Victoria Dorumus: How to Capitalize on Consumer Trends

The modern consumer is exceptionally sophisticated, and it is harder to sell an idea to them. However, with the right approach, selling a product, service or an idea to them is not a farfetched idea. One of the people that are redefining means to reach to the modern consumer is Victoria Dorumus. She has not only been part of the advertising world, but she is also passionate about effective ways of advertising. As one if the industry players, Victoria Dorumus is passionate about many aspects about the consumer. She is interested in how this modern consumer is responsive to trends, quality, and most importantly branding. With this information, she can design a better strategy to reinforce what exists in a company’s marketing and branding.

One of the key areas, which she is passionate about as an expert, is studying trends and designing ways to capitalize on these trends. It is important to note that Victoria Dorumus has been passionate about trends since she graduated. This passion has always given her approach to trends authenticity, which according to her clients is essential. According to her, the future belongs to creatives who will understand how to sail through the world of trends and know what works and what does not work. Her approach to studying trends is always on the consumer perspective, and the perspective helps Victoria Dorumus to understand what the average consumer expects from the service providers.

In the course of working with clients in this competitive niche, she has been able to work with some of the fastest growing brands in the world of lifestyle and fashion. She is synonymous with the work she did with the famous Creative Artists Agency, J.Crew and Stila. These brands have the best approach to doing business, and it is impressive to note that she helped them expand their market, just by studying trends. A better understanding of trends gave Victoria Dorumus a chance to transform a need for sales. The University of Colorado Boulder graduate, however, points out or a company to capitalize on trends, it must invest in its marketing strategy, which Victoria Dorumus is an expert.