The More Unique Blends that EOS Offers

EOS is one of the most innovative lip balm manufacturers out there. Not only have they developed a lip balm that is far superior to the competition in terms of using quality ingredients in a neat easy to use and sanitary sphere applicator that is like nothing else on the market, but they have also developed a wide range of lip balm flavors that stand out on shelves even today, after many of their competitors have been copying their business strategy. Read more cool articles here on

Partly, this innovative nature by EOS was part of their history as an outsider in the lip balm market. When EOS entered the market there were several well established competitors out there who controlled the distribution channels and had been in business for nearly a century. EOS had to enter this market with a unique product offering that was quite simply better than their competition, which they did with the strategy of high quality ingredients and unique flavors noted above. Check out this link for more details,

EOS has many flavors that are quite different from everything else on the market. One of my favorites is honeysuckle honeydew. This flavor has both fruit and floral flavor notes and both flavors are subdued and mild but make for a truly refreshing lip balm that doesn’t try to beat you over the head with its flavor. It is mellow and perfect to apply on a daily basis.

Another unique lip balm that EOS sells is vanilla mint. While vanilla and mint lip balms are common separate from one another, EOS combines them in a way that allows their flavors to compliment each other and provides a rich and unique application. Check over this lovely site.

Blueberry acai is yet another flavor that has stood out to me for its strong yet textured flavor. It has added vitamin E and works perfectly in the summertime with a rich and interesting flavor, see all products here on