Dr. Mark McKenna’s Valuable Combination of Medicine and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Mark McKenna attended the Tulane Medical School where he acquired his degree. Immediately Mark finalized his studies; he entered into the corporate world aiming to succeed. Mark commenced his profession as real estate executive and later shifted back to medicine. Dr. McKenna’s entry into the medical industry began with the augmenting of ShapeMed, which was recognized for providing various cosmetic treatments including Botox injections and weight counselling. In 2015, Dr. Mark McKenna sold the venture to Lifetime Fitness where he served as the company’s staff before quitting. Now, Dr. McKenna is working on his latest venture known as OVME with the aim of incorporating numerous national cosmetic offices with an excellent application. Nevertheless, besides being operational in the healthcare segment, Mark values business for a couple of reasons.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s interview with Susan Adams demonstrates his zeal to dominate the corporate world. Mark postulates that his passion for business began when he was in medical school. Dr. Mark McKenna started purchasing his real estate while still in the institution. Mr. McKenna’s source of buying the real estate was his physical activities in prisons. He performed physicals on the prisoners for $50 hourly raising his investment finances. Additionally, he associated with his father for a half a decade to manage his real estate operations. According to Mark, he experienced tremendous success while in the real estate industry given that he earned approximately $500,000 annually. Moreover, his worth at that time was approximated between $4 and $5 million.

Despite his previous achievements, Dr. Mark McKenna is working towards achieving further success in his lifetime. OVME is his recent creation situated around Buckhead location. Mark postulates that OVME will feature attractive and luxurious treatment rooms and a secluded consultation room. ForDr. Mark McKenna, OVME is a unique product focusing on the combination of medical aesthetics alongside technology. Additionally, Mark intends to aid the residents of Atlanta through helping them in the realization of their individual selves. Throughout his professional life, Mark McKenna has gained popularity from his patients. The reason behind this is McKenna’s advocating for them while implementing minimal invasive procedures. OVME will provide exclusive services including Botox curing and testosterone replacement therapy.


Dr. Rod Rohrich and Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a medical doctor and an eminent professor who has high recognition both at home and abroad for his great contributions to the world of reconstructive and plastic surgery. He also has a wide reputation in his education, aging, facial aesthetics as well as his work in the rhinoplasty.

Rod Rohrich is the holder of the of the renowned charity crystal ball in the field of plastic surgery. He is also currently holding the Warren and Betty Woodward chairperson in reconstructive and plastic surgery. Professor Dr. Rod is the recipient of the Rod J Rohrich M.D of the distinguished professorship in plastic surgery as well as wound healing. Professor is the current chief editor of the Reconstructive and Plastic surgery of the American Medical Journal. Rohrich is also certified by the Plastic Board Surgery of America.

Dr. Rod was born and raised in the remote areas of Zeeland and had his undergraduate education completed with first class honors in both undergraduate and graduate studies at the University Of North Dakota. Rohrich decided to go and receive his medical degree from the College of Baylor and graduated as well with a first class honors.

Nowadays cosmetic surgery on plasticsurgery.org is full blown unlike in the past days it was hidden only to the major celebrities as well as the wealthy socialites. Cosmetic surgery ranges from the zapping Botox, full blown facelifts all the way to breast implants. This is a new industry and is not yet neutral as many novice entrepreneurs will likely cause disruption.

This industry nowadays is for all that are willing ad quite accessible to many people. In the past years, it has become mainstream, and we thank the TV shows like the Extreme Makeover for shedding enough light on the topic for the general mass as well as the informative ads that promote anti-aging products in cosmetics.

Dr. Gary Breslow is a plastic surgeon who came up with the online platform that links the plastic surgeons with patients to provide solutions online in a more efficient way to and provide consultation through online forums like chatting. This is a very wonderful invention that brings about telemedicine and HealthTap where doctors provide medical advice. Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/07/business/smallbusiness/cosmetic-surgery-thats-just-a-click-away.html?_r=1