Rick Smith Takes Significant Steps towards Changing the Face of Securus’ Sales Team and Customer Service

In its pursuit of excellence, Securus Technologies keep adding experienced and result-oriented personnel into their different departments. One of the critical department in any organization is the sales department; it defines the success or failure of any organization. As such, Securus Technologies has put in place a formidable sales team that has literally shaken the tech market over the recent past. In December 2015, Richard Smith announced the recruitment of John Bell as a senior sales executive in the company. According to the CEO, John’s hiring was meant to revamp the sales team so that it could effectively market the more than 800 different tech tools.

When making the announcement, Rick Smith also revealed that besides increasing its variety of products, Securus had pumped millions of dollars towards improving its quality of products, regarding efficiency and security. He, therefore, noted that with Bell’s sales experience at IBM would boost the company’s ability to reach out to new clients. He added that John Bell would serve as the senior vice president of Sales, deputized by Josh Conklin. He praised the new official saying that his record spoke for itself. According to the CEO, John Bell was the link that would transform Securus’ sales performance exceptionally.

Customer’s Service and their Take

As the most sought-after provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions in American jails and prisons, Securus Technologies has to keep setting the pace for other tech providers. Rick announced that there would be a revamping of the Securus Technology Center so that many customer presentations could be done there and consequently draw more clients the company’s way. He also directed Bell and his sales team to scale up customer services to include more frequent face-to-face customer’s interactions.

To this end, the changes in the sales department at Securus are seen to yield positive results. In addition to the changes, Securus Technologies as a team of tech experts that design and produce a new product on a weekly basis. The response from clients has been positive and overwhelming, with emails and text messages streaming in from thousands of satisfied clients. Clients claim that due to the high safety levels adapted by Securus in its products, the correctional facilities have become easy to govern and crime rates are reducing by the day. Relatives of inmates argue that thanks to Securus, their jailed loved ones are getting out of prison reformed and changed- ready to be integrated back into society.

Richard’s Brief Resume

Richard Smith is a businessman and a corporate leader based in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2008, he succeeded Richard Falcone as chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies. He holds that position up to date and has made many positive changes in that position. He did his Engineering degree at the State University of New York and later improved on it by earning an MBA.