Businessman And Visionary: The Mind Of Sam Sotoodeh

Being a successful businessman means having more than financial acuity. It means to have a vision for strategies to be implemented when others do not see such an opportunity. This is what has man Sam Sotoodeh such an impressive businessman today.

Hailing from Orange County, California, Sam Sotoodeh has made his tenure as the president of the Acquisition Group, inc. a very impressive run. Knowing the real estate market and the current trends that are in it has given him the ability to venture into other investments as well. Securities and oil and gas are other ventures that his firm invest in as well. Many who know Sam Sotoodeh knows his brilliance and background in education and business. He received degree in Economics while attending California State University. Next, he attended Cornell University for his MBA. His post-graduate studies were done at Northwestern university. This is where he honed his negotiation techniques at.

His company, the Acquisition Group, has just purchased the famous building known as the headquarters of the News & Observer for over $20 million. This purchase will be used as a mixed use project. Sam Sotoodeh was involved with this investment. Although the Acquisition Group made the purchase, they also provided a relocation for the newspaper to move the primary office operations to another location where their printing press is located. Deals like this will make many wonder, “Just what is the Acquisition Group up to now?” This is the track record that has followed many of the investments that the Acquisition Group has made. Afterwards, when the plan is brought to fruition, the brilliance is then appreciated by many.

Having been involved with the Acquisition group since 2004 has given Sam Sotoodeh the necessary foundation to continue to make headlines with his strategic investments today.

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Words Of Wisdom With Luke Lazarus

For those that may not have yet familiarized themselves with this powerhouse of change within the business consulting world, here is your chance to acquaint yourself with the industries quickest rising name.

Luke Lazarus has built a storied career, earning himself acclaim throughout not only Australia’s business world but also the world at large as the go to man for businesses looking to grow their operations in an organic way.

The key to his successes, in both his home country and abroad, lies in the particular way in which Luke Lazarus approaches his clients’ needs as a business while searching for deeper goals than simply hitting a given KPI.

Namely, Luke Lazarus approaches each project he takes on with a mindset of finding the core values, message, and unique factor that makes his client’s company different from the competition. In finding these distinguishing factors early on, Luke Lazarus is able to build not only viable business models but also bring to life the inherent story found within each business.

In this way, Luke Lazarus does much more than simply get his clients’ businesses back on track, he is able to give them a clear path to follow that will lead to sustained growth and an overall more cohesive brand image, along with its increased recognition.

Though before diving into his methods, it pays to first familiarize yourself with the man himself as the processes in which Luke Lazarus utilizes to help his clients achieve success are also inherent within his own personal life in addition to his professional career.

For those that believe the early bird gets the worm, Luke Lazarus will find you in good company as this consulting genius is not only up before the early bird but using that time to focus himself for the tasks ahead of each day. Read more: Luke Lazarus –  and Luke Lazarus Profile |

Utilizing a routine mediation that is practiced every morning, Luke Lazarus centers himself while readying himself for all that his day will bring.

Whether that means tackling projects around his house, networking with potential clients, or simply doing what he does best, the moment of silence and respite held in the morning is the key to his successful behavior as Luke would put it himself.

Though, once that meditation and moment of centering is over, the day begins to move at a speed that would leave some behind gathering dust.

The key to maintaining a constant motion throughout the day while checking off items from his schedule lies in a habit that Luke Lazarus has developed over the years, good note taking.

Whether it is jotting down a business plan idea for a client, reminding himself of a grocery list, or putting his thoughts out on paper, everything is organized and recorded.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Is An Inspiration As A Wealthy Internet Entrepreneur

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese Billionaire and founder of the most popular e-commerce platform in China, Richard founded this online company in 2004 and today it has grown into a multi-billion dollar corporation with a net worth surpassing 60 billion dollars. As the CEO of, Richard has built his net worth to an impressive 12.7 billion, putting him on the top 20 list of wealthiest individuals in China.

