Sheldon Lavin Diligently Serves as the CEO of OSI Group

For an organization to prosper accordingly, good governance matters a lot. Well, one organization that has benefited from proper leadership is OSI Group. As for OSI Group, this is an organization that has earned a positive reputation as a global leader in the food processing sector. Far from that, it is good to applaud the efforts of Sheldon Lavin who has been the CEO of OSI Group for four decades in counting.

Background Information

As much as the OSI group is currently operating globally, the organization was once a butcher shop that was under the management of Otto Kolschowsky. Well, Otto Kolschowsky was once a German immigrant who settled in America. Otto was just one among many more immigrants who settled in Chicago, Illinois. The population of the immigrants led to the formation of a new community in Chicago. Since the community was eventually coping with the new environment, Otto carried out a pilot study and saw it fit to engage in the meat industry.

Otto opened up a butcher shop, and with time the business was growing exponentially. After some time, Otto even established a branch to his shop in Maywood. Since Otto had two sons, he saw it fit to work with them thereby turning his business into a family enterprise. The sons of Otto were able to grasp the many basics within the food processing industry, and with time, they were fit enough to carry on by themselves.

Additional Information

When Otto decided to work hand in hand with his sons, he rebranded the business to Otto & Sons. Under the leadership of his two sons, the organization was prospering accordingly. Nevertheless, since the company was the major supplier of meat products to the McDonald’s restaurant, they had to expand by building more food processing plants among other things. The expansion was mandatory since the McDonald’s entity was developing fast and Otto & Sons had to meet the enormous demand for meat products.


There came a time that Otto & Sons were in need of finances that would help them to complete the construction of a particular food processing plant that would serve the McDonald’s restaurant. Well, in this time of need, Sheldon Lavin came to the aid of Otto & Sons. Since Sheldon Lavin was well knowledgeable about finance, his assistance came in handy since Otto & Sons were able to access the funds that they needed. All these occurrences took place in the 1970’s, and Sheldon Lavin eventually got appointed as the CEO of the company since the sons of Otto Kolschowsky were fast approaching their retirement age. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the organization came to be known as OSI Group.

Roseann Bennett Discusses The Need For Mental Health Awareness

In the area of getting help with your problems it is always good to consider the benefits of a therapist. It does not matter if you are having issues with your marriage or your family. Sometimes it can be issues with your own daily routine. You may not see the value in life and it may get you to a point where you are depressed.


Roseann Bennett is the Co-Founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment in New Jersey, and she has published multiple articles just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month. Roseann Bennett is graduate of Seton Hall. Roseann Bennett knows about treating people for depression, and she realizes how a lot of this goes without being treated.


Roseann Bennett knows a lot about therapy and the need for counseling when it comes to marriage, depression, bipolar disorders and suicidal thoughts. All of these are things that many people tend to take lightly because they do not know just how much these things can cause destructive behaviors. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


There are a ton of couples that find themselves separated or divorced just because they never considered the benefit of talking with a therapist. There are so many people that have compromised their jobs and their relationships with their family members because they refused to seek help for their depression. Some of these are issues that require medication. Roseann Bennett knows this, but people that are not aware of these things will find themselves struggling to bypass the things that give them the most grief. View Source:


If you know that you are dealing with things like depression you cannot just let these issues keep you down. You have to do something to change the course of your life. You have to reach out to someone that can help you because there are clearly going to be times where you may not be able to help yourself. If you cannot get out of the rut that you are in it is time to put pride aside and look for the benefits of someone that can give you the path to a better life.


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