Dressing Well For A Workout

When people dress well, it is usually for special occasions or even work. However, when it comes to physical activity, people do not pay attention to how they look. They just want to make sure that they are not wearing some of their best clothes for physical activities on Bloomberg.com. However, being physical does not mean that one has to look dumpy or uninspired. Fashion businessmen like Don Ressler has proven that there is room for style in physical fitness as well. As a result, he has decided to open up Fabletics, a division of JustFab in order to bring forth new athletic fashions.

Dressing well brings confidence, and confidence improves performance. Therefore, there is no reason that this same confidence shouldn’t be brought over to fitness. However, a lot of athletic companies and fashion companies do not share this sentiment. As a result, there has been a gap in the athletic clothing market. Don Ressler has decided to fill this gap with new designs that are more flattering for the customer. Fabletics features a lot of different outfits and pieces of clothing that women will enjoy. Once they put it on, they will be able to enjoy the type of clothes they put on for their physical activity according to Don Ressler. They will feel fabulous. As a result, they will enjoy their workout much better than before.

Don Ressler has put together something that quickly became popular with customers. Given that Don Ressler’s main customers were women, they have bought a lot of the items that were available. were like a breath of fresh air to the customers. They were very excited to try on the new designs that athletic clothing has brought forth. As a result of the success, Don Ressler and other people who were in charge of Fabletics has decided to expand it into the physical market by opening plenty of new locations throughout the nation.

Brian Bonar Opens Bellamy’s And Takes San Diego By Storm

Brian Bonar is a financial guru of the highest order, and he has chosen to make sure that he is making his favorite food every day in a private kitchen.

Brian Bonar wanted to step out of the world of finances just for a second, and then he wanted to start making food that he really believed in. There are so many people who are partaking in the food that Brian Bonar on the main street of Escondido, and he is becoming a leader in the event industry in the city.

San Diego has a lot of people who want to eat the best food, and they are willing to make their way into the city to get the best food. They love to have nice food, and they are very interests in the kind of food that Brian Bonar makes. He has his best chef creating a new kind of European bistro food, and he also wants to be sure that someone can come out to his new event space and have any kind of party they want.

The food that is made in San Diego is something that is completely changing the way that people that view their food choices. According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar went to great lengths when opening Bellamy’s to make sure that it would fit in in the Escondido area.

Someone who enjoys good food should be able to try Bellamy‘s, and they will enjoy meeting Brian Bonar when they get the chance. He has been able to move from finances to food because he has a deep love for both. The work he does has changed the face of food in southern California.

Take the Easy Path and Allow Town Residential to Locate Your Ideal New York Home

When it comes to locating a home in New York, the professionals at Town Residential are worth their weight in gold. Considered to be one of the busiest cities in the country, house hunting can be a real nightmare when you try to do it on your own. With all the red tape to wade through, why do it that way when you don’t have to? The professionals at Town Residential are highly qualified at what they do. Buying, selling, leasing or renting, they know their city, and their job very well.


To come as far as they have in a tough market like New York real estate speaks very highly of Town Residential and its staff. The buyer’s guide they provide to clients is invaluable as a tool in dealing with New York’s real estate market. It provides a comprehensive look at what’s for sale all over the city, and greatly reduces the stress usually associated with finding a home one can actually afford. Clients don’t need to swim “red tape river” themselves when they have a good agent to do it for them.


Town Residential also provides a guide for people that want to sell property. Asking too much, or too little can sour a good deal, and utilizing the seller’s guide helps avoid that unhappy chance. Town’s professional staffs are well versed in this business, and know the importance of “marketing” a property. Marketing couldn’t be more important for a seller, and when not properly handled, real estate could remain on the “un-sold” list for quite some time. Targeting qualified buyers is crucial, because it does nothing but waste a client’s time showing a residence to someone who can’t afford to buy it.


Renting in New York isn’t any easier than buying or selling. Trying to handle it alone is an exercise in frustration, and generally leads to stress over-load. Town Residential knows where the rentals are, what they cost, and have proven their worth with every satisfied client. Visit them at their website, talk to one of their professionals, say goodbye to the headaches, and let them take over.