Richard Liu studied at Renmin University in China to earn a sociology degree before ultimate attending the China Europe International Business School. After completing his EMBA, Richard Liu Qiangdong spent a lot of his free time doing freelance work with computers and programming, while also trying to make it as an entrepreneur. Although Richard’s first company didn’t pan out, he had many opportunities on his plate to take advantage of. After his first startup, Richard went to work at Japan Life as a computer director for a couple of years before becoming self-employed through his own chain of retail stores located in Beijing. By 2003, Richard Liu Qiangdong had successfully opened up 12 retail stores, which is when the SARS epidemic swept over the nation and caused Richard to close up shop.

What seemed like bad luck turned out to be one of the best moves for Richard’s career as an entrepreneur. At just 31 years old, Richard started up what would become one of the largest and most profitable companies in the entirety of China. According to one of his latest interviews, Richard is a big believer in family and setting examples for younger generations. This is why he is most worried about being remembered for contributions to future generations rather than just his wealth. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s father was a hard working man that taught him many important lessons that he is now using to set a good example.

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Betterworks Releases a Report on the Impact of HR Teams on an Organization

Betterworks released a survey recently to the effect that the makeup of the human resource team, especially its leadership as well as reporting structures, play a major role in the visionary impact the human resource function can have on a business. The report also stated prescriptive steps human resource professionals can take to make sure their teams are in a better position to deliver the desired business results from their performance monitoring programs.

In the report, majority of managers and human resource professionals surveyed view HR in their organizations as visionary human capital management practices as well as technology investments. Another key finding in the report is that creating a “culture of feedback” is a critical step to link employees, HR, managers, as well as C-level executives. Additionally, HR teams headed by C-level leaders who report to the CEO are the most visionary and best professionals to effect change in the organization.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Betterworks, Doug Dennerline, forward-thinking Chief Executive Officers understand that developing, aligning as well as motivating their workforce is important to achieving as well as sustaining competitive advantage. They hire strong HR leaders who are required to report to them as well as help them to create an outstanding worker experience for a large impact.

The survey found out that the most effective HR organizations have CHRO who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. Betterworks’ study also revealed that HR teams working under a C-level leader will most likely deploy the components that make up a highly effective performance management program.

Betterworks’ research also revealed that visionary HR teams can build an effective feedback culture. The study also suggested that it is important for organizations to implement best practices to enable continuous evolving employee performance. The highly effective HR teams are accountable and motivates employees as well as effects change in their organizations.

Betterworks develops as well as provides an enterprise collaboration for coordinating and managing collaborative goals, strategic plans, as well as performance conversations. Betterworks Systems, Inc. provides BetterWorks, a platform designed to facilitate conversations between managers, employees, and companies to foster performance. Founded in 2013, the company is based in Redwood City with a location in New York City.

Article Title: Agera Energy On More Energy Efficient Spaces

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Most energy consumers in America are unaware that, according to NYC’s Agera Energy, using hot water accounts for nearly 18% of total energy use. There are many ways to create more energy efficient spaces, but Agera Energy knows that this is an easy one. Another easy way that Agera Energy recommends is by using energy efficient light bulbs such as LED’s. Switching to LED’s is a simple process which saves you money, reduces the risk of heated bulbs causing a fire, and also isn’t very costly.

But by far the coolest and most modern way to save on energy bills while helping the planet at the same time is by switching over to purely windmill-derived energy. Feeling guilt-free from sourcing your energy from non-renewable energy is something that the friendly employees at Agera Energy Company are ready to help you achieve and learn more about if you’re interested.

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Organo Gold – Beating Other Coffee Brands Due to its Excellent Flavors

Organo has emerged as one of the largest network marketing companies in the world in recent times and is most popular due to its star product named Organo Gold coffee. The reason why Organo Gold coffee is a favorite coffee brand of millions of people across the globe is that it helps with weight loss. Not many coffee brands out there can boast about the fact that it aids with weight loss, but Organo Gold does not only help with weight loss but would also improve the strengthening of your immune system. Many people also have coffee early morning because it helps them focus and stay alert throughout the day. Organo Gold allows people to start their day with excellently flavored coffee whose taste they will remember the entire day.

