Article Title: Agera Energy On More Energy Efficient Spaces

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Most energy consumers in America are unaware that, according to NYC’s Agera Energy, using hot water accounts for nearly 18% of total energy use. There are many ways to create more energy efficient spaces, but Agera Energy knows that this is an easy one. Another easy way that Agera Energy recommends is by using energy efficient light bulbs such as LED’s. Switching to LED’s is a simple process which saves you money, reduces the risk of heated bulbs causing a fire, and also isn’t very costly.

But by far the coolest and most modern way to save on energy bills while helping the planet at the same time is by switching over to purely windmill-derived energy. Feeling guilt-free from sourcing your energy from non-renewable energy is something that the friendly employees at Agera Energy Company are ready to help you achieve and learn more about if you’re interested.

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Article Title: San Miguel Joins JD.COMs Global Fruit Strategic Alliance

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A top citrus company called San Miguel from North America has entered into an agreement with JD.COM, a leading e-commerce platform in China, to market fresh produce through JD’s e-commerce platform. The business relationship between the leading citrus company and the major retail platform in China has grown stronger in the wake of the agreement. JD.COM announced the launch of “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance” to promote the vegetable and fruit activity in China.

Many other leading fruit producers including Wonderful Citrus and Zespri have signed up with the cooperation agreement. The partnership confirmed that San Miguel is one of the leading companies in the world in the industry. The alliance also boosts San Miguel’s business development via e-commerce. San Miguel was advanced with an opportunity to expand its presence in China.

According to the General Marketing Manager of Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division, Wu Zhengzhi, the initiative’s mission is to reach the world as well as encourage consumers to eat healthier. Jingdong Fresh has made incredible progress in rolling out on a global scale. The senior executive also affirmed the company’s commitment to helping San Miguel to succeed in the Chinese market.

According to San Miguel’s Andres Haloua, the partnership has brought them closer to their customers. They are delivering better range of products to Chinese consumers through e-commerce. JD.COM brings great value to the table as it is highly experienced in the sector and therefore, it will help San Miguel to satisfy the needs of Chinese consumers. The initiative is a big deal for the company from North America because it confirms it as a leader in the industry and it indicates that customers have trust in the company’s products. The company is driven by innovation and development. It works around the clock to provide consumers high quality products through robust and many channels to satisfy the needs of markets. JD is a leading go-to shopping platform in China which started in 2004. The Beijing-based company has developed a robust infrastructural network and it is continuing expanding its presence in China. It looks to expand into the rest parts of the world with time.

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Talkspace – Benefits of Online Couple Counseling that No One Talks About

The couples who are facing problems in their relationship must not give up hope and sort out their differences with the help of professional therapy. Unfortunately, many people are unable to afford the high cost associated with traditional therapy, and it is during this time they must look for an affordable alternative. Talkspace is the answer to your prayers as it offers couple therapy at a much lesser cost, and the best part is that you do not have to travel anywhere. Consult with the therapist right from your couch at home or from your office in your free time. Depending on the package you have chosen, you would be able to contact the therapist a couple of times a day and get quick responses. Read more about the organization of Talkspace at

Talkspace has helped thousands of couples who were going through a rough time in their relationship to sort out their differences and find a positive resolve. It is a time-consuming affair for sure, but if you are willing to work hard with the therapist, rest assured you would get the answers you are looking for. Talkspace has more than three thousands therapists attached to it, offering a wide variety of counseling solution for mental health issues as well as marriage issues. Talkspace understands that people today are unable to take out time from their hectic professional life to go to a therapist and spend hundreds of dollars over it. Talkspace has provided people with a simple and easy to follow solution to people looking for couple therapy, and it has worked like magic on people who have tried it. There is no reason why it shouldn’t give you a similar result as well, but the question is, are you willing to take that first step and register at Talkspace today?

Talkspace allow couples to pick an online counselor together. In face-to-face counseling, most couples pick a therapist that takes the side of one person over the other. In online counseling, couples get to speak to their therapists before they can choose the one that would be objective in her or his approach. Another added benefit is that couples can switch to a new counselor if they feel that their present one is not been able to help them out without having to worry about money.


