Betsy DeVos: Where Philanthropy Led Her

The current U.S. Secretary of Education has a long history of lending a helping a hand to those who really need it. Betsy DeVos has put millions of dollars to support charter schools, religious organizations, and for the privatization of public schools. Together with her husband Dick, they’ve put together the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a non-profit organization that prioritizes “education, community, the arts, justice, and leadership.”



Among the many organizations Mrs. DeVos and her husband support include the West Michigan Aviation Academy, ArtPrize, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, The Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, and Marsh Hill Bible Church.



This could be the reason why Donald Trump chose her to become the education secretary, a position she held since February 2017. Mrs. DeVos’ is fully committed to her cause, having accepted the responsibility as one of the administrators for the American Federation for Children (AFC). This organization has sent many American students to school so they can build a stable career in the future.



Betsy DeVos has always been wealthy. She comes from an affluent family in Michigan and is married to Dick DeVos, who happens to be the heir of Amway, the larger than life multilevel company offering Americans products for home, health, and beauty. This is where she gets her money from, where all the donations are sourced to be given to several U.S. charities.



She is also an heir herself. Her father, Edgar Prince, was a successful developer, industrialist, and engineer who founded Prince Corp. Her in-laws are incredibly prominent people in America. Dick’s father, the late Richard DeVos, apart from the co-founding Amway also owns the Orlando Magic basketball team.



In high school, she attended Holland Christian High School in Michigan. She majored in business administration and political science in Calvin College, and like her, Betsy also ended up sending her children to private Christian schools.



Despite having it all, everything didn’t go easy for the philanthropist. When she was appointed as the education secretary, not everybody was happy with President Trump’s decision. Many believed that she was not ready to hold such a responsibility, but at the same time, her peers argued that she wasn’t exactly new to the inner workings of Congress. After all, she did serve as chair for the Michigan Republican Party.



Her husband also tried to enter politics in 2006. Dick DeVos run for governor of Michigan but lost to Democrat Jennifer Granholm. Still, the wealthy couple continued their work as philanthropists and educators.



Betsy’s experience in education has been long documented, having been the voice for parents and their children’s education for well over thirty years. She aims to give each child the opportunity to receive a quality education no matter what their financial status may be.



Mrs. DeVos’ passion for education stems from her mother who worked as a public teacher. This was the childhood the young Betsy grew up in. By the time she was capable, she worked hard in order to allow American children to have better opportunities when it comes to education.


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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Shows she’s Two Sides of the Same Coin

On February 23, 2017, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos arranged a meeting with a spokesperson for the LGBT employees at the Education Department to announce President Trump’s removal of transgender bathroom policies. The Removal of these guidelines would eliminate the ability for those identifying as transgender to use their preferred bathrooms.




During the meeting, DeVos’ aide told the representative that DeVos had opposed the move by Trump to rescind the policy. However, publicly, Betsy DeVos was seen announcing to that these transgender guidelines were a huge overreach by the Obama administration.




Despite this apparent idealogical conflict, DeVos had already spent most of her life establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with. A prominent advocate of charter schools and a former political chairwoman, DeVos has created a reputation of a powerful woman capable of accomplishing her goals while maintaining a public facade.




For example, DeVos, while raised in private schools, sought to heavily invest in charter schools which are privately run. Because of her influence, areas like Detroit now have the nation’s largest group of charter schools. She accomplished all this despite admitting publicly that the majority of Americans go to public school and nothing would ever change that fact.




In response to her work, Detroit education officials began to support legislation that would close down their failing charter schools in an effort to level the playing field of public schools and remove low-performing facilities. DeVos’ comeback was to oppose the bill, and she won. She later went on to claim that the public schools in Detroit should be completely shut down.




For those that have worked with DeVos on charter school advocacy groups, she has come off as genuine and down to earth. In personal interactions, DeVos rarely alludes to her intentions or the billions of dollars at her disposal. For some in Michigan, she has successfully come across as neutral on the political debate between public and charter schools, an impresive feat considering that she routinely speaks at conservative conferences and partakes in interviews with conservative news outlets.




Ultimately, with both her and her husbands charitable donations adding up to nearly $139 million and most if not all of the money funding personal partisan agendas, DeVos is no slouch to getting what she wants. In particular, reports from many of her donations paint a clear picture of how she can elaborate one stance while funding results for another. By making various charitable donations public, DeVos effectively creates the illusion of support for all forms of education, while her vast political donations aimed explicitly at charter schools tell a much different story.


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Ryan Seacrest – Background of an Eclectic Entrepreneur

Ryan Seacrest first gained massive fame in 2002 as Host of the hit show American Idol. He’s continued his journey with the show but has delved into many other interests and causes since then.

His interests are varied and eclectic in nature. He hosts and produces shows on radio, broadcast, and cable TV. The Weekly Top 40, hosted by Ryan Seacrest is nationally recognized as one of the most popular radio countdowns.

Ryan Seacrest also produces popular shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, E! Live from the Red Carpet, Best Cover Ever, Shades of Blue, and many others. During his mornings, he is Co-Host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, which he also produces. Ryan Seacrest Productions has even tested the Netflix waters by producing their new show Insatiable.

