Craft a To-Do List for Upwork Success

Upwork serves as a solid venue for acquiring the services of freelancers. Freelancers, of course, also find Upwork to be a helpful bidding site to connect with clients. Success on Upwork does require proper planning and properly executing all work. Crafting a solid “to-do list” helps the cause of getting any work done.

Craft a physical, actual to-do list becomes necessary. Do not maintain a to-do list in your head. You run the risk of forgetting things or simply not taking the compiling of the list seriously. Unless you write things down, you won’t have a list. That means you probably won’t do everything.

Be sure the list doesn’t omit things. You plan to do things on the list. An incomplete list means things won’t get done. Seriously think about all the things you want to do. Jot them all down on a list. Straighten out and organize the list later. Make sure the raw form of the list gets done. The raw list gives you something to work with. Your duties aren’t abstract.

Writing and editing the list isn’t enough. Doing things on the list also isn’t enough. Perform the tasks on the list in an organized manner. That requires dedicated space for all tasks taken from Upwork. Try to do everything in a single place. The added organization of working at a specific, pre-planned location improved the likelihood of getting things done.

“Timing is everything” applies to perform tasks. Definitively determine ahead of time when the job starts. Have an idea of how long each task takes and know when to finish the tasks. Setting up time durations for getting work done allows you to stay on schedule. Not thinking about how to time the work sessions often leads to the jobs dragging out. To stay in the good graces of Upwork clients, keep a tight schedule and deliver within the expected timeframe.

If you never put a to-do list together before, you might feel a little odd doing so. Don’t be put off by the concept. Embracing the art of putting together a solid to-do list can only benefit you.