Organo Gold – Beating Other Coffee Brands Due to its Excellent Flavors

Organo has emerged as one of the largest network marketing companies in the world in recent times and is most popular due to its star product named Organo Gold coffee. The reason why Organo Gold coffee is a favorite coffee brand of millions of people across the globe is that it helps with weight loss. Not many coffee brands out there can boast about the fact that it aids with weight loss, but Organo Gold does not only help with weight loss but would also improve the strengthening of your immune system. Many people also have coffee early morning because it helps them focus and stay alert throughout the day. Organo Gold allows people to start their day with excellently flavored coffee whose taste they will remember the entire day.

Organo Gold is a coffee brand that has achieved massive success in the last few years due to the relentless efforts made by its hundred and thousands of distributors spread across the globe. If you want to achieve financial freedom, you can become one of their distributors as well. As the demand for the company’s products has been increasing rapidly in the last few years, you can be sure that by becoming its distributor, you would achieve considerable success and financial freedom.

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Article Title: San Miguel Joins JD.COMs Global Fruit Strategic Alliance

Article Text:

A top citrus company called San Miguel from North America has entered into an agreement with JD.COM, a leading e-commerce platform in China, to market fresh produce through JD’s e-commerce platform. The business relationship between the leading citrus company and the major retail platform in China has grown stronger in the wake of the agreement. JD.COM announced the launch of “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance” to promote the vegetable and fruit activity in China.

Many other leading fruit producers including Wonderful Citrus and Zespri have signed up with the cooperation agreement. The partnership confirmed that San Miguel is one of the leading companies in the world in the industry. The alliance also boosts San Miguel’s business development via e-commerce. San Miguel was advanced with an opportunity to expand its presence in China.

According to the General Marketing Manager of Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division, Wu Zhengzhi, the initiative’s mission is to reach the world as well as encourage consumers to eat healthier. Jingdong Fresh has made incredible progress in rolling out on a global scale. The senior executive also affirmed the company’s commitment to helping San Miguel to succeed in the Chinese market.

According to San Miguel’s Andres Haloua, the partnership has brought them closer to their customers. They are delivering better range of products to Chinese consumers through e-commerce. JD.COM brings great value to the table as it is highly experienced in the sector and therefore, it will help San Miguel to satisfy the needs of Chinese consumers. The initiative is a big deal for the company from North America because it confirms it as a leader in the industry and it indicates that customers have trust in the company’s products. The company is driven by innovation and development. It works around the clock to provide consumers high quality products through robust and many channels to satisfy the needs of markets. JD is a leading go-to shopping platform in China which started in 2004. The Beijing-based company has developed a robust infrastructural network and it is continuing expanding its presence in China. It looks to expand into the rest parts of the world with time.

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Article Title: Jingdong’s Richard Liu Qiangdong Explains How His Company Is Becoming Socially And Environmentally Sustainable

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The changing nature of retail is driven by technological advancements. These have created a modern shopping environment that is swift and streamlined. Retailers compete against one another to introduce innovation and stay one step ahead of their competitors. This had led to a number of issues, though, such as the rise of automation leading to lost jobs and the environment being negatively impacted in a big way.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of Jingdong. He started this company after starting a restaurant, which failed but provided some great lessons in business, and then selling health products. He started his own retail store in 1998 which was located in Beijing. While he grew this into several stores he had to change his approach in the aftermath of the SARS epidemic.

Richard Liu shifted his company to being an e-commerce venture that focused on electronics. This has now grown into the largest retailer in China was a market cap of about USD $44 billion. His company sells products from virtually every category and has over 300 million users.

He says that he and his management team are well aware of the negatives of the modern retail environment and they are hard at work creating a business that is both socially and environmentally sustainable. Richard Liu Qiangdong has made sure that his company helps people achieve upward mobility and supports local economies.

One way Richard Liu has helped people is by hiring people from the poorest rural areas of China. Jingdong has hired over 25,000 people from these areas and helped them achieve financial independence. His company can also deliver products, using drones, to these areas which no other company had achieved. People have access to goods that they never could have obtained before.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is also limiting the impact that his company’s business activities have on the environment, including limiting the amount of carbon emissions it produces. One way he has done so is by deploying over 5,000 green vehicles throughout China to deliver products. These vehicles are powered by all-electric, hybrid, or hydrogen-powered engines. He plans to have Jingdong’s entire fleet powered in this way by the end of 2021.

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OSI Group Continues to Make Key Purchases That Allow It to Reach New Customers

OSI Group is an international food company that is headquartered in the United States. The company provides food to many different restaurant chains, supermarkets, and other food retailers. While this is true, many people have no idea they are eating food that comes from OSI more often than they would think. OSI works with companies from all over the world, and while it mainly focuses on protein items, it also offers vegetable products and sauces.

