US Money Reserve: An Explanation on the Interest Rate Hike Pull Back of the Federal Reserve

The value of Gold has been continually rising because of the weakening of the US dollar – and the Federal Reserve’s halting of its tightening of their monetary cycle is a great factor on why this is the dollar is weakening. Because of this, gold is now moving on to its next bull market. The statements of Jerome Powell about the future of interest hikes and his perspective on the movement of the market is a big factor on why a lot of this is happening.

The US Reserve now postulates the question on why the Federal Reserve is reversing their standpoint regarding interest rate hikes. The Federal Reserve has always had a strong stance and has been very forward with normalization of these interest rate hikes and putting things back from how they were before.

The US Money Reserve postulates the question on if the Federal Reserve is doing these halts on interest rate hikes in order to calm the volatility and the overly dynamic behavior of the market that the US Market has been experiencing for quite some time now.

Or, are they factoring in the criticism that they have been receiving from credible organizations regarding their recent decisions: like raising the interest rate hikes when big names in Wall Street and even the Trump organization has been suggesting otherwise. It is quite contradictory that the Federal Reserve has raised rates and then slows them back down at the start of 2019. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | Biz Journals

The raising of interest rates is the textbook path in order to bring back normalization in a country’s economy. The Federal Reserve is an independent entity that is responsible for handling the monetary policy of the United State and they do not receive instructions from a third-party organization, and that includes governing bodies like the US Government.

Which means that the President has no power at all and cannot intervene with the decisions of the Federal Chairman regarding the monetary policies and interest rate hikes.

However, in the recent years, the Federal Reserve has been receiving a lot of skeptic remarks because it is believed that the Federal Reserve has been receiving direction and suggestions from staple names in Wall Street and Capitol Hill.

The position of the Federal Chairman is a directed position by the President and is not elected by the public. All this information is critical to the average consumer and citizen for them to understand why the movements in the market is like this, and it is key to understanding the financial system.

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