Wengie – Make Cat Ears with Your Own Hair!

The young Australian beauty known as Wengie is a YouTube sensation – currently having over 7 million YouTube followers. The video I watched had 130,185 views, and over 3,700 likes – only 81 dislikes. Wengie appears with a different color (or colors) of hair in each viewing and her YouTube videos cover all things trendy for young girls. Wengie covers all issues relevant to a pre-teen up to a young woman in her early 20’s. She covers a gamete of topics like; all things hair and makeup, snacks, boyfriend issues, dealing with zits, clever craft ideas, convenient tips and fun suggestions – and all are presented with that fun and quirky flair that is signature Wengie.


The video I watched was a hair tutorial titled, Make cat ears with your own hair – The Wonderful World of Wengie. With her catchy usual presentation, she demonstrated how to part two lengths of hair for each cat ear – securing it with small rubber bands and then using pipe cleaners to form the cat ear. It was truly something that a young girl could pull off after watching the clear step by step demo. Wengie’s cat ears were even more appealing in cotton candy pink hair. Wengie completed the look by adding a black nose and whiskers with an eye-liner pen for a cat costume beyond compare. Her bubbly excitement and positive glow makes this YouTube video a “must not miss” when you’re browsing YouTube.