Andy Wirth – Active Community Member Succeeds in Opposing Incorporation of Olympic Valley

Andy Wirth is no stranger to challenges in the resort business. He has many years operating and owning ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area. Around the same time after a drought severely limited the amount of snowfall which could impact the winter season, the ski resort owner received a little bit of hopeful news. For him, the olympic Valley Incorporation of the areas of his resort into the local town could be a potentially devastating business issue. Luckily, this was opposed successfully as a local town council could make a decision which would have a devastating impact on the local tourism industry. The ski resort currently is influenced by the Placer County supervisors. A town council would be more likely to make an unfavorable decision with regard to land use which would have a major impact on the Squaw Valley resort. The resort contributes greatly to the local economy, and is also a major employer which would stand to be lost without a good business.
He began his career from the bottom ranks at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, spending 20 years there. Following his time at Steamboat Springs, he became the CEO of Squaw Valley. This was a time of major upgrades to the resort which resulted in many renovations that make the resort a great place to vacation. Thus, guests can have a very similar experience to the Olympic champions. Andy Wirth also made an appearance on Undercover Boss, as he went undercover to view the operations at his resorts as well as connect with the people behind those operations. 
See: http://www.sierrasun.com/news/19415799-113/with-incorporation-shelved-whats-next-for-olympic-valley

Brad Reifler Doubles As A Film Critic For Money Monster

While Brad Reifler is known as a financial investor, it does not mean he can’t give his thoughts on other topics. He recently discussed the film, Money Monster, which stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts and is directed by Jodie Foster. Those are three of the biggest names in Hollywood and when they are involved in a project that is released by a major studio and gets released in numerous cinemas, it is sure to draw attention. It is also going to get people interested. There are talk shows like the one that Lee Gates (George Clooney) is hosting out there.

Brad Reifler is someone that truly knows what he is talking about and has the knowledge and the experience to back up everything he says. Nothing he says is for show or just for the sake of it. He is the CEO of Forefront Capital and the great thing about him is that he completely changed his career path. He used to help the rich get richer as they say and now he helps middle America with their money and helps them invest in good investments for their future. If they are listening to Brad Reifler, they are listening to the right man.

After all, he has worked for the following companies as listed on LinkedIn: Pali Capital, Refco, Reifler Trading Company, Sino Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank, and Foresight Research Solutions. Everywhere Brad Reifler has gone, he has learned from it and put that experience under his belt. That is why they turned to him when the film Money Monster came to get his thoughts on it as it focuses on how the little guy suffers and the big companies get fatter pockets. Three things stuck out to him: fees, access to investments, and stock market risk. When it comes to fees, no one likes them and sometimes they sneak up on people. As far as access to investments, in the past, they would pick and choose who had access to them. With risk, the non-accredited investors don’t have a lot of choices.

Opponents of George Soros Promote Crazy Conspiracy Theories

George Soros has endured more than his fair share of limelight for his progressive agenda and contributions to the fight for basic human rights around the world. He has accumulated an impressive number of political opponents who have furthered various outlandish George Soros conspiracy theories. The George Soros Wikileaks dump involved the release of quite a few email chains including Soros in which he made various comments about the work of his charitable foundation, the Open Societies Foundation. With the most recent George Soros Wikileaks dump, there has been even more attempts to tie George Soros to all types of underhanded political movements around the world. His detractors have latched onto George Soros emails that were subject of the latest hack job by a Russian perpetrator to try to prove the George Soros conspiracy that he is involved in undermining regimes all over the globe.

Some of the more ludicrous accusations about Soros is that he was exacerbating the refugee crisis in Europe as a way to punish certain European leaders and to try to topple established regimes. The reality is that George Soros“>George Soros has endured quite the experience as a refugee himself in fleeing the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. Form these harsh personal experiences, Soros learned the importance of looking out for refugees and finding a way for immigrants to have a place to live without fearing for their health or safety.

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Another thing that Soros has been heavily criticized for is his vocal opposition to Israel’s actions in its conflicts with Palestine. Even though Soros is Jewish, he has spoken out for years on the treatment of Palestinians by Israel. He has stated in numerous public venues that Israel is responsible for many human rights violations. For this perspective, some right-wing opponents of Soros have tried to paint a picture of him as being an anti-Semite. Soros has spent considerable time distinguishing his support for the Jewish community in general from his criticism of Israel’s political and military actions. This has attracted a considerable amount of negative attention from right-wing critics like Glenn Beck. They have even gone so far as to accuse Soros of having a role in the extermination of Jews in Hungary during World War II.

While there is absolutely no shred of actual evidence that Soros has taken a stance against Jewish people or ever contributed to their persecution, nothing has stopped right-wing political commentators from making wild accusations about Soros’ allegedly terrible intentions. In the meantime, Soros has continued his important work through the Open Societies Foundation in helping to fight oppressive regimes and make a stand for the importance of basic human rights in all different societies. Soros has refrained from attacking his opponents and has preferred to focus on making the most of his incredible wealth.

