Enchanced Athlete Stands Up To Nutrition Distribution’s Tyranny

Enhanced Athlete has recently won against Nutrition Distribution in a court battle. The battle was waged over Enhanced Athlete claiming that Nutrition Distribution wanted to shake them down to settle rather than paying much more in legal fees. EA also disputed the claims made by Nutrition Distribution that EA was engaging in false advertising which resulted in lost sales for their own products. Nutrition Distribution tried to sue Enhanced Athlete, but failed to provide enough evidence according to the court that would link the claims with the evidence.


Enhanced Athlete is an advanced supplement research non-profit with sister companies called Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. The main company is based in Cheyenne Wyoming and they specialize in bodybuilding. The companies offer an array of supplements, fitness programs, and clothing lines. They also have partners around the globe in places like Europe, India, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, and South Korea. The head of Enhanced Athletes Scott Cavell said that they are not going to succumb to the bully tactics of Nutrition Distribution and that they should not let Nutrition Distribution continue with its business model of shaking down its competition. The company refused to become a victim.


According to EA’s attorney ssaid that Nutrition Distribution was not in the right with their accusations against Enhanced Athele that they suffered a loss of sales due to false advertising from their competitor. Nutrition Distribution is known to have filed around 70 lawsuits against other supplement companies as well as demanding settlement payments from many of the same. They claimed in each of their cases that they suffered lost sales and suffered false advertising. This is important because due to the behavior of Nutrition Distribution they likely are involved with abusing their competitors. As such there are laws put into place that help to protect companies that are being falsely accused and given lawsuits. These laws can be under the theory of abuse of process or malicious prosecution. Many smaller companies if they were to get sued could not afford to defend themselves in the courtroom; they would spend millions of dollars in litigation trying to defend against predatory lawsuits. This is why Enhanced Athlete considers this suit to be predatory as Nutrition Distribution was seeking to bully its competitors out of business. EA did intend to fight back though and won their lawsuit in the process. Enhanced Athlete had avoided a fate that would have helped Nutrition Distribution.