. Jose Henrique Borghi is always positive about marketing his clients’ products not only to be known to the public but to win the hearts and minds of the customers and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

Jason Hope’s Focused Passion In Technology

Jason Hope is an Arizona based entrepreneur and serial philanthropist with a specialty healthcare and investment. He has a sharp vision in technology and regularly shares his insights on the arena. Most recently, Jason Hope’s commentaries on the future of the Internet of Things have circulated the internet and gained fame due to the vivid perceptions in description.

Jason Hope is an alumnus of the Arizona State University who graduated with a bachelors in finance and a master’s in business administration. Jason developed an interest in mobile technology after observing that the communications reach a mass people. He found the tech to be pioneering and possibly a core principle for future innovations. He began selling premium text messages and soon inclined towards researching on tech and medicinal innovations.

Jason currently capitalizes on his strings of tech firms. His first on was Jawa, a mobile company which became the stepping for his networking opportunities in the industry. He went ahead to start other firms centered on marketing, digital media solutions, interactive software and computer and business information systems. Jason stated that Jaw proved to be a genius idea from jump that encouraged him to begin his next venture. He however stated that the journey has not always been a smooth one. He maintains a healthy skepticism that keeps him notching on the next project. He has a strong belief on the importance of the tech he builds and supports and attributes his continued journey to the basic passion for tech.

Jason’s enthusiasm in the fair was an element he displayed from the first moment he had an inception on starting Jawa. After a transactional contract with another firm, he released he had networking opportunity that would catapult him to bigger levels and took it without hesitation. Jason inserts himself in powerful marketing stages that fuel his dream and attract a massive number of clients to his door. He maximizes on the power of online connectivity, explaining that social media is a genius platform any business person can use to cast a bigger marketing networking that could also last longer than traditional schemes. Jason stays ahead of the curve by having the latest tech info and maintain a clear vision of the industry.

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Eric Pulier’s Approach to the Daily Life of an Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier has been one of the more consistently busy entrepreneurs in the crowded Los Angeles tech market over the past two decades or so. Pulier is, of course, most well known for his work with the innovative XPrize Foundation but that is far from his only work within the business. Pulier is passionate about technology and he has been in love with computers since he was a child. It only makes sense that Pulier would succeed in the industry. Let’s look at a day in the life of Eric Pulier and what it takes to make his engines keep going.

So, Eric Pulier is the father of four children which immediately changes the way he approaches each and every day. To start with, Pulier always focuses on making sure that he gets enough sleep — and this can be particularly difficult with so many kids and their different needs. Still, a great night of sleep is the foundation for which success is built upon. Pulier gets up early, before his children, and focuses on having quiet and introspective time in order to approach his day’s events. He’ll make out a detailed list of problems that need to be solved and topics that need to be broached within his different companies. After the kids wake up he gets them where they need to go and then gets back to work.

Pulier knows that keeping to a schedule is important, particularly for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are beholden only to their own work ethic and the easiest way to fall behind is to not stick to what needs to get done. Pulier does his best, no matter what, to stick to the schedule that is laid out before him. That doesn’t mean he is afraid to change things up. Pulier keeps a notebook on hand that he uses to track notes, ideas, and potential concepts that might be worth exploring. Any time that he gets an idea — it goes into the book.

Eric Pulier has done pretty much everything there is to do as an entrepreneur. Maybe his schedule will help motivate the next great tech innovator.

Jason Halpern’s Accomplishment in Philanthropy the Real Estate Development Business

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur
Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a top expert in the real estate development sector. He has successfully been offering top notch services to people around the Brooklyn and New York City areas through his company JMH Development. The firm has been in the construction business for several years, and its head offices are located in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Halpern was born in a family that had been involved in the real estate development business for over five decades, and therefore, he acquired ample experience. They own a third generation company that has accomplished a lot including building and managing top-notch structures in New York and Westchester County. The reputation of the enterprise is outstanding in the two regions. JMH Development presently owns huge office spaces that it leases to businesses in Westchester County. It has won contracts to develop various landmark buildings in many U.S cities. The success of the real estate expert has been significantly facilitated by his passion.

JMH Development has focused on establishing a client base and has developed an excellent record for the exceptional services that it offers. Halpern’s experience allows him to fully comprehend the needs of various market

Jason’s Family
Jason’s Family

s in the United States, and this enables him to build exceptional properties that fulfill the needs of the clients. JHM Development has consistently been ensuring that it maintains an excellent reputation, and it appreciates the support of the community that it serves. It has majored in the construction of both commercial and residential real estate properties. The firm has been offing the affluent people of Miami, Brooklyn, and Manhattan with state-of-the-art structures that match their lavish lifestyle.

