The Influence of Podcast Advertising on Product Awareness

On February this year, PodcastOne released the findings of studies they conducted on advertising national consumer brands. The company, chaired by Norman Pattiz, carried out this research on the second half of 2016. The aim of the study was to identify the impact of podcast advertising on different brand products and services.

Many popular brands participated in this research. Tom Webster, the Strategy VP for Edison Research, and Norman Pattiz revealed that podcast advertising has a positive impact on the intent of purchase and brand recall. The findings of the study show that this type of promotion improved product awareness as well as the tendency of purchase.

Edison Research conducted three studies in the last half of 2016 –on behalf of PodcastOne. They included unrecognized and recognized brands. According to the results of Edison Research, the brand recognition didn’t affect the impact of podcast marketing.

The target market expressed more willingness to buy from all the brands. The report that PodcastOne released shows that more than 7% of the podcast audience mentioned a specific grocery brand pre-campaign. This went up to 60% post-campaign.

Other findings from the research showed that the product awareness for a financial service product was at 47% post-study. PodcastOne’s founder and CEO, Mr. Norman Pattiz, said that the primary goal of the studies was to relay information about the potential of podcast marketing in the branding sector. He believes that this kind of advertising will surpass the current top marketing formats, soon. Tom Webster stated that he was happy to work with PodcastOne and the five brands involved in the study.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a renowned entrepreneur in the U.S. He is the founder of Westwood One, which is a leading media company. The firm offers sports entertainment, traffic programming, and news.

Aside from Westwood One, Norman also established Podcast One, a successful advertising agency. He was the company’s chief executive officer until last year. In the course of his career, Norman Pattiz has received several awards, including the Giants of Broadcasting Award.

Pattiz is a business leader in America’s broadcasting industry. His extensive experience has allowed him to hold many leadership positions. He once served in the BBG (Broadcasting Board of Governors). Norman Pattiz’s was tasked with the responsibility of observing the nation’s military communications.

He was appointed to serve at the BBG twice, in 2002 and 2000. These appointments indicate that Pattiz has desirable leadership skills. Currently, Norman Pattiz lives with his family in Beverly Hills.

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