Grab The Egg For Softer Lips

EOS Lip Balm exploded onto the market and still has a huge and growing following. The innovative egg shaped container made from recycled ingredients is part of the brands charm and appeal. Reviews agree that its shape makes it much easier to locate in a purse or pocket. And the egg shape is eye catching. It has a twist on design with an audible sound so you do hot have to worry about spills or leaks. It was mentioned that it does not fit in front pants pockets well but that was considered a plus because of the above mentioned lack of leaking.

EOS is not tested on animals and made with natural ingredients. Their high quality of ingredients and how natural they are draws in the organic and more Eco-conscious crowd. Reviewers agree this lip balm helps keep their lips soft and smooth. Some rave about how hydrated EOS keeps their lips even under matte lipstick, which is known to dry out the lips. The scents are also loved because they are not overpowering and tend no to smell fake. The user also does not taste the scents like some other brands of lip balm. People commented that the cost for EOS lip balms is higher but the quality is present to reflect they higher price point. Out of the many reviews read, overall EOS is loved and praised for how well it softens and protects lips and how cute it is packaged.