Malcolm Casselle: Effective Changes in Video Game Asset Marketplace

OPSkins is the leading bitcoin merchant in the world especially the in-game virtual assets. Malcolm Casselle is the current CIO. The firm has a great multitude of users who make cross-border payments for micro-services. OPSkins is currently leading type of centralized marketplace for virtual kind assets. Its creators are building a new blockchain platform where virtual assets can be effectively traded. This platform is called WAX, Worldwide Asset Exchange. This is a marketplace for trading all virtual assert that is founded on blockchain and decentralized contracts. This will give a chance to the sellers and buyers in trading their virtual assets with each other. This platform, WAX, has brought in solution for two major issues. The first one is the fragmentation and secondly the fraud issues. What it does is it has a single widget that allows all the users to buy and sell their virtual goods instantly without having to click off the game. WAX has united the separated virtual asset market. It has introduced the WAX tokens and eSports that allow the users to tokenize and sell their virtual assets in a safe blockchain. It allows the buyers and sellers to tokenize their assets and engage in the trade with players from different places just by clicking on the screen. The president of WAX, Malcolm Casselle is a firm believer in the new technology affiliated to gaming. Moreover, it has solved fraud matters like receiving incomplete games assets, incomplete deliveries and much more. Their blockchain eliminates any intermediaries and ensures that all goods are availed to the users without the intervention of a third party.

He serves as the president at WAX. He is also the CIO for OPSkins. This is a leading marketplace for buyers and sellers of online video games. Before working here, Malcolm was the president and CTO for Tronc. He was the overseer for the properties and the leveraging of digital assets. He holds a degree in from the renowned Stanford University and MIT in Computer Science.

Malcolm Casselle is a pro at speaking Japanese and Mandarin. Malcolm has led many private companies in transforming their digital and technological aspects. He has been a chief executive officer and led to many startups in the digital industry.

A Review of EOS Lip Balms, A Collection For Everyone

EOS has made a dedicated commitment to ensure that its lip balms are not only the top quality available on the market, but contain the best possible ingredients available on the market. EOS, which is an abbreviation for Evolution Of Smooth, has been dedicated since day one to ensuring that each lip balm it puts out is not only incredibly aesthetically appealing, but contains natural ingredients that provide the absolute richest smoothness. This is one reason why women don’t simply buy an EOS lip balm, we carefully browse the flavors to find one that perfectly matches our personality and flavor desires. We all have our one go-to EOS that is packed firmly in our purse before any first date to ensure our lips are kiss-ready at the end of the night. Yet, we also carefully expand our EOS collection, as the new arrivals are so appealing to all five senses (

The soft click of the EOS sphere is a treat for the ears. The round orb fits perfectly in our hands and a unique thumb divot makes it easy to open and easy to hold as we apply. The colors fit perfectly with each flavor, bright, bold or soft, depending on the scent and smell inside. And of course, each EOS flavor is perfectly crafted with the finest natural ingredients to delight our sense of taste and smell.

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The EOS lip balm lines vary from the original organic line, to the Visibly Soft line with extra moisturizers and to the new EOS Crystal line that is clear and wax free for the first time ever. Each holiday season, wonderful specialty lines roll out and the EOS Active with varying levels of SPF are perfect for those of us who want to protect our lips when we are outdoors during the warmer summer months.


Drew Madden Builds Unique Healthcare Corporate Culture Infrastructors

Imagine getting all of your prescription drugs from Amazon. No more trips to the pharmacy, delivery right to your doorstep and even significant savings over what you pay now.

Well, it may soon be possible because industry insiders recently revealed that Amazon is seeking pharmaceutical licenses in several states. The news sent shock waves not just through the pharmaceutical industry, but across the entire healthcare spectrum. When Amazon gets involved in any business sector – things change – dramatically.

As a possible reaction to the rumblings about Amazon, the pharmacy giant CVS may be seeking to absorb Aetna, the behemoth health insurance provider.

Why would CVS make this move? It’s not just to hedge its position against possible competition from the likes of Amazon. Health care industry watchers say that the future of companies in health care may rely on “owning customers” through all phases of their journey through the medical system, from first visit to a doctor, to getting treatment, to buying a prescription drug and finally the insurance that pays for it.