Mr. Halpern is also a devoted philanthropist, and he funds developments that are beneficial to the welfare of the community. An example is the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, which has been receiving donations from him. The medical institution presently runs its operations from the Westchester Medical Center, and it is served by the best doctors. It has developed a Level 1 Trauma Center that has the sophisticated equipment for conducting orthopedic surgery, open heart surgery, neurosurgery, and treating individuals with fractured hands and legs. Other patients that it treats are burn victims, children, expectant women, and internally injured people.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production
Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Jason has also been using JMH Development in conducting his philanthropic undertakings. The company teamed up with a nonprofit organization to develop a project that has been offering clean water to the people of Nepal and Egypt. It has contracted Splash and Relief Society of Tigray to ensure supply of water in the area, and more than 650 homes have benefited. The real estate development firm promised a $20,000 donation whenever it is awarded a tender to build at the Three Hundred Collins.

Advocates, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Say Deportation of Migrant Workers Will Rock Agriculture Industry

According to Frontera Fund founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the US economy has a high dependence on Mexican labor. In fact, a little more than 10% of the country’s economy depends on the labor of Mexicans living in this country.

Although the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States has stabilized in recent years, after decades of rapid growth, President Trump considers migrants as invaders who steal jobs from Americans.

According to an online NYtimes article, farmers in California heavily voted for Trump, and backed his pledge to crack down on immigration, but what they didn’t consider were their migrant farm workers being grouped into those policies.

According to Pew, 52% of undocumented migrants are of Mexican origin, although total numbers have declined in recent years. In 2015 it was estimated that of the total US workforce, only about 8 million were unauthorized migrants.

This is equivalent to 5% of the total workforce. Larkin and Lacey point out, if migrant farm workers are returned to Mexico, the impact would hit the agricultural industry hard. About $35 billion annually is made from California farming fields, and is heavily dependent upon migrant workers.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin say that disrupting the migrant workers would impact not only the agriculture industry, but sectors in leisure, hospitality, transportation, trade and professional services. One of the most important sectors of the US economy right now is construction, which would also be affected.

For years, in the United States, food has been dependent on Mexican migrant workers. Studies conclude that the impact of expelling all Mexican workers will hit 10% of gross domestic product (GDP). Calculations show that the economy would fall back to 2008 levels, when the country was hit by financial crisis.

Lacey and Larkin point out that Trump has threatened to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, including migrant farm workers, and accelerated deportations, which could be catastrophic for the agriculture industry. California has one of the largest economies in the US, and 70 percent of the workforce in the agricultural industry is made up of migrant workers. Migrant workers are granted an H2A visa, used for workers in the agricultural field.

In eight states there have been significant declines in the number of undocumented immigrant workers: Alabama, Nevada, Kansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina and Rhode Island. While in seven others, numbers have increased: Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

There is also the issue of low wages. Mexican migrant men and women have the lowest salary of all ethnic communities in the United States. “Despite being the largest community, Mexican migrants earn less,” say Larkin and Lacey.

Since the founding of The Frontera Fund in 2014, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have partnered with groups to support better opportunities for migrant workers. Working to alleviate poverty, get more resources to vulnerable groups, and strengthen participation to exercise rights in the US. Their work is based on needs in local communities, and supporting organizations that help problem-solve various issues.

Through the Frontera Fund, Michael and Jim empower, network, and lead an active role in helping improve access to better opportunities.

Doctor Imran Haque Provides Patients Internal Quality Medical Care

Doctor Imran Haque is an MD who works for Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina in the US. He is one of the best known internal medicine specialists in the Asheboro and Ramseur offices. He has spent over 15 years practicing an array of specialized internal medicine services. This has resulted in Doctor Imran Haque being highly specialized and trained in many aspects of internal medicine.


Dr. Imran Haque is a professional in the field of medicine and he got his degree from the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) located in Santo Domingo in 1988 where he graduated with high honors. He went on to train at the University of Virginia’s Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program and was affiliated with Randolph Hospital during his training in that program. Dr. Imran Haque has also successfully obtained a certificate that allows him to practice internal medicine in the state of North Carolina. Since then, Dr. Imran Haque has successfully made his name known and highly regarded among many local residents of the North Carolina area and many continue to seek his expertise for all of their internal medicine needs.


Horizon Internal Medicine where Dr. Imran Haque works is one of the most highly regarded internal medicine care centers in the Greater Asheboro Area and in all of North Carolina. This center prides itself on being on the cutting edge of internal medicine and continuing to offer all the latest treatments as they become available to the public. Dr. Imran Haque also is known for his high level of professionalism and helping patients find the right treatment that works for them every time they come in with an issue. He treats many common ailments, but also some more other, more rare cases as well. Patients come from all around the surrounding area to experience the genuine, quality care that he will provide them as his patient, and will continue to do so for many years to come.



