Let the Lips Shout Out Smooth Reviews for EOS

Remember when lip balms were only located in just drug stores usually either at the counter collecting dust, having the same outcome and effect; with no appeal? Lip balm has now become a signature piece, it’s the latest thing that everyone must have. The revolutionary EOS Lip balm has taken the industry by storm with its attractive sphere-shaped design. It’s shape, alone, has created copycats everywhere, starting a trend that everyone had to have, its myriad of upbeat colors and flavors has put all others to shame (stylecraze.com)

Their Blended Fruit collection is all organic and 100% natural. These lip balms are packed with so many natural ingredients like shea butter; packing a powerful punch of hydration for your lips. Its soft and soothing benefits, along with its many great flavors like Pomegranate Raspberry, Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint, Vanilla Bean, and their exciting colorful styles, makes a great commodity to have wherever you go.

EOS has so many flavors to choose from and they are continuing to bring out more designs, flavors, and benefits. Under their medicated collection they added a new flavor to the mix, Cooling Chamomile, for those healing lips. Along with its softness and many other benefits, the relief of stress to the lips seems almost unreal. It’s like heaven to one’s ears, or better yet, one’s lips; allowing it to heal and restore its lack of luster lips crave.

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EOS never cease to amaze with their variety of flavors and styles that will continue to revolutionize the market. No matter the nutrients, bold flavors and styles, EOS will always be the one to keep the lips smooth and healthy. Evolution of Smooth is the epitome of its name and what it stands for. It is no wonder EOS has stayed around for so long.