Healthcare IT entrepreneur Drew Madden is keeping a keen eye on what the likes of CVS and Amazon are doing in the healthcare realm. Madden is a managing partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company provides cutting-edge IT services to a variety of healthcare organizations across the country. The company provides implementation and advisory services across a variety of EHR platforms.

Drew Madden, who holds a B.S.E. in industrial engineering degree from the University of Iowa College of Engineering, says a key factor is making health care more efficient, cost effective and patient focused lies in medical records management.

Drew Madden and his associates are the insider industry professionals that play integral roles in developing the nuts-and-bolts, high-tech infrastructure aspects that will bolster entities — be it Aetna, CVS or Amazon — toward achieving corporate goals as defined by their respective managements.

Madden said he is passionate about the process of “building high caliber teams” and “unique company cultures” that are anchored by trusted partnerships. Madden served as president of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011 to 2016 before joining Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

EOS Lip Balm’s Provide Top-Notch Lip Care

Finding the right lip balm to use can be difficult, as there are many brands out there for various different purposes. Some lip balms are designed to repair and rejuvenate the lips, while others are just to add a shine. EOS is a well-known lip balm brand that sells their products around the world today at major retailers such as Target and Walmart. EOS lip balms are usually very easy to notice, as they are all in an egg shape container rather than the lip balm sticks.

When it comes to EOS’s ingredient list, they are among the best when it comes to lip balms, especially for their medicated products. EOS lip balms include shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, and even some vitamin E. With high-quality ingredients included in every one of EOS’s products, even the driest, cracked lips can be repaired (Allure).

Since Evolution of Smooth first made their way into the lip balm market, they have made enormous progress, not just for themselves as a company, but for the entire lip balm industry. Despite the market already having various big names to compete with, EOS managed to market their brand well and become one of the biggest out there today. Their popular lip balms as well as various other personal care products can be found almost anywhere. In less than a decade, EOS has managed to rise up with the other major market players, including Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees. EOS came into the industry with a twist for their own products, which is unique egg shapes. These little lip balm balls come in all different colors and flavors, with a kind that can fit anyone personal tastes. Read more on


EOS New Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm Review

If you are looking for a great medicated lip balm that will help your lips and help to alleviate the pain that comes with dry, cracked lips, look no further to the Medicated Pain Relieving Lip Balm by EOS. This lip balm has many great benefits and will help to aid in the healing process and help to prevent any further problems with your lips.

What is Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm?

Cooling chamomile lip balm is a great lip balm that is full of ingredients that will benefit your lips. The main ingredient is chamomile. Chamomile is a flower and from the flower, you can get an extract which is said to be good for many different ailments. The phenolic compounds work with your body as an antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory. Chamomile is also well known for its hydrating benefits as well. It also helps to erase the signs of aging by getting rid of free radicals.

The lip balm also contains menthol which is an alcohol which is made for several types of mint. The mint is processed into an oil and then the menthol is made from that oil. The menthol will create a numbing like feeling and will help to relieve pain.

The lip balm also contains vitamin E, jojoba oil, shea butter and cocoa butter to help aid your lips in healing. This balm is hypoallergenic and is gluten-free.

About EOS

Evolution of Smooth also known as EOS is a popular lip balm company due to their quality products and marketing strategies. They have quickly become one of the most recognizable products out there in lip care. Founded almost a decade ago by Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubinsky, EOS has worked hard to bring hypoallergenic, paraben free and gluten free lip products to the forefront. EOS products can be found all over the world and are used by a number of celebrities (

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Old Concept, New Approach

As a renown multi-level marketing platform that has its roots firmly entrenched in the anti-aging side of the medical industry, Jeunesse has filled its fair share of positive impressions on people everywhere whether they’re in it to invest or try out the youth enhancement offerings. The company, which has been around since 2009, was formed by two highly experienced entrepreneurs who came out of retirement just before penning the company into being. What drove Randy and Wendy back into the scene was a joint vision to see the world transformed through the lens of health awareness and a rediscovered passion to revive the youthful potential in souls both young and old.