David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin are the two men who are mainly responsible for the company’s success. They have been the guiding force behind most of the company’s acquisitions. Recently, OSI Group purchased a controlling stake in Baho Food. The company owns subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany and will help OSI to grow its customer base in many different regions in Europe. OSI also acquired Flagship Europe in 2016, which is a company that offers up condiments, frozen poultry, and pies to its customers.

OSI Group has not only focused on its international growth over the years but has also worked to expand its operations in the United States. The company recently decided to purchase a plant that was being shut down by Tyson Foods. The plant is located in the south side of Chicago and had employed hundreds of people. OSI bought the plant for $7.4 million and offered many of the employees who were about to lose their jobs work with the company as soon as it got up and running.

OSI Group has been able to maintain a rate of growth that most companies cannot keep up with. The company has thrived during every kind of market that can be imagined and continues to stay on top of its business sector. David McDonald, the president of the company, has commented that the success of the company has been tied to its ability to engage with customers in every region that it operates in. People from different parts of the world have different tastes, and OSI has succeeded in pleasing all of its varied customers. The company plans on continuing to keep its personal touch while also making new improvements in the future.

Article Title: Reliable Consumer Trust Is Key

Article Text: is currently itemized as a Fortune 500 company, representing the corporation as the first Chinese Internet-based commerce to achieve the monumental feat.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s considerable success as a top business leader has substantially contributed to China making a name for itself within the e-commerce industry. Before, China’s peculiar views on retail were restricted to in-person trades and consumer shopping. Richard Liu’s critical decision to radically transform Jingdong Multimedia from a modest set of storefront shops, into a multi-sector corporation inevitably influenced China’s national consumer behavior.

Richard Liu indicates precisely that has achieved much economic success since its ultimate conception. Saying more significantly that places considerable focus on generating long-term business through ensuring reliable consumer trust. All goods are carefully verified for quality and authenticity before there are represented by and passed along to the consumers. stands behind its best organic products and civil services.

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Mike Nierenberg and His Rise to Success

Mike Nierenberg is a huge entrepreneur and a real estate investor. He is the current Managing Director at Fortress. As of this February 22nd, his net worth was over $16.5 million. He has over 60,000 units of residential investment. He worked in Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the managing director where he was in charge of all trading activities. He also worked for 14 years in a leadership position in Bear Stearns. He is also a former employee of JP Morgan and Lehman Brothers. Although he started a long time ago, his extensive experience has enabled him to get to the top.

While at Lehman Brothers, Mike Nierenberg took time to create flexible mortgage rates for the company’s business. In Bear Stearns were worked for fourteen years, he was in charge of foreign exchange and interest rate operations. He also headed structured products and trading of mortgage-backed securities. He was among the board member in the company from the year 2006 and 2008 and his achievements continued to soar.

In Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Mike Nierenberg was the head of Global Securitized Products and was also in the management committee. He later became the managing director and in charge of Securitized products and Global Mortgages. From the year 2013, he has worked as the CEO, the president, and the chairman of New Residential Investment Corp. this firm is currently publicly traded as a real estate asset that deals with managing investments that are associated with residential real estate.

Mike Nierenberg utilized his time at New Residential to redirect the firm during the financial crisis in the US. He used the situation to create lots of opportunities for the firm. As a result, he got himself a huge set of investments that the company would easily snap up. The company up to date and because of his works has been able to consistently improve its place and position in the world market.

Mike Nierenberg ideas and hard work also saw him get to his top position in the big company Fortress. He is a professional and an expert in his line of work a feature that has made him uniquely capable of handling real estate investments in the market that is continuing to expand.

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Agera Energy, a New York-based Firm

Agera Energy is an Energy Servicing Company based in New York. It focuses on providing quality and affordable energy choices. Agera is a non- profit organization that offers a wide range of energy solutions. It was founded in March 2014. Agera’s mission is to provide readily available energy solutions to individuals across the globe. Agera ensures that its customers are satisfied by the services they are getting. Agera Energy launched during a winter breakout, and therefore energy was in high demand resulting in high fuel prices. Most individuals could not cope with the high prices. Consumers were demanding more than suppliers could provide which resulted in most businesses failing.

Agera Energy, unlike most energy firms, interacts with customers on a personal level. Agera focuses more on the customers need contrary to most firms that concentrate on bills payment. Agera also trains its technicians on how to communicate with consumers and how to help them make suitable energy choices. Other firms ensure that their technicians are well-equipped with knowledge of marketing and have useful marketing tactics.

Agera Energy focuses on refining energy choices for its consumers; this is contrary to what most firms do; they focus on residential customers only for commercial customers they change product names. Agera ensures that their products maximumly fit consumer needs. The firm has a wide range of products to meet the economic needs of all its customers. Agera concentrates on providing environmentally friendly energy solutions and products. Since the firm opened, it has expanded tremendously and is currently targeting the global markets.