Ryan Seacrest is also famous for filling the spot for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. He’s hosted the show every year since Dick Clark passed away.

Ryan Seacrest has shown his many talents in his diverse portfolio of productions and shows, but he also launched his own men’s lines in skincare and clothing. It is known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction and is sold at Macy’s stores exclusively. Dr. Harold Lancer is a famous Dermatologist who notably helped the American Idol host Ryan Seacrest develop his skincare line.

The star is known for his wide range of skills, but he is lesser-known for his efforts in Philanthropy. Ryan Seacrest’s efforts have focused on youth initiatives and are impacting people positively across the country. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is headed by none other than Seacrest himself as Chairman. They’ve opened several studios in Pediatric centers across the nation.

Ryan Seacrest has had his fingers on the pulse of American media for over fifteen years. His multi-faceted career is just starting. He’s beginning to branch out into new territory. However, he’s also sticking to his roots. Ryan Seacrest returns to his original role as Host of American Idol, this year on ABC.

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Tony Petrello Helps Those Out In Houston And Surrounding Communities Through Philanthropic Means

While returning to Houston, Texas, Tommy Tune was met by Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia. The Petrello family hosted a get together with 50 guests to greet Tommy. He was in town to put on a concert for his fans that were unable to reach New York City in order to see a production featuring Tommy Tune. Tommy grew up in Houston and graduated from the Lamar High School. He then took dance lessons from Patrick Swayze’s mother, Patsy. Upon completing the lessons, Tommy moved to NYC to head out on Broadway.

Anthony Petrello and his wife, they provide a number of services to charities of all sorts. They believe in giving back to their communities and one particular community they help with is the children’s hospital. They help the hospital out because of the difficulties of their daughters birth at 24 weeks. She weighed 20 ounces at birth and was in the NICU for a while because of the birth and the periventricular leukomalacia. This is actually a common problem that occurs in infants who are born prematurely.

When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, it devastated a large number of people who suffered a loss of some kind during the hurricane. While the employees were scattered because of the hurricane, they were ordered to spend time away from their jobs in order to help themselves and their families. Since they were ordered to take time off, they received paid time off. CEO Tony made sure to send the workers across the Gulf Coast in order to help them with their ability to get back on their feet.

It was also Tony Petrello who decided to match the contributions raised which allowed for him to match $173,000 before he matched the amount. Nabors Industries had also used their on-site kitchen in order to help with recovery efforts by helping to provide large amounts of food three times a day for local families.

Tony Petrello went to Yale University with a full scholarship and studied economics before he decided to switch gears and transfer his studies to Harvard Law School. He then opted to start studying in human sciences. While he was studying at Yale, Tony Petrello made friends with a well established mathematician. Because of this friendship, he went on to support his friend by making a large donation to Yale in the recent death of his friend in recent months.

Read more: Mathematics, Law, Business, and Charity: The Unique American Dream of Tony Petrello

Adam Milstein Discusses The Characteristics Of The Maccabees And Their Application To Jews Today

Adam Milstein writes articles intended for Israeli and Jewish-American audiences, and one of the latest that he’s posted on the Times of Israel discusses characteristics that Jews have been known for over the years. He referenced the Maccabees who were fearless in their conflict against Greek oppressors and also used skill and prowess in the conflict that made up for their lack of force in numbers. Today’s Jews also face obstacles and even antisemitism in some areas, and Milstein says they too can be like the Maccabees.

Adam Milstein says Jews and Israelis have a family value that means everyone is part of their family and they all look out for each other and assist any who are attacked. He also says Jews can think outside the box or use unconventional ideas to solve problems, and they have made numerous contributions to the financial and technological world as well as the political sphere. Milstein believes the future will be decided by Jews holding to pride in their Israeli identity, and having the courage to always stand for that identity even when it’s not popular in the mainstream.

Adam Milstein is from Israel though he lives in California now. His parents were Jews who moved to Israel when it was designated as a place for displaced Jews to return to in 1948, and his father became a construction worker while his mother worked at home. Milstein is the oldest of the three sons in the family and was the first to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971. Milstein then went to college at the Technion Institute in 1975 and got his bachelor’s degree in 1978, and then after moving with his wife Gila and daughters to the US, he got his master’s degree at USC in 1983.

Adam Milstein makes most of his money buying, selling and managing commercial and large family unit properties at Hager Pacific Properties. But he gives back to the Jewish-American community through the Milstein Family Foundation and its chief Israeli activist organization, the Israeli-American Council where he’s served as president and chairman for over 10 years. The Milsteins work primarily with educational institutions to promote learning about Jewish culture and to connect Jewish-Americans with their Israeli counterparts. They’ve also supplied families with materials teaching Hebrew at their publishing group Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

George Soros and His Awesome Philanthropic Mission

George Soros is a great world Philanthropist. In fact, he happens to be the leader in the sector. He is the only person known to have donated $32 billion as donations. He forwards his donations through the famous open society foundation and they have been able to extend to all parts of the world. He also happens to have founded Central European Foundation in the Hungary. The institution offers courses related to social sciences and has never given up on his mission.

