Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter operator that is based in California. This educational concept has gained popularity nationally due to its high test scores and blended-learning approach. It tries to blend traditional learning with computer-assisted and online instructions. This approach has been able to put administrative costs down.

In the same vein, it is also a nonprofit network of public charter schools that are working with many players in the education sector which include community organizations, parents, and educators. This educational concept is aimed at creating an ecosystem of public schools that offer quality education to students from low-income families. It also incorporates English language learners whose career objective is to join colleges.

The system that was launched in 2007 has seen a rapid expansion of 25 new high performing public charter schools. The concept has enabled English language learners and students from low-income households to gain more than a month extra learning for maths and reading each year they attend school. It offers students a personalized learning platform that improves the students’ chances of attaining the college education. Something unique about Rocketship education is the fact that, in some instances, parents are allowed to choose which teachers will be hired before actual classes begin. Parents are known to participate in job interviews for teachers at the charter schools.

This is is a concept that incorporates various sectors towards the achievement of quality education for the students. The Founder and Chief Executive of Rocketship, Preston Smith, has been encouraging parent participation which has led to a learning style that is more accommodative and integrative. The Rocketship education has been able to give a choice to children who are disadvantaged due to poverty.

It has been able to open up avenues for them to develop their educational capabilities and carve out a career for themselves. It does this by offering them a nurturing environment that helps to give them a bright future. This is an educational concept that is fast spreading through the United States of America due to its positive impact in the community. It is a system that not only offers hope to disadvantaged children but also gives them a future.

An Insight on Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan is an established architect and also an interior designer. He is the owner and founder of the Richard Mishaan Design which is based in New York City, United States. Richard Mishaan is a company that specializes in personalized interior designs and architecture. Richard is known for redesigning of the presidential suits at the St. Regis Hotel. His company has earned a reputation for its distinct and unique touch by putting together different electric decors and furnishings from different periods and styles that harmonizes sculptures and objects and ends up making homes exquisite and beautiful. Richard Mishaan has earned a reputation as an interior designer who is pocket-friendly, reliable and efficient.

For the last 25 years, Richard Mishaan has been creating timeless and artistic interiors for residential, commercial and hospitality clients. His company Richard Design Company has been nominated by the Elle Décor A-List and also the AD 100. The leadership skills and experience of Richard Mishaan has led Richard Mishaan Company to register a lot of success and growth since its inception. Richard attributes the success that he has earned as an architecture and interior design to his education background, Discipline and passion. He has been serving as a mentor and role model to upcoming individuals who aspire to join his field of work.

Richard Mishaan was born and brought up in Cartagena, Colombia and was always passionate about interior designing ever since he was young. His career journey started while still studying at the Columbia University of Architecture at the Philip Johnson Offices. He attended the New York University for his BA. A gifted mix master, Richard is also an art collector. In order to have a deeper understanding when it comes to luxury and quality, Richard Mishaan puts together his knowledge of fashions, architecture and interior designing.

Logan Stout – Entrepreneur and Buisnessman

Logan Stout is the CEO and Founder of IDLife. His success and drive for positive business structures have led him to an established author and leader. He is experienced in training others who have an interest or want to become business owners. He helps them learn about how to manage their business better in addition to taking certain actions that will be beneficial to business. He established IDLife in 2014, which is a health improvement company dedicating to helping individuals with their fitness goals. Stout has managed to take IDLife to the top 100 Solid MLM Companies across the nation in a short amount of time. They advance in selling nutritional supplements and organic formulas suitable for all individuals. Although Stout has a passion for business structures and managing IDLife, he loves to have the opportunity to help others. He has been in the shoes of many people, and realizes that people may have some great business ideas but aren’t quite sure how to get started. He works with many people to encourage their leadership skills and ideas so they can get the business running efficiently. His years of expertise and careful business ideas have blossomed into a partnership with several speakers and authors who share the same vision and skills.

Logan Stout has shown his expertise as an entrepreneur in many ways. In addition to his passion for running his business and helping others, he has a passion for baseball. In showing his love for the game, he established a development in contribution to the Dallas Patriots. It became one of the biggest baseball organizations in the world. He was inspired by young people and wanted to help them build their skills of development. He realizes some people need extra encouragement and he wants to be able to help them achieve their goals and get the emotional support that they may not be getting elsewhere.