The heavy research that Jeunesse has invested into its Youth Enhancement System has continuously upgraded its offerings over the years and honed down the nine product lines into near-perfect representations of what the body needs to undo the many years of unnaturally induced damage while securing it from the continued exposure to factors such as processed foods, constant radiation from electronic devices and power lines, and the proliferation of free radicals owing to the highly stressful society that we now live in. As such, the company’s recognition of the harsh reality has resulted in a successful product that has placed it in the fast lane among direct-sellers and garnered a great following in its wake.

The Magic Behind the Youth Enhancement System

The array of products that are covered under the Youth Enhancement System include the following:

  • A natural sleep aid to promote deeper, more restorative and restful sleep at night
  • Natural wake-up formulas to help you get moving more quickly in the mornings
  • Special blends that keep your mood uplifted while your energy remains maximized to tackle the day ahead
  • Proprietary protein blends that uniquely improve your memory and processing capabilities
  • Potent superfood mixes that enhance the stability of your cellular integrity and reinforce your immune system
  • Skin care solutions that resolve blemishes within minutes while ironing out deeper signs of damage for long-term results
  • A three-in-one fitness solution that trims appetite and encourages the conversion of fat to muscle

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Re-instills Bradesco Bank’s Success

Bradesco Bank’s procurement of HSBC led it back to its prominent status as one of the leading financial institutions in Brazil.

On March 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has just been appointed as the President of Bradesco Bank. It was also at that time when Bradesco lost its lead in the market due to the merger of Unibanco and Banco Itau. Being the sensible man that he is, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did not prioritize the bank’s ranking in comparison to the other big banks in Brazil. According to him being in the lead is not the primary goal of the institution but doing the best job they can for the communities they serve is their utmost priority.

With the support and consent of the then Chairman of the Board, Lazaro Brandao, he initiated the move to purchase HSBC Brasil in the amount of $5.2 billion (US dollars), which was one of the biggest transaction in Brazil’s industry at that time. After the acquisition has been finalized, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi strategically made the move to put Bradesco Bank ahead in the private sector of the country’s. banking industry. With HSBC Brasil under its wing Bradesco Bank gained three times its previous market share in terms of total funds invested, number of account holders, and branch network, which outmatched its rival Itau Unibanco. Bradesco’s loans granted, deposits, and assets likewise closely tallies with said competitor.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi said that with HSBC, Bradesco was able to attain an equivalent of six years in terms of growth. He disclosed that the funds needed at the time when purchased for HSBC Brasil was underway have not still been officially approved by the supervising agencies. The forecast then was that Bradesco will be given the go signal by the early part of 2016. But since he was able to make things work out in 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was recognized by Money as the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Finance.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in 1951 in Marilia, Brazil. He finished his studies at Sao Paolo’s Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters. He started his career at Bradesco Bank in 1969. Like most employees in any organization, he started from the rank of a teller and worked his way up from there. And in 2003 he was appointed as the President of the Bradesco Seguros Group which he held until 2009 before taking on the position of President of Bradesco Bank. His work and supervision of the Bradesco Seguros Group has and have provided approximately 30% of the profit Bradesco has up to the present.

Not long after he was appointed as Bradesco Bank’s President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi formed a corporate university, and likewise commenced to search the appropriate ways on how the group of leadership within the organization could be renewed by speaking with all the bank’s executives from various levels. This paved way for granting decision-making autonomy to the bank’s executives who are promoted as branch managers or executive heads.

In light of all the work and support he gives Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the best choice to succeed Lazaro Brandao.

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Jose Auriemo Neto’s Success in the Real Estate Industry

Jose Auriemo Neto is a business investor whose area of specialization is in the real estate. He is the CEO of JSHF Participacoes SA where he also serves as the chair of the board of directors. The JHSF Company focuses on real estate where in its portfolio include the hotel and restaurant industry, shopping malls, commercial and residential properties, and an executive airport. The company was founded in 1972 by Fabio and Roberto Jose Auriemo  Neto in Sao Paulo, Brazil where it was first known as JHS. Nonetheless, it was branded to JHSF Participacoes after it was split in 1990 by the two business partners.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s Impact on the JHSF Company

Jose Auriemo Neto joined JHSF Company in 1993 where he immediately established a services department. Again, in 1998 Mr. Neto founded the shopping center department after he was awarded the rights to build the first mall in the company’s portfolio which was known as Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. The company later developed other prestigious shopping centers such as Cidade Jardim Shopping Mall, Ponta Negra, and Bela Vista among others. Further, Jose Auriemo Neto was later named the CEO in 2003 and executive chairman of the company in 2011 respectively.