George Soros who happens to be the leader of Open Society Foundations has been able to support organizations and also individuals across the whole world. He has been able to commit his skills and expertise towards the establishment of better world governance. Equality and justice are his key points in development. Other activities are fighting for accountable governments, freedom of expression and many others. He has always committed his resources towards making the world a beer place. The fund has also been able to support many children from poor backgrounds access university education. He does not discriminate and has even sponsored so many Africans pursue social sciences. He has passion and love for his fellow mankind. His love for them is inseparable and has always been committed to success.

George Soros has also been at the forefront helping those people who are always mistreated for who they are. He has committed his life and skills their betterment and recognition. He has been able to penetrate to Europe to help those people and also other people who suffer a lot in the community. His mission has always been to help them feel that they also have a right to belong to their country. Some of the other groups that he supports include drugs users, LGBTI people, sex workers and many other groups.

George Soros became a philanthropist and a fight for good governance because of what he underwent through while he was young. He was able to face a lot of difficulties in his early life as a young boy. The 1930 born, was raised in Hungary. He is some of those few people who have seen people being killed because of their beliefs. It was at a time when the Nazi Germany had invaded Hungary and so many people who were Jews were being mistreated a lot. His father who happened to be a lawyer was the one who offered solutions so that he could save his family against those illnesses. At first, he was able to change the documents that said that they were Jews and they started pretending to be Christians. That way, Soros was able to go back to school. Jewish children were denied their rights and were being sent to the Jewish council. In 1944, Budapest Siege erupted and they started a house to house operation killing all the jews. His father had false identification documents that covered their identity and they were not touched. That was the greatest of all wars whereby over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were killed. They spared no one and to know more click here

The Importance of Choosing the Right Kind of FreedomLife Insurance

The Freedom Life Insurance Company takes great pride in offering information to clients about how to determine client’s needs and how to arrange that they purchase the right kind of life insurance to cover those needs.

There are basically two kinds of life insurance that is available to families and businesses. Term life insurance is temporary coverage which expires at the end of the term. Term life can, however be programmed to last as much as 30 years.

Permanent life insurance does not expire thus its name as permanent. It is also called whole life because it lasts for the “whole” of a person’s life. Permanent life insurance has a cash value that accumulates over the period of the life of the policy. The cash value may be borrowed by the owner of the policy, or paid to the owner if the policy is surrendered.

Life insurance planning takes into account the unique features of both term and permanent life insurance, and the Freedom Life Insurance Company works with clients in the implementation of both types of policies.

For example young families need lots of coverage but they normally are not able to spend lots of money for high premiums. So it is logical for a family in this situation to buy a lot of term in case the breadwinner, or breadwinners were to die prematurely.

On the other hand an older person may wish to have a permanent policy to be available for final expenses and retirement by using the cash value.

In business situations, permanent life insurance is more often used to fund key man policies, deferred compensation, partnership buy and sell arrangements, and corporate buyout plans. The cash values of permanent policies become an asset of the company and can be used for short-term cash needs, and then replaced.

For example in a deferred compensation plan the business strikes an agreement with a key employee that if he dies, a certain amount will be paid to his estate or beneficiary of choice. When he retires, then he will get a certain income for life. All of this is funded with a permanent life insurance policy. The Freedom Life Insurance Company is there to help make all of the arrangements. Read more about Freedom Life Insurance at

Advocating For Workers – Jim Larking

As history keeps writing itself, people that contributed to some social change and betterment of the world live on. One of those people is James Larkin.

Born in 1876, he lived a part of his life in the 19th, and a part of his life in the 20th century. He made it his life purpose to help workers like him obtain some basic human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Larkin was a socialist who was not stranger to work himself. He did numerous manual jobs in Liverpool docks, and his political views got him spotted fairly early in his career. As an advocate for an eight-hour work day, pensions for workers over 60 years of age, and provisions for the unemployed workers, he founded his own Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

His union endeavors soon escalated to series of strikes which he led through his Irish Labour Party, formed between him and James Connolly. One of their most significant strikes dates back to 1913 and is known as the 1913 Dublin Lockout.

It was a long battle stretched over the course of seven months, and more than a 100,000 of workers took part in it. Ultimately, Larkin won this fight.

He was an opponent of the World War I, but he was a proponent of the United States where he travelled in the 1914. Strong-minded ideology eventually led him to prison on charges of criminal anarchy and communism. Although he was pardoned, Jim Larkin spent three years prior to getting deported back to Ireland.

Upon return, he established a union that was more inclusive to the Irishman. Named Workers’ Union of Ireland, he managed to gain recognition from the Communist International, a leading organization promoting world-wide communism.

He also became a member of the Socialist Party of America, and the Industrial Workers o he World.

When it comes to his personal life, James Larkin married Elizabeth Brown in 1903, with whom he had four sons. To this day, Larkin remains one of the few individuals from the past that advocated a social change for the benefit of all. He helped workers get their rights and enjoy fairness.

He established some basic principles for all, which are even applicable today, such as the 8-hour work day and a pension after a certain age. Larkin fought for his fellow workers and his passion enabled him to win many fights throughout his life.