Lip Balm Becomes Stylish With EOS

The founders of the Evolution of Smooth, EOS, lip balm brand have recently stated they believe the industry had become stagnant and complacent when they amde the decision to enter this oral care sector in 2009, according to Fast Company. EOS co-founder Sanjiv Mehra explains the staid design options provided by the “Chapstick” brand are a good example of how lowered costs had become the major driving force behind decisions made by former leaders in the industry, see to learn more.


After entering the market in 2009, EOS has made the leap to the second position in the oral care industry as the company has looked to create a range of organic and natural products that are both ecologically friendly and impressively designed. The arrival of EOS on the market has made the company a major driving force in both the oral care and fashion stakes as the founders of the company made the decision to create a stylish round packaging design that would attract younger people to the brand.


Instead of sticking to the basic tube design, the leaders of EOS worked with experienced product designers to create a new design that became a fashion accessory for many leading fashionista’s and seen this lip balm take its place in the pages of many top fashion magazines. The impressive design features of EOS include every aspect of the pot becoming an important part of the overall design down to reassuring snap when the lid is pushed into place. Hop over this video on


The forward thinking nature of the brand saw fashion bloggers and editors targeted with samples for EOS range was first released and has continued with social media platforms becoming a major part of the marketing of the company. Targeting Millennial consumers has seen EOS build an Online presence with over seven million Facebook followers and almost two million followers on Instagram.


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