Brian Torchins Amazing Accomplishments

Brian Torchin is the owner of HCRC Staffing which staffs every aspect of the healthcare industry along with consulting, making HCRC a well-rounded healthcare business. He has been operating his staffing company for 12 years. His company helps staff all aspects of the healthcare industries. His company covers it all. He wanted the industry to have the best professionals available to make a great healthcare system. His company attracts the talent and services needed to achieve this goal.

Brian has business savvy and knowledge of the healthcare industry, which has been proven with the success of his businesses. He knows how to make long term relationships which is a key piece to any business. Being an entrepreneur, Torchin knows what it takes to make a business come to its full potential. Read more about Brian Torchin at Glassdoor.

Torchin knows what it takes to bring the best out in individuals to make the most of an Interview. He utilizes videos to show how to have a great interview and put their best foot forward. Crafting individuals into the best candidates they can be for career success.

Brian has earned both a bachelor’s degree in science and a doctorate degree in chiropractic. He opened his own chiropractic clinic to be able to help people become pain free. The people of Pennsylvania get the benefit of his expertise and knowledge.

Brian Torchin is a busy man who still finds time to publish articles on the company’s blog. He discusses topics that can help people live a healthier lifestyle or make their business better. One such topic is gym memberships. He also shares different ways to make your business more productive such as shared ownership. Brian has a lot of experience to share and does it well on the HCRC blog. Read more:


The Main Highlights From Shervin Pishevar 21 hour Twitter Storm

Shervin Pishevar is long known for his bold statements, which he does not shy away from sharing. Last February he took Twitter by storm and went ahead to share his predictions of Bitcoin, bonds, and the American Economy at large. Here are the main takeaways from his 50 messages on Twitter.


A 6,000 Point Stock Market Dip


One of his opening statements on twitter was that he predicted a whopping 6,000 point fall in the stock market. His view was that this financial storm would be characterized by an increase in the national debt, a rise in interest rates and tax giveaways tailored for the rich.

No Asset Class Is Safe


Shervin Pishevar went ahead to tweet that the market has already consumed all the gains of 2018. In his prediction, no asset class was safe from the financial dip. This tweet came at a time when most asset classes such as treasuries, stocks, and property were highly overvalued. He issued a warning to investors that moving money to another market or asset class is pointless as all asset classes are sharing the same predicament.


Cheap Money Is Dead


Shervin stated that the era of cheap money is no more. He attributed this to the crashing of the stock markets, the rise in inflation and the rise in unemployment. In his explanation, the spike in interest rates makes cheap money hard to find. Shervin Pishevar said that the increase in inflation would cause investors to panic. He added that inflation was a nightmare, especially to bondholders. Inflation would soon catch up to the value if the fixed-rate payment for bondholders.


Gold Would Rise, and Bitcoin will Crash and Then Stabilize


Shervin Pishevar predicted that Gold would increase in value due to the sinking stock market. The increase in inflation would also create more demand for gold. His prediction on Bitcoin was that it would crash and then stabilize at a 2-5k range. His stand supports the notion that a frictionless and efficient economy can be created if the cryptocurrency separates itself from the centralized bank systems to allow for a global economy.

Stream Energy

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder together with Pierre koshaki. In the global energy industry, it ranks among the largest companies with a once in a lifetime revenue of more than $8 billion.


The Dallas based company supplies energy to nine states among them New York, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, and Washington DC. Steam energy has grown to provide services such as; energy services, protective services such as stream virtual MD and wireless services like mobile hotspots.


Through its involvement in various initiatives, stream energy has proven that it is ready and willing to make a difference in people’s lives. It launched its new philanthropy foundation; stream cared in 2006.


Stream cares partnered up with hope supply co to help the victims of hurricane Harvey. The hurricane was responsible for the loss of lives, homes, and pets in Houston neighborhood.Stream cares were launched to formalize the company’s philanthropist efforts throughout the country.


Stream Energy is passionate about helping homeless people. Together with hope supply co and other associates they catered for meal and entrance fee for more than 1000 homeless children from North Texas at the splash event for hope.


This is an annual event which gives stream’s employees a chance to provide homeless children supplies, money, and a lifetime experience. Stream and hope supplies co have worked together for over four years where they regularly give the homeless children with diapers, school supplies, and clothing.


Back in 2016 when several tornadoes hit north Texas on Boxing Day stream energy worked directly with Salvation Army to help the victims. Stream energy also engages in once in a lifetime operations where they provided both moral and financial support to veterans from Dallas and their families.


They provided transport to the less privileged veterans to a Texas restaurant where they enjoyed a special lunch of burgers, steak, and ribs. The next day stream catered for all expenses for ten daughters from military families to take part in the American girl doll experience. In addition to choosing an American doll of their choice, the girls also had lunch at the American girl café.