Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter operator that is based in California. This educational concept has gained popularity nationally due to its high test scores and blended-learning approach. It tries to blend traditional learning with computer-assisted and online instructions. This approach has been able to put administrative costs down.

In the same vein, it is also a nonprofit network of public charter schools that are working with many players in the education sector which include community organizations, parents, and educators. This educational concept is aimed at creating an ecosystem of public schools that offer quality education to students from low-income families. It also incorporates English language learners whose career objective is to join colleges.

The system that was launched in 2007 has seen a rapid expansion of 25 new high performing public charter schools. The concept has enabled English language learners and students from low-income households to gain more than a month extra learning for maths and reading each year they attend school. It offers students a personalized learning platform that improves the students’ chances of attaining the college education. Something unique about Rocketship education is the fact that, in some instances, parents are allowed to choose which teachers will be hired before actual classes begin. Parents are known to participate in job interviews for teachers at the charter schools.

This is is a concept that incorporates various sectors towards the achievement of quality education for the students. The Founder and Chief Executive of Rocketship, Preston Smith, has been encouraging parent participation which has led to a learning style that is more accommodative and integrative. The Rocketship education has been able to give a choice to children who are disadvantaged due to poverty.

It has been able to open up avenues for them to develop their educational capabilities and carve out a career for themselves. It does this by offering them a nurturing environment that helps to give them a bright future. This is an educational concept that is fast spreading through the United States of America due to its positive impact in the community. It is a system that not only offers hope to disadvantaged children but also gives them a future.