George Soros and His Awesome Philanthropic Mission

George Soros is a great world Philanthropist. In fact, he happens to be the leader in the sector. He is the only person known to have donated $32 billion as donations. He forwards his donations through the famous open society foundation and they have been able to extend to all parts of the world. He also happens to have founded Central European Foundation in the Hungary. The institution offers courses related to social sciences and has never given up on his mission.

George Soros who happens to be the leader of Open Society Foundations has been able to support organizations and also individuals across the whole world. He has been able to commit his skills and expertise towards the establishment of better world governance. Equality and justice are his key points in development. Other activities are fighting for accountable governments, freedom of expression and many others. He has always committed his resources towards making the world a beer place. The fund has also been able to support many children from poor backgrounds access university education. He does not discriminate and has even sponsored so many Africans pursue social sciences. He has passion and love for his fellow mankind. His love for them is inseparable and has always been committed to success.

George Soros has also been at the forefront helping those people who are always mistreated for who they are. He has committed his life and skills their betterment and recognition. He has been able to penetrate to Europe to help those people and also other people who suffer a lot in the community. His mission has always been to help them feel that they also have a right to belong to their country. Some of the other groups that he supports include drugs users, LGBTI people, sex workers and many other groups.

George Soros became a philanthropist and a fight for good governance because of what he underwent through while he was young. He was able to face a lot of difficulties in his early life as a young boy. The 1930 born, was raised in Hungary. He is some of those few people who have seen people being killed because of their beliefs. It was at a time when the Nazi Germany had invaded Hungary and so many people who were Jews were being mistreated a lot. His father who happened to be a lawyer was the one who offered solutions so that he could save his family against those illnesses. At first, he was able to change the documents that said that they were Jews and they started pretending to be Christians. That way, Soros was able to go back to school. Jewish children were denied their rights and were being sent to the Jewish council. In 1944, Budapest Siege erupted and they started a house to house operation killing all the jews. His father had false identification documents that covered their identity and they were not touched. That was the greatest of all wars whereby over 500,000 Hungarian Jews were killed. They spared no one and to know more click here