Article Title: Jingdong’s Richard Liu Qiangdong Explains How His Company Is Becoming Socially And Environmentally Sustainable

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The changing nature of retail is driven by technological advancements. These have created a modern shopping environment that is swift and streamlined. Retailers compete against one another to introduce innovation and stay one step ahead of their competitors. This had led to a number of issues, though, such as the rise of automation leading to lost jobs and the environment being negatively impacted in a big way.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of Jingdong. He started this company after starting a restaurant, which failed but provided some great lessons in business, and then selling health products. He started his own retail store in 1998 which was located in Beijing. While he grew this into several stores he had to change his approach in the aftermath of the SARS epidemic.

Richard Liu shifted his company to being an e-commerce venture that focused on electronics. This has now grown into the largest retailer in China was a market cap of about USD $44 billion. His company sells products from virtually every category and has over 300 million users.

He says that he and his management team are well aware of the negatives of the modern retail environment and they are hard at work creating a business that is both socially and environmentally sustainable. Richard Liu Qiangdong has made sure that his company helps people achieve upward mobility and supports local economies.

One way Richard Liu has helped people is by hiring people from the poorest rural areas of China. Jingdong has hired over 25,000 people from these areas and helped them achieve financial independence. His company can also deliver products, using drones, to these areas which no other company had achieved. People have access to goods that they never could have obtained before.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is also limiting the impact that his company’s business activities have on the environment, including limiting the amount of carbon emissions it produces. One way he has done so is by deploying over 5,000 green vehicles throughout China to deliver products. These vehicles are powered by all-electric, hybrid, or hydrogen-powered engines. He plans to have Jingdong’s entire fleet powered in this way by the end of 2021.

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Article Title: Reliable Consumer Trust Is Key

Article Text: is currently itemized as a Fortune 500 company, representing the corporation as the first Chinese Internet-based commerce to achieve the monumental feat.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s considerable success as a top business leader has substantially contributed to China making a name for itself within the e-commerce industry. Before, China’s peculiar views on retail were restricted to in-person trades and consumer shopping. Richard Liu’s critical decision to radically transform Jingdong Multimedia from a modest set of storefront shops, into a multi-sector corporation inevitably influenced China’s national consumer behavior.

Richard Liu indicates precisely that has achieved much economic success since its ultimate conception. Saying more significantly that places considerable focus on generating long-term business through ensuring reliable consumer trust. All goods are carefully verified for quality and authenticity before there are represented by and passed along to the consumers. stands behind its best organic products and civil services.

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Article Title: Agera Energy Retail Energy Company Article

Agera Energy retail energy company has over 700,000 industrial and commercial accounts and a high-growing number of residential clients. The Agera Energy business is very hands-on and is close by if ever anyone needs any help. Agera Energy’s average revenue per Kilowatt-hour of electricity is found by simply dividing the total monthly revenue by the corresponding total mothly sales for each individual sector and structural location. Agera helps customers by powering homes and businesses around the world one home and business at a time. Agera Energy is here to help many who want lower energy solution prices and better retail energy products and plans for their homes or businesses. Through many humanitarian work efforts by providing clothing drives and food for those struggling, Agera Energy has been able to help many who cannot afford much. The retail energy company has a helpful and friendly customer service staff and offer intelligent plans for people who would like to find better and budget-friendly electricity and natural gas plans. Click here to learn more


Agera Energy Is Dominating In Their Trade: Here’s Why

Retail energy supplier, Agera Energy, offers guidance, protection, and change in an otherwise saturated marketplace. Thriving at the intersection of innovation and reliability, Agera Energy seeks to be the new standard for industry excellence. Since opening its doors five years ago, Agera Energy has undoubtedly made its mark. Upon its inception, Agera Energy had hopes of expanding on their operations early on. They did so by acquiring numerous large organizations.

From there, they drove their direct sales team into the marketplace, subsequently gaining a renowned reputation. Given Agera Energy’s vast success, it comes as no surprise that they’ve amassed a large following. To date, they serve 1.8 million homes and businesses. Agera Energy employees are particularly proud of the progress the company’s made. According to staffers, Agera Energy is wholly deserving of the success it’s acquired.

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