Logan Stout’s successful businesses and drive to help out the communities have led Stout to be a great mentor for many. One of his main goals in life is to show people that they can gain their best attributes by paying attention to their very own health. He strives to focus his energy on the connection between the mind, body, and soul. That’s how IDLife evolved into a successful nutritional business. Stout is a devoted family man who is very grateful for God and his team of supporters.

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Rick Smith Takes Significant Steps towards Changing the Face of Securus’ Sales Team and Customer Service

In its pursuit of excellence, Securus Technologies keep adding experienced and result-oriented personnel into their different departments. One of the critical department in any organization is the sales department; it defines the success or failure of any organization. As such, Securus Technologies has put in place a formidable sales team that has literally shaken the tech market over the recent past. In December 2015, Richard Smith announced the recruitment of John Bell as a senior sales executive in the company. According to the CEO, John’s hiring was meant to revamp the sales team so that it could effectively market the more than 800 different tech tools.

When making the announcement, Rick Smith also revealed that besides increasing its variety of products, Securus had pumped millions of dollars towards improving its quality of products, regarding efficiency and security. He, therefore, noted that with Bell’s sales experience at IBM would boost the company’s ability to reach out to new clients. He added that John Bell would serve as the senior vice president of Sales, deputized by Josh Conklin. He praised the new official saying that his record spoke for itself. According to the CEO, John Bell was the link that would transform Securus’ sales performance exceptionally.

Customer’s Service and their Take

As the most sought-after provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions in American jails and prisons, Securus Technologies has to keep setting the pace for other tech providers. Rick announced that there would be a revamping of the Securus Technology Center so that many customer presentations could be done there and consequently draw more clients the company’s way. He also directed Bell and his sales team to scale up customer services to include more frequent face-to-face customer’s interactions.

To this end, the changes in the sales department at Securus are seen to yield positive results. In addition to the changes, Securus Technologies as a team of tech experts that design and produce a new product on a weekly basis. The response from clients has been positive and overwhelming, with emails and text messages streaming in from thousands of satisfied clients. Clients claim that due to the high safety levels adapted by Securus in its products, the correctional facilities have become easy to govern and crime rates are reducing by the day. Relatives of inmates argue that thanks to Securus, their jailed loved ones are getting out of prison reformed and changed- ready to be integrated back into society.

Richard’s Brief Resume

Richard Smith is a businessman and a corporate leader based in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2008, he succeeded Richard Falcone as chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies. He holds that position up to date and has made many positive changes in that position. He did his Engineering degree at the State University of New York and later improved on it by earning an MBA.


James Larkin: The Irish Activist

James Larkin was an activist and an Irish labor organizer. He was born in Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876. He grew up in one of the slums in Liverpool. As a result of the poor conditions under which he was brought up in, Larkin had little formal education.

Jim Larkin was also forced to do some jobs in his youth to earn some extra income for his family. Eventually, he got a job with Liverpool docks as a foreman. Larkin was a committed socialist, and this led him to join the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL). In 1903, he married Elizabeth Brown, and they had four sons. Later in 1905, being the organizer of the trade union became his full-time job.

Larkin’s strike methods proved to be a threat to NUDL. That led to him being transferred to Dublin in 1907. Larkin left a legacy by being the person behind the establishment General Workers’ Union and the Irish Transport. With time General Workers’ Union developed to be the biggest union in the region.

Unfortunately, during the Dublin Lockout, the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union crumbled. He later established the Irish Labour Party. He was responsible for leading some strikes.

In 1913, Larkin led a memorable strike known as the Dublin Lockout. That was a massive strike as nearly 100,000 workers were on strike for approximately eight months. The effect of this strike was that the workers won a right to fair employment. During World War 1 (1914-1918) Larkin put up demonstrations in Dublin, which were anti-war demonstrations.

