An Insight on Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan is an established architect and also an interior designer. He is the owner and founder of the Richard Mishaan Design which is based in New York City, United States. Richard Mishaan is a company that specializes in personalized interior designs and architecture. Richard is known for redesigning of the presidential suits at the St. Regis Hotel. His company has earned a reputation for its distinct and unique touch by putting together different electric decors and furnishings from different periods and styles that harmonizes sculptures and objects and ends up making homes exquisite and beautiful. Richard Mishaan has earned a reputation as an interior designer who is pocket-friendly, reliable and efficient.

For the last 25 years, Richard Mishaan has been creating timeless and artistic interiors for residential, commercial and hospitality clients. His company Richard Design Company has been nominated by the Elle Décor A-List and also the AD 100. The leadership skills and experience of Richard Mishaan has led Richard Mishaan Company to register a lot of success and growth since its inception. Richard attributes the success that he has earned as an architecture and interior design to his education background, Discipline and passion. He has been serving as a mentor and role model to upcoming individuals who aspire to join his field of work.

Richard Mishaan was born and brought up in Cartagena, Colombia and was always passionate about interior designing ever since he was young. His career journey started while still studying at the Columbia University of Architecture at the Philip Johnson Offices. He attended the New York University for his BA. A gifted mix master, Richard is also an art collector. In order to have a deeper understanding when it comes to luxury and quality, Richard Mishaan puts together his knowledge of fashions, architecture and interior designing.