Dispelling Myths and Negative Self-Esteem With Talkspace

Individuals that struggle with the neuropsychiatric bipolar disorder will more likely find it harder to create a solid relationship with friends, coworkers and loved ones. This is due to their internalized stigma to create complete isolation during an onset. The self-stigma occurs when the person absorbs all of the negative messages pertaining to their disorder and internalizes it. After this happens, it is quite common that they’ll feel overwhelmed with low self-esteem and find it daunting to do day-to-day activities or even converse with others. As the bipolar individual continues to put themselves down, overtime they will push others away accordingly.

The negative messages they might face are very inaccurate traits and misconceptions that society has brought to the mainstream. These bipolar disorder misconceptions are: being untrustworthy, extremely violent, manipulative, have uncontrollable rage, dangerous, being promiscuous and so forth. The negative self-talk will lead to a never ending cycle of depression and possible weight gain. By taking supplements to boosts dopamine levels you can break out of that cycle and start working out. Exercise is natural way to relieve these symptoms, even by doing a few minutes of exercise each day, your anxiety, depression and feelings of low self-worth will momentarily fade away because your body will now increase their serotonin levels.

Talkspace is a online and mobile psychotherapy hub where individuals can seek professional consultations and therapy with a licensed therapist from virtually anywhere. The company is based in New York City and was founded in 2012 by Roni Frank and Oren Frank.

Members from around the world can use their Android or iOS devices and have access to over 1,000 licensed and certified therapists through the company’s app. Talkspace has more than half a million active clients and their popular services cost less than traditional in-person therapy sessions.