How AviWeisfogel has advanced the Treatment of Sleep Disorders

AviWeisfogel is an accredited dentist who is currently based in New Jersey. He a graduate of the College of Dentistry at New York University and also attended the Rutgers University for his degree in biology and psychology. The dentist created Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999, and he has been running for the past one and a half decades. He has managed to the be offered the Best Dentist Award several times due to his outstanding dental services.

During his practice in the dental field, Avi started learning more about disorders various therapies that could be used in curing them. In 2010, he launched Healthy Heart Sleep, which is an institution that has been dedicated to managing sleep labs in different parts of the world. Weisfogel started off by working with various medical professionals but later narrowed down to dentists only. He created Dental Sleep Masters in 2014, and the organization has been teaching dentists on how to heal sleep disorder by using their regular working tools. Over the years, sleep apnea has become a major life threatening disease since it is linked to conditions such as diabetes and heart malfunctions. This has made it necessary for medical professionals to develop an ideal cure.

AviWeisfogel has been focused on treating patients who are affected by sleep apnea. He believes that a very high percentage of people who suffer from the condition have never been diagnosed due to lack of awareness. Weisfogel currently works with other dentists to ensure that more people can access proper treatment for sleep apnea. He has established an excellent business model that enables the medical professional to attract more clients to their clinics. In the past decade, there were various mechanical methods that were used in treating sleep apnea, but they failed to be efficient. The research that AviWeisfogel has conducted has led to the development of better therapies. Most of the Dental Sleep Master’s cures have been approved by the FDA clinical trials and commercialization. The dentist is also a philanthropist and has devoted his free time to supporting the activities Operation Smile. Several children across the globe have benefited from the organization’s undertakings.

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Jason Hope – Helping Propagate the Use of Advanced IoT Technology

In the field of technology, many pioneers have contributed to the advancement in the field. One of the names that are well-known in the world of technology in the United States is Jason Hope. He is a self-proclaimed futurist and a highly successful serial entrepreneur. Over the years, Jason Hope has invested in many of the tech start-ups successfully and guided them to success. At present, Jason Hope is associated with the world of mobile technology and helping to make advanced mobile applications.

One other development in the world of technology that Jason Hope is highly excited about is the growth of the Internet of Things technology, which Jason Hope believes is the future of technology. The Internet of Things technology would help in connecting different devices through the shared network and allow them to work in a coordinated fashion. It would help in utilizing the resources optimally and ensure the waste is reduced. Jason Hope believes that the use of IoT technology would help the corporate sector in improving their performance and ensuring that the cost of operations is reduced significantly.

Jason Hope is excited about the fact that the aviation industry has already started adopting the Internet of Things technology. It would help the airlines companies to know in real time if the airline has any problem in the engine or any other parts, so that corrective measures can be taken immediately. Jason Hope feels that the process of aging can be reversed if there are advanced research conducted on the molecular level. It is one of the reasons he donates to SENS Research Foundation, which research on anti-aging, mortality, and finding the cure for terminal diseases like Cancer. Jason Hope is also associated with many other charities and helps in many ways to empower local communities and providing them fund and support needed to build a better life.



Dr Jennifer Walden: Born to be a Surgeon And Business Owner

Jennifer Walden has a thriving practice based out of Austin, Texas and also is a successful surgeon. Harper’s Bazaar has recognized her as among the top beauty surgeons in the USA. Walden continues to increase in popularity and has an extensive waiting list for body and face surgeries and more information click here.

Walden is frequently recognized by being featured in both national and local publications and she’s appeared on radio and television shows talking about her work. She is doing fantastic and she knows she will be in the spotlight for years to come, because she is a rarity. Jennifer Walden grew up with professional parents that were in the medical field and she had always wanted to be a surgeon at a really young age. She earned the Salutatorian Prize in her profession and was also informed that she would be able to work with Dr Sherrell Aston at Manhattan.

Walden possesses her own company in Texas and is among the state’s leading plastic surgeons. She uses the best imaging technologies available and is savvy when it comes to creating her own personal brand of tools that are customized. Most companies consult with her in case of inventions which they expect to present to the marketplace and learn more about Walden.

Walden was born in Texas and she went to college at UT-Austin, majoring in biology. She went to school earning the honor of Salutatorian. Walden, a proud parent of twin boys, is also an excellent surgeon and author. Jennifer made her choice when she had been in the eighth grade level to be a surgeon. She was also good in sports and health which are a very significant part her life today and Walden’s lacrosse camp.

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