Under Jose Auriemo Neto, the JHSF Company has expanded to have its presence in various cities in Brazil such as the Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. What’s more, the business has also gone beyond the country to establish properties in other countries which include the United States and Uruguay. In fact, Mr. Neto has on several occasions moved his family so as to oversee all specifications of the developments were met. In addition, Jose Auriemo Neto is a graduate of the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado from where he pursued Business Administration and to know more


Richard Dwayne Blair is a sole owner and an executive of the wealth solutions corporation, located in Austin, Texas. Wealth Solutions Corporation is an investment advisory organization that aims at providing the positive and significant difference in small businesses, families, individual’s lives. After he completed his education in 1993, Richard Dwayne Blair joined the financial industry services, and in 1994 he founded wealth solutions for him to be able to offer professional and personalized advisory services to clients. For a long period of time, he has sharpened his skills and knowledge in retirement schemes.

Richard Dwayne Blair believes all people need to do accurate planning in order for them to achieve their goals financially. For a successful financial plan, he advises a three pillar plan .This approach helps him view the financial situation of a client and his or her retirement needs and from that, he creates for them a holistic plan.

According to his three-pillared approach, his first pillar involves laying down the financial roadmap of the client. He determines the way forward by categorizing his client’s strength, goals, growth opportunities and risk tolerance. This phase helps him build a lasting and strong relationship with clients. This approach helps him have a deeper and clear understanding of the individual concerns and goals and helps him identify clear expectations.

His second pillar is based on developing long-term and effective investment tactic that is personally customized to his client’s unique liquidity needs. He further helps in reallocation of his client’s assets in order for them to achieve maximum performance captured during the upward markets periods and also minimizing the blow from the negative markets. From this, he tracks performance and compare it to the company or clients expectation, historical data and model goals.

Once Richard Dwayne Blair has ascertained client’s goals and ratified strategies for growth he reviews the client’s insurance needs. This is the third and final pillar. Since nobody has the knowledge of future storms, Richard Dwayne Blair helps his clients cover for these incidents adequately through long-term insurance, annuities and life insurance.


Enchanced Athlete Stands Up To Nutrition Distribution’s Tyranny

Enhanced Athlete has recently won against Nutrition Distribution in a court battle. The battle was waged over Enhanced Athlete claiming that Nutrition Distribution wanted to shake them down to settle rather than paying much more in legal fees. EA also disputed the claims made by Nutrition Distribution that EA was engaging in false advertising which resulted in lost sales for their own products. Nutrition Distribution tried to sue Enhanced Athlete, but failed to provide enough evidence according to the court that would link the claims with the evidence.


Enhanced Athlete is an advanced supplement research non-profit with sister companies called Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. The main company is based in Cheyenne Wyoming and they specialize in bodybuilding. The companies offer an array of supplements, fitness programs, and clothing lines. They also have partners around the globe in places like Europe, India, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, and South Korea. The head of Enhanced Athletes Scott Cavell said that they are not going to succumb to the bully tactics of Nutrition Distribution and that they should not let Nutrition Distribution continue with its business model of shaking down its competition. The company refused to become a victim.


According to EA’s attorney ssaid that Nutrition Distribution was not in the right with their accusations against Enhanced Athele that they suffered a loss of sales due to false advertising from their competitor. Nutrition Distribution is known to have filed around 70 lawsuits against other supplement companies as well as demanding settlement payments from many of the same. They claimed in each of their cases that they suffered lost sales and suffered false advertising. This is important because due to the behavior of Nutrition Distribution they likely are involved with abusing their competitors. As such there are laws put into place that help to protect companies that are being falsely accused and given lawsuits. These laws can be under the theory of abuse of process or malicious prosecution. Many smaller companies if they were to get sued could not afford to defend themselves in the courtroom; they would spend millions of dollars in litigation trying to defend against predatory lawsuits. This is why Enhanced Athlete considers this suit to be predatory as Nutrition Distribution was seeking to bully its competitors out of business. EA did intend to fight back though and won their lawsuit in the process. Enhanced Athlete had avoided a fate that would have helped Nutrition Distribution.