Rebel Wilson and How She Flips The Script

At 39 years of age, Rebel Wilson has achieved the unthinkable in Hollywood.

From being typecast into “fat girl” roles in movies such as Bridesmaids, to being the star of her own movie in Isn’t It Romantic, the Aussie star has turned her career around for the better and astounded everyone who looked at plus sized actresses as nothing more than token casting choices.

Reaching this stature where Rebel Wilson can do that now had been anything but easy.

How Rebel Wilson Turned Her Career Around With Bold Choices

When you couple the shyness that Rebel Wilson experienced as a child with the typecasting that she had to face later in life, her struggles gets even more profound. Nonetheless, the Pitch Perfect star took all of it in her stride and went on to make a life for herself in the line of work she wanted. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

It all started when Wilson’s mother took her to the local community acting classes in order to help her work through her shyness issues. As a young child, the Bridesmaids star was nothing short of a wallflower, which is why her family wanted her to gain some self-confidence.

Gaining that much needed confidence was anything but easy. Rebel Wilson did not only have to go through the acting classes, but also enroll into debate competitions as well as volunteer programs for charity purposes. This was all to help her gain her confidence and become someone who was able to speak in front of people without breaking a sweat.

Slowly but certainly, Rebel Wilson started to gain the confidence she had wanted. That led her to join initiatives such as the Australia’s Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program. Through that program, Wilson visited South Africa only to fall ill with malaria.

But that malaria was a Godsend for Wilson, who during the fever, hallucinated about winning an Oscar.

From there, Rebel Wilson knew that she wanted to be an actor.

And after that, the Isn’t It Romantic star did not stop at all. From the University of New South Wales to the Australian Theater of Young People, she obtained formal education in acting. But even that only got her the “fat girl” roles, which is where she modified her thinking process.

“I thought, fat is funny, in a weird way. Or even in a scientific way.” Rebel Wilson told the New York Times. “People find it easier to laugh at bigger girls. And I thought, that’s going to be my game plan.”

And through that game plan, Rebel Wilson won roles in movies such as Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, only to go on to star in movies such as How to Be Single, Isn’t It Romantic, as well as the upcoming The Hustle and Cats. She proved to the world that if you have a “game plan”, then you can change anything you set your mind towards.

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