Opponents of George Soros Promote Crazy Conspiracy Theories

George Soros has endured more than his fair share of limelight for his progressive agenda and contributions to the fight for basic human rights around the world. He has accumulated an impressive number of political opponents who have furthered various outlandish George Soros conspiracy theories. The George Soros Wikileaks dump involved the release of quite a few email chains including Soros in which he made various comments about the work of his charitable foundation, the Open Societies Foundation. With the most recent George Soros Wikileaks dump, there has been even more attempts to tie George Soros to all types of underhanded political movements around the world. His detractors have latched onto George Soros emails that were subject of the latest hack job by a Russian perpetrator to try to prove the George Soros conspiracy that he is involved in undermining regimes all over the globe.

Some of the more ludicrous accusations about Soros is that he was exacerbating the refugee crisis in Europe as a way to punish certain European leaders and to try to topple established regimes. The reality is that George Soros“>George Soros has endured quite the experience as a refugee himself in fleeing the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. Form these harsh personal experiences, Soros learned the importance of looking out for refugees and finding a way for immigrants to have a place to live without fearing for their health or safety.

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Another thing that Soros has been heavily criticized for is his vocal opposition to Israel’s actions in its conflicts with Palestine. Even though Soros is Jewish, he has spoken out for years on the treatment of Palestinians by Israel. He has stated in numerous public venues that Israel is responsible for many human rights violations. For this perspective, some right-wing opponents of Soros have tried to paint a picture of him as being an anti-Semite. Soros has spent considerable time distinguishing his support for the Jewish community in general from his criticism of Israel’s political and military actions. This has attracted a considerable amount of negative attention from right-wing critics like Glenn Beck. They have even gone so far as to accuse Soros of having a role in the extermination of Jews in Hungary during World War II.

While there is absolutely no shred of actual evidence that Soros has taken a stance against Jewish people or ever contributed to their persecution, nothing has stopped right-wing political commentators from making wild accusations about Soros’ allegedly terrible intentions. In the meantime, Soros has continued his important work through the Open Societies Foundation in helping to fight oppressive regimes and make a stand for the importance of basic human rights in all different societies. Soros has refrained from attacking his opponents and has preferred to focus on making the most of his incredible wealth.

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