EOS Lip Balms Taste Delicious and Feel Great

A soothing lip balm that tastes good will always be in great demand, but when a USDA certified organic lip balm comes along that’s offered in a range of amazing flavors, you know that’s a brand that’s going to be a sure fire hit. EOS “Evolution of Smooth” is a lip balm that goes on smooth and offers extra healing properties to the lips. These balms also taste incredible, which is why so many customers keep reaching for these amazingly delicious lip balm spheres. More interesting facts at frenchtribune.com

EOS lip balm spheres are extra special, because they’re jam-packed with healthy ingredients like smooth, soothing shea butter, jojoba oil and a dose of antioxidant rich vitamin E. This wonderful little balm spheres roll on easy, keeping the lips feeling moist and fresh and smooth, all the while tasting great.

The delicious flavors of EOS lip balms are quite amazing, with a wide range of tastes to choose from. Sweet Mint lip balm comes in a cool mint green sphere, and rolls on easy to lay on a sprightly taste that has a deliciously refreshing flavor. Blueberry Acai flavored balm comes in a cute blueberry blue sphere, and comes with a 95 % organic taste that’s just as refreshing as the bite of fresh berries. See also youtube.com.

Other delicious flavors include juicy Pomegranate Raspberry in a deep red sphere, and Summer Fruit (with the delicious tastes of peach, strawberry and blueberry) in a strawberry red sphere.

All the lip balms from EOS go on smooth and stay on with flavor to spare. So don’t let your lips get dry and broken, reach for some tasty EOS lip balm today.

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