Learn more about George Soros: http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros

Lime Crime And The Power Of Female Leadership In The Cosmetics Business

Busting at the seams with creativity, the mindset and drive of entrepreneur Doe Deere makes her unstoppable in the business world with her line of cosmetics known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime cosmetics are a brand that are diverse and proven to be a winning line of products.

In an article interviewing Doe Deere, writer Stephanie Janetos dives deep into Doe Deere’s thought process to discover what makes her want to produce a cosmetic line. Highlighted in this article also is what makes Lime Crime Cosmetics such a great company. Doe Deere states that the wide variety of selection and fun colors are at the heart of what makes Lime Crime tick.

Doe Deere states that the name of Lime Crime was a moment of inspiration and something that “popped into her head”. Writer Stephanie Janetos does a fantastic job interviewing Doe Deere and getting to the bottom of her creative genius. The writer also highlights Doe Deere and mentions some of her inspirations like Dita Von Teese and Stella Rose. Doe Deere also states that she always wanted to be an entrepreneur like Suze Orman because Doe believed in the power of strong woman in business.

Her inspirations build a powerful platform as to why the Lime Crime brand exists and why it is a strong contender in the market today. The interview by Jaentos is a fantastic outline that exhibits strong evidence as to why it is important to cultivate young female entrepreneurs and highlights the attitude and success of Lime Crime.

The interview overall is simple in format, but at the same time conveys a positive message and the reader will come a way with a sense of understanding of what Lime Crime is all about.  Be sure to follow them for yourself on Tumblr, as well as their Instagram page.

The Many Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter is a natural emollient that comes from the seed of the African shea tree. It’s an all natural vitamin A cream that is an excellent moisturizer with many healing properties. The cream is a soft beige color that easily melts into the skin. Shea butter can be used to heal eczema, blemishes, sunburn, insect bites, skin allergies and dermatitis. It also makes a wonderful shaving cream, balm for wrinkles, dry skin and stretch marks.

The best kind of shea butter to use is raw shea butter. Raw shea butter which hasn’t been over-processed still maintains the integrity of the nutrients. Eu’Genia Shea butter products are all natural and the company is a family business with roots in Ghana, Africa and the United States.

Eu’Genia is dedicated to providing fair wages to the women who work for them. They also donate 15% of their profit to an educational fund to benefit the same women. The products found on Eu’Genia’s website come in three different formulas. The first formula is an everyday shea product which is good for everyday use. The second formula is for pregnant women and stretchmarks. The third formula is dermatological strength shea, for recent scarring or surgery. Each formula has a different amount of shea butter in it. The everyday shea has a smaller amount than the pregnancy formula, and the dermatological strength has the most shea.

Shea butter is a very healthy, beneficial moisturizer which can be used on almost any kind of skin trouble, from dry skin to eczema. It has a low spf and will continue to be a very well sought after product for women everywhere.

Laidlaw & Company Highlight Some Important Issues About Medical Funding

A recent case involving Laidlaw & Company, a well known investment bank, recently reminded me of something I hadn’t thought of in a long time. Most of us will take a wide variety of medications over our lives. But few of us really stop to think about how much it costs to get them on the shelves in the first place. Laidlaw & Company recently received a temporary restraining order and associated injunction from a medical research firm called Relmada Therapeutics. They insinuated that Laidlaw had been disseminating intentionally false and malicious information. The judge took it seriously enough to take direct action to stop this during the proceedings.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Much of this case revolves around the fact that Relmada Therapeutics had used Laidlaw for their funding during research and development of a new medication. On reflection, it becomes quite apparent that the development of a new medication must involve some very impressive sums of money. Even using an existing medication for a new purpose will involve huge studies to determine effectiveness and safety. But add actual development costs on top of that and one will be faced with some quite intimidating numbers. 

I wanted to get a better idea of the players within the case. So I checked out the actual website for Laidlaw. What I saw confirmed my initial suspicions. I never got the impression of outright maliciousness. It seemed to instead be about a company doing the right thing by funding medical research and then disagreeing with the terms involved. Delving deeper I found some information about the company’s senior executives.

The biographies of Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, in particular, struck me as people who really are trying to do the right thing. I consider myself somewhat altruistic when it comes to charity. But both men had done far more than I ever had. And they’d been steering Laidlaw in the direction of medical financing for quite a long time. To me, this says that Laidlaw is a big force in helping to get medications to the people who need them. And in particular, as with this case, in getting those medications created in the first place.