DonataMeirelles Visits Prada Sao Paulo

In the next episode of Vogue’s QueroJá, DonataMeirelles was able to visit the Prada boutique in Sao Paulo, Brazil where she showed all the accessories and clothes of the pre-fall collection of the Italian label. For further information about Prada, the brand is owned by Miuccia Prada and is known for its minimalist, sophisticated, and intellectual style. The brand has a contemporary and provocative style that has succeeded in creating its own unique trends, revolutionizing style, and becoming part of the high-end fashion brands that we know in our society today. It exudes the true meaning of cutting-edge style ever since 1913. Prada has been producing accessories, bags, eyewear, clothes, and more for more than a century now and Donata simply admires how Miuccia was able to create and influence the world through her creative ideas and fabrics.

The style director of Vogue Brazil was able to witness how the Italian brand was able to produce seasonal trends. According to her, the brand has the power to merge image, structure, and concept through its own style that has the ability to go beyond trends. Miuccia Prada produces clothes and products that translate concepts into an intellectual universe that already became a benchmark for every man and woman who would want to change the norm and focus on their own self-expression when it comes to personal style. DonataMeirelles stated that Prada has a method that is very innovative, the brand draws inspiration by thoroughly and at the same time irregularly analyzing the society and this how their statement is born and it is based from the examination that is far from fashion such as photography, film, and art. This method helps Prada in building products that interpret reality from a different point of view, from their own perspectives that are unusual.

DonataMeirelles deeply understood why Prada is considered one of the most recognized brands in the industry of luxury and fashion. It has been considered as a prestigious brand that has been notable around the world because of its iconic trademarks such as their signature logo that has been a classic in the history of the brand, particularly in their nylon bags. Prada continuously represents the sophisticated and uncompromising quality and style of the Italian tradition and culture. It continues to redefine the norm by setting its own trends every single year because of its unique approach to craftsmanship, innovation, quality materials, and style.

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