Larkin was so determined that to raise the money he went all the way to the United States in 1914 to raise money so that he could fight the British. His trip was inclusive of a lecture tour. During his trip, he became a member of the Socialist Party of America and Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Unfortunately, James Connolly, who was a friend to Larkin died during this period. That led Larkin to establish the James Connolly Socialist Club in New York.

Regrettably, in 1920, Larkin was accused of communism and criminal anarchy which led to him being pardoned for three years, and he was deported to Ireland.

In 1924 Larkin would be the founder of the Workers’ Union of Ireland. He later joined the Irish Labour Party in 1945. Larkin continued to fight for the rights of the workers of Ireland until the time of his death on 30 Jan. 1947.

Doug Jones And End Citizens United

End Citizen United announced Wednesday that they endorse the Democratic nominee Doug Jones for the US Senate. Jones is a former US Attorney. He’s running against Roy Moore in the Alabama special election to be held on December 12th. Many believe that Roy Moore has a radical agenda that has no place in the US Senate.

Doug Jones: A Man of Integrity

Doug Jones is a man of integrity while Roy Moore has paid $1 million to himself and his wife from a charity that he controlled. Jones is a tough prosecutor that isn’t afraid of doing what is right. He will continue with this commitment in Congress and work to change the system, so it is better for all Americans.

Roy Moore: Supported By Hate Groups

Moore has a campaign that is supported by secretive organizations and hate groups, including the Public Advocate. He is fighting to give this radical anti-LGBT group more power to influence the democracy. He is also working to repeal the Johnson Amendment to allow churches to funnel their money into campaigns.

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Bringing KKK Members to Justice

Jones is quite the opposite of Moore. When he was a US Attorney, he brought KKK members that were involved in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing to justice. He has committed himself to helping unrig the system by removing Big Money from politics.

End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a grassroots donor that is funded by Political Action Committee. They focus on electing campaign finance reformers to help overturn Citizens United. Their headquarters are in Washington D.C.

Citizens United vs. F.E.C.

The 2010 decision in Citizens United vs. F.E.C. changed politics. This case featured the idea that “corporations are people.” They wished to allow the wealthy and some special interest groups to spend money on elections in the United States. This money can’t be traced and is limitless. This enables US elections to be bought.

End Citizens United was formed to fight against political funding groups that have ulterior motives from being able to pay for elections to go in their favor. They are committed to ending Citizens United and putting pro-reform candidates in office. When End Citizens United launched, they were able to raise $4 million to support their cause from various small donors.

The website for End Citizens United shows what they do and provides pages for candidates that are fighting for finance reform. If you want to help change the current state of the nation, check out their website and see what you can do.

The Success Story of Horizontal Internal Medicine’s Imran Haque

Imran Haque has established himself as seasoned medical practitioner specializing in internal medicine. He is highly trained and is fully licensed having received training from outstanding schools. Dr. Haque has been practicing for 15 years now largely in Asheboro, North Carolina. He practices at Horizons Internal Medicine a business he started out the necessity of bringing services that were not offered locally. Imran got this revelation as a young doctor who worked for an Internal Medicine practice that was hospital owned.

The doctor has stated that for him to get to where he is, he had to work really hard. He had to diligently do thorough research and invest a lot of money to get up and running. To get that extra edge, Imran worked on building symbiotic business relationships and network with other professionals. Application of technology has also played a part in his success by allowing him to provide quality care to patients and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

Dr. Imran’s work ethic revolves around multitasking and has been behind most of his successes. He cites this as an important trait that has seen him become a productive entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, Imran describes himself as one who respects and shows kindness to every individual he encounters unconditionally. This has been key in him maintaining strong business relationships in his work and read full article.


About Imran

Doctor Imran is an American medical practitioner working at Horizon Internal Medicine. He is based in North Carolina in the town of Asheboro where he has established himself as the best in the trade. Imran horned his skills at the University of Virginia and briefly worked at Randolph Hospital. Prior to this, he had graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana with a medical degree.

Imran is the primary care doctor at Horizon Internal Medicine and his work is characterized by professionalism of the highest level. This has resulted in the facility becoming arguably the best in North Carolina. Complex procedures have been conducted at Horizontal Internal Medicine under Imran’s supervision. One of these is laser treatment aiming to improve skin texture and tone. Imran’s outstanding work is easily backed by the positive reviews he receives and learn more about Imran Haque.

