Jason Hope: Where The Internet Of Things Will Lead Us

When it comes to matters entrepreneurship and technology, Jason Hope comes in as the most insightful and informative fellows out there. In a small piece, Hope addresses how the internet is transforming our daily lives in a significant manner. To him, the Internet of Things cannot be ignored anymore or be pictured as science fiction stuff. In fact, he further posits that it is no longer just some viable concept. Before you know it, your favorite slice of bread will be relaying information to the toaster that it is not evenly browning.

According to Jason Hope, as unimaginable as it could be, the wireless connection is significantly altering at tremendous paces with new inventions being realized with every passing day. An apt example is Bluetooth technology with the ability to pass information between several devices. According to Jason Hope, for those in the airline industry, such advancements are open chances for them to advance their business. Luckily, a host of airline firms are slowly beginning to roll their plans towards the adoption of technological advancements and other changes.

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As a tech entrepreneur, Jason Hope does not stop there. He further goes on to address on some of the crucial areas that a lot of airline players seem to be targeting regarding such technological advancements. First, Jason asserts that security or safety is a key component or area that must be there if an airline firm is to be termed as successful since such connections are important when it comes to collecting important data about a given plane, tracking both maintenance issues and analyzing how other parameters of the plane work.

Secondly, Jason Hope argues that among other things, customer service matter the most. According to him, the experience of the customer needs to be incorporated with technology ensuring that aspects such as boarding passes are issued via mail as opposed to compelling customers to queue in line to get such. Other features include a personal guide to direct lost clients by giving them directions in addition to relaying to customers important information such as delays in flight and when plane doors are about to close among others. With IoT, there are endless opportunities.

Source: http://bitsylink.com/2018/07/02/scottsdale-philanthropist-jason-hope-helps-pioneering-nonprofit-fight-aging/

Eric Pulier’s Approach to the Daily Life of an Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier has been one of the more consistently busy entrepreneurs in the crowded Los Angeles tech market over the past two decades or so. Pulier is, of course, most well known for his work with the innovative XPrize Foundation but that is far from his only work within the business. Pulier is passionate about technology and he has been in love with computers since he was a child. It only makes sense that Pulier would succeed in the industry. Let’s look at a day in the life of Eric Pulier and what it takes to make his engines keep going.

So, Eric Pulier is the father of four children which immediately changes the way he approaches each and every day. To start with, Pulier always focuses on making sure that he gets enough sleep — and this can be particularly difficult with so many kids and their different needs. Still, a great night of sleep is the foundation for which success is built upon. Pulier gets up early, before his children, and focuses on having quiet and introspective time in order to approach his day’s events. He’ll make out a detailed list of problems that need to be solved and topics that need to be broached within his different companies. After the kids wake up he gets them where they need to go and then gets back to work.

Pulier knows that keeping to a schedule is important, particularly for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are beholden only to their own work ethic and the easiest way to fall behind is to not stick to what needs to get done. Pulier does his best, no matter what, to stick to the schedule that is laid out before him. That doesn’t mean he is afraid to change things up. Pulier keeps a notebook on hand that he uses to track notes, ideas, and potential concepts that might be worth exploring. Any time that he gets an idea — it goes into the book.

Eric Pulier has done pretty much everything there is to do as an entrepreneur. Maybe his schedule will help motivate the next great tech innovator.