The Growth and Expansion of IAP Worldwide Services since Its First Contractual Agreement with the US Army in 1990

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command in the Pacific, Pearl Harbor, and Hawaii, entered into a contract agreement with IAP, and four other companies in 2016. The contract, global contingency support multiple award contract, is an effort towards providing the Navy with facility support services in all their camps across the world.

The IAP Worldwide will be responsible for servicing the camps with humanitarian services in cases of natural disasters, the full packaging of military actions, and other mandatory services. The contract worth $900 million has a term of eight years. The CEO and Director of IAP Worldwide Services commented that the company is dedicated to maintaining a high standard and professionalism in providing satisfactory services to clients.

IAP Worldwide also won another bid to support the United States defense forces by signing a contract with the US Army. The agreement requires IAP to provide the army with a Distributed Common Ground System in all its locations across the world. The services provided will include integrated logistics, training, and fielding.

The DCG system is the primary system the Army utilizes to post information, process data, distribute intelligence, perform surveillance, and process environmental data on weather and the terrain of a location. The $53 million-worth contract will include hardware systems engineering, hardware certification, networking and warehouse operations.

IAP Worldwide began operating in 1990 after signing a contract to provide generator supplies to the US Army deployed to Saudi Arabia. It then grew into having a partnership with the US Army and providing vital support during Operation Desert Storm.

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In 2004, IAP earned its first contract with the government, of $307 million. IAP expanded its business by acquiring JCWS and Readiness Management Support in 2004, to form the now IAP Worldwide Services.

In 2006, it opened offices in the United Kingdom after buying G3 Systems Limited. The acquisition added to the services and products provided by IAP. G3 Systems specialized in servicing clients with solutions fitting both modular and fixed systems.

To date, IAP Worldwide specializes in providing global operations services such as emergency response support. It also offers professional and technical services like networks and communication, and base operations support services.

IAP has regional offices in over 25 countries and an employee capacity of 2500 in a count. The firm meets the demands of all its clients by deploying its staff, technology and the program management required, to the locations needing their services.

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