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A Closer look at Avaaz and its Global Operations

Avaaz is a United States civil organization Founded in 2007 and has helped in promoting global activism such as conflict, poverty, corruption, animal rights, human rights and climate change. The agency also empowers people from different backgrounds to stand against injustice on national and regional issues. Their model of internet organization has also made it easier to combine various groups into a strong collective force.

Avaaz undertakes its campaign in over seventeen languages since it is served by a team of six continents and is backed by thousands of employees. They also take a stern action in organizing offline and online protests, lobbying government, emailing and funding media campaigns to ensure that the values of the people around the world conform to the decision that affects the people. In fact, the organization unites practical idealists from around the globe with the aim of bridging the gap between the world other people want and the world we have and resume their.

Avaaz has been a champion of progressive causes like the global support for refugees, challenging Monsanto and global action on climate change. It was also at the forefront during Libya civil uprising notably the establishment of the no-fly zone. During the Syrian civil war the organization sent over one and half million internet communication equipment to training activists and protestors. Additionally, it also smuggled medical equipment valued at two million dollars to the rebels held captive in Syria and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

Most of the organization’s campaigns are handled by a campaign team from over thirty countries including Brazil, Lebanon, India, and the UK. All the member states communicate via email and take advantage of different tactics in their campaign strategy including email-your-leader tools as well as videos and public petitions. In some cases, the organization takes advantage of commissions legal advice and advertisements to strategize how best to move with the campaign and read full article.

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Beneful: Full of Goodness and Easy on Your Wallet!

Since 2001, Purina has been producing it’s Beneful line of dog foods and treats. It is a well known brand and has proven to be a very successful line of products for Purina Beneful. Its meaning “full of goodness”, With campaigns of charming, yet informative commercials and other various advertisements, Beneful has become extremely popular.

Purina Beneful items are made with real meats and combined with vitamin-rich vegetables in order to create a more healthy, yet affordable, pet food. Dogs love it because of the amazing tastes and owners love feeding it to their fur-babies because they know it is a more healthy choice that the dog actually likes to eat.

Beneful dog food and treats are beneficial, wonderful, healthy, tasty and affordable. With this pet food, both dog and master have peace of mind and a full stomach. What better way to ensure the health and happiness of a canine companion?


The Academy of Art’s Recent Proud Moment at NYFW

Launched in 1929 in San Francisco, California by Richard S. Stephens, the creative director of Sunset Magazine, the Academy of Art University, is made for aspiring artists to be dedicated, be hardworking, and have proper instruction, to learn the skills required to become professionals. Stephen also believed that there should be acceptance of all students, regardless of an art portfolio, into the Academy of Arts University.

With his daughter, Dr. Elisa Stephens, being the President, the Academy of Art University is carrying on her father’s wishes in even more innovative ways. Keeping up with industry trends and emerging technologies, the university has grown to more than 18,000 students. It is now the biggest accredited, private design and art university within the US.

One of the current industry trends that the Academy of Art University is keeping up is participating in the New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The recent NYFW occurred on September 9, 2017, at Skylight Clarkson Square. Two menswear and five womenswear collection were debuted by ten recent graduates in MFA and BFA. And the likes, such as J. Alexander from Next Top Model, were impressed with this next generation of fashion stars. These recent grads showcased amazing, innovative creations, and they were recognized for their work in rewarding ways, such as the gaining of prestigious interns.

The Academy of Art University is continually thriving in transforming aspiring artists to reaching/exceeding their dreams. Their list of specialty majors includes the following: Web Design & New Media, Visual Development, Photography, Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media, Multimedia Com., Motion Pictures & Television, Landscape Arch., Jewelry & Metal Arts, Interior Arch. & Design, Industrial Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Game Design, Fine Art, Fashion, Art History, Art Education, Architecture, Animation & Visual Effects, Acting, and Advertising. Their offers are accredited in M.Arch, MFA, MA, BFA, BA, and AA degree programs. They also provide teacher grants, pre-college programs, and art education.

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