Francisco Domenech: Biography

Franciso J. Domenech was born in Puerto Rico in 1978. Originally from San Juan, Domenech is one of the former Directors of the office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico. He served this position from 2005 until 2008.

Although born in Puerto Rico, Domenech spent a large part of his childhood and teenage years in Florida. Domenech has had a very diverse political career. He has been a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in the years 2004, 2008, 20012, and finally 2016. For over five years he was part of the Democratic National Committee where he represented Young Democrats of America. Visit Francisco Domenech at SlideShare.

From a political perspective, Domenech is a huge advocate of making Puerto Rico the 51st state of the United States of America. Domenech has his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and his Juris Doctor degree, both from the University of Puerto Rico.

Domenech has worked closely with many big named politicians. Most notably, he served on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He served as the Deputy Campaign Manager for Clinton’s Puerto Rican campaign. This campaign was incredibly successful, and poll numbers at the time revealed that Clinton was favored 61-37 there over her then adversary, Barrack Obama. Domenech also helped Clinton with her campaign trip to Puerto Rico in 2016 before the election.

In 2016, Domenech was part of a very special political campaign. He managed the campaign of Jennifer Gonzalez, the youngest person and first woman to serve as the Resident commissioner.

Domenech is incredibly involved in a variety of philanthropic endeavors as well. Some of these causes include the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, The Clinton Foundation, the Museo de Arte de ponce, and the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, among others. He is also involved in the TASIS Dorado Scholarship fund as well as the The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. Check:


Brazil Home of Lawyers- Ricardo Tosto

Brazil is known to be a country of lawyers, this is because of the number of law schools established in the country. According to records established in 2010, Brazil was named among the third county in the world with the largest number of lawyers, the second one being the United States and the first one was India. On the contrary, Brazilians do not love law and not all they want to be lawyers, but because of the number of law schools in the country after high School students have to go to pursue law as a professional. It is estimated that the number of law schools in Brazil is many as compared to the number of law schools in the world all combined.

With the numerous lawyers and the legal institutions in the country does not mean that Brazil has the best lawyers in the world. The quality of their lawyers is not up to standard. The Brazilian Bar examination has only registered 800000 lawyers. According to statistics if all the students who attend law school in Brazil are qualified and registered by the Brazilian Bar, the number would be higher and about 3 million lawyers. It is evident that there are too many law courses in the country which are not recommended and are not the best.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most respected legal minds in Brazil. He is considered to a leader and a planner in the countries legal industry. Mr. Tosto had a humble beginning; he began his practice as an attorney in a small office which has later expanded to be one of the biggest law firms in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto specializes in litigation law.

Ricardo Tosto is a respected attorney who during his career as a lawyer has successfully defended top organizations as well as high profile personalities. He has not only defended the top personalities but he has been a source of legal advice to firms, government, politicians, multinationals, as well as corporations. In Brazil, Mr. Tosto has been a leader in the legal industry, and a mentor to other young attorneys who have served as interns in his law firm.


Philly’s Don’t Ask About Previous Employment Salary Law Is Back On The Books But For How Long Asks Attorney Karl Heideck?

A new law passed by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny that forbids employers from asking possible future employees about their salary histories was thrown out May 31st because the plaintiffs didn’t have proper standing, according to a story in

However, the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia has filed leave to amend the complaint which means the suit could be placed back onto the docket, according to attorney Karl Heideck, an attorney who specializes in risk management and compliance services for employers. The City of Philadelphia won’t enforce the bill until the lawsuit has been dismissed, or if the Chamber of Commerce files a successful amended complaint within the next month or so. Critics of the ordinance have called it burdensome and unconstitutional.

What Philly’s New Wage Equity Bill Does

The bill has some noble intentions and its thought that the ordinance could close the wage gap between men and women in Pennsylvania workplaces, according to Heideck’s reading of statements made by the Society for Human Resource Management. The bill itself would prohibit several things including:

Prohibits using any independently acquired job candidate salary data without that individual’s knowledge.
Prohibits directly asking job applicants to share their previous salaries.
Prohibits mandating that potential prospects reveal their salary history.
Prohibits punishing or retaliating against job candidates who decline to disclose salary details.

And there’s a significant fine, or an employer could pay $2000 per instance or violation of the law.

Meanwhile, Karl Heideck argues that employers should prepare to actually abide by the new ordinance if it ever comes into force and should consult a compliance attorney to best navigate the new legal landscape.

About Karl Heideck

Attorney Karl Heideck specializes in risk management and compliance services. Heideck also publishes a WordPress blog called “Inside the Mind of Karl Heideck”.

Karl Heideck, who earned his law degree from James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University, also has a long and distinguished career as a lawyer. Karl works to serve all Pennsylvanians from his base of operations in Jenkintown, PA.

Ricardo Tosto as Brazil’s Legend in Law

Brazil alone has over 940,000 registered lawyers, some in the private law firms, and others operating as individual advocates. The legal system in Brazil is controlled by the federal constitution that came into play in 1988. In the Latin America, the superior court justice and the Supreme Court are critical in the system. The Supreme Court focuses on the mandate of the federal constitution and ensures it remains effective. It also makes decisions on appeals brought forth with allegations of federal law violations.

A fully pledged lawyer can lawfully defend a client at any level. More so, being an attorney in Brazil is viewed as a sensitive profession, especially because the legal system can be difficult to navigate, and few lawyers fight claims successfully. With the complexity of the law, it is highly vital to identify a reputable attorney with the qualities of a reliable professional. Here, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is recognized as a leading litigator in the industry and has been entrusted with many legal cases.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo is a popular attorney in corporate business law both locally and internationally. He has practiced litigation for more than 15 years and is highly recommended in Latin America. He is also a member of International Bar Association and has rendered high-profile legal solutions aiming for the best outcome. As a result of offering legal counsel and representing big players such as large organizations, investors and entrepreneurs and winning against other top attorneys, he has received a lot of coverage and trust.

Some of his most successful areas are bankruptcy, credit recovery, and drafting bank agreements. Ricardo Tosto’s firm specializes in business law, offering comprehensive legal representation for different sectors. Mr. Tosto is recognized as one of the pioneers in top class legal mechanisms adoption that have so far been used in the Brazilian community of law. The duties Tosto carries out in his firm are to oversee the most critical cases, offer innovative strategies for his firm, and leadership. If you need an elite law firm, Tosto e Barros Advogados may be all you need for a successful litigation click here for info.