End Citizen United Support For The Democrats

The Republican Party in Houston, Pennsylvania is fast losing its supports to the Democratic Party as more and more people get worried about how President Trump is ruling the country. A recent rally, many people from the small district, rallied behind Conor Lamb who is vying to represent them if elected at the Congress. The increased democratic support has for Conor under the Democratic Party is as a result of the increased criticism of the President. This criticism is based on the growing mistrust of the abilities of Donald Trump to efficiently rule without bringing division to the country among many issues facing his administration.

Democratic supporters want him out of office and have vowed to resist against him massively through turning up in large numbers to vote in Conor. In responding to his followers calls to action, Conor promised to carry their sentiments to Congress. Among the avid supporter of Conor was a long time Democrat Ted Skowvron who could not hide his support for the new resistant wave against Donald Tramp’s government. In his advice to Conor Lamb, Ted Skowvron advocated that Conor should eject tramp out office on being elected. He continued by saying if he did not do as told, he would go there to remove Trump.

The rising number of Democrat support has made Republican Party a bit worried, but they are still confident that they will nevertheless maintain their grip as it had contributed a large supported for Trump’s election. Tim Murphy, who is a Republican and the incumbent was unopposed as he ran in the election. It signifies the support that the Republican Party still enjoys.

As a renowned Political Action Committee, End Citizen United has caused a lot of political shock waves across the United States since it got founded in the year 2015. With a mission to end Big Money used to rally support by corporations to specific candidates with hidden agenda, advocates for financial reforms used during campaigns.

Its establishment was due to a Supreme Court ruling in 2010 Citizen United vs. Federation Election Commission that allowed corporations to be considered as one person when contributing their donations to candidates. End Citizen United view on this was a form of robbing the people their right to elect their leaders and giving the same power to corporations.

End Citizen United avidly backs Democratic candidates as their mission in fighting Citizen United is in line with their agenda. The Political Action Committee also gives its backing to other independent candidates who have a similar opinion about Citizen United.The primary source of money that is used by End Citizen United to facilitate the candidates they support gets obtained through contributions by people at the grassroots.