Organo Gold is a coffee brand that has achieved massive success in the last few years due to the relentless efforts made by its hundred and thousands of distributors spread across the globe. If you want to achieve financial freedom, you can become one of their distributors as well. As the demand for the company’s products has been increasing rapidly in the last few years, you can be sure that by becoming its distributor, you would achieve considerable success and financial freedom.

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Article Title: Bhanu Choudhrie Hears New Point Of Views At Harvard Program

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Even though Bhanu Choudhrie has had an exceptional amount of success in business as the founder of C&C Alpha Group, he has still managed to keep a sense of humility through it all. While he has learned a lot about being a business leader while completing a degree from Boston University and the years of experience that he has had with his company, he knows that there are still a lot of things that he may know nothing about. This is why it is so important to continue striving to learn more no matter how far you are in a career. For Bhanu Choudhrie, it’s something that has kept him on the right track in the different markets that he does business in.


While he may have completed his degrees at the University of Boston, he decided to take his education further years later at a program offered by Harvard. The Owner/President Management program that Bhanu Choudhrie took at Harvard has already had a profound impact on how he conducts business. While he may know a lot about the industries he is a part of, he was surprised to see the different case studies that indicated what he thought might be wrong in some cases. In order to do the best in his career, he believes that it’s important to constantly learn so you can keep up the global economy. He knew that he wanted to take an executive program and was impressed by what Harvard had to offer. He was able to fit their 3-week learning sessions into his schedule and began taking the 3-year long learning opportunity.

Bhanu Choudhrie expected a lot from the program when he signed up for it, but he admitted that a lot of the things that he learned managed to change his way of thinking on certain topics. He noticed that each student in their program had their own way of approaching certain problems along with different opinions. With a class size of 125, there were a lot of different voices that were able to add a lot of perspective during important business discussions and lectures.


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The Operations of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a top class international food provider considered as the leading food service company in the world. The group is involved in retailing food products and aims at making customers happy throughout the world. This is a private company and it is one of the largest food providers in the world. As a result, they have the necessary infrastructural and financial resources that are required when it comes to sourcing, developing, producing and distributing food any place in the world where it is needed.

In one of its many operations that are geared toward expanding the company, OSI Food Solutions acquired Baho Food. This is a Dutch Manufacturer that specialises in producing snacks, deli meats and convenience foods. It serves the retail segments and above all, it provides food services. The acquisition of Baho Food has helped to increase the operations of OSI Food Solutions, especially in Europe. As a result, the company has been able to widen its ability to serve the ever-changing needs of its customers.

In another move to expand its operations, OSI Food Solutions recently acquired a food facility previously known as Tyson Food Facility. This food facility was previously owned by Springdale based in Arkansas and it was a storage warehouse. The food plant is located in Chicago and it has an area of around 200,000 sq. and it is found close to the place where the current company is found. This made it easy to incorporate the Tyson Food Facility to OSI Food Solutions. As a result of the acquisition, OSI has been able to acquire the necessary infrastructure that is needed to facilitate the growth of the company.

The acquisition has enabled OSI to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. This statement was made by Kevin Scott, who is the senior executive vice president of OSI in North America. The acquisition has also made OSI Group be able to expand its manufacturing network. The company is now able to operate over 60 facilities in 16 countries. The company has been ranked as a top supplier when it comes to supplying foods that are rich in protein.

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Top Lessons Entrepreneurs Should Learn from Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus has given many stories on how he succeeded in both hotel and tour industry. Most of the information he gives out through his interviews are very personal. This means that other people, especially those in the hotel and tour industry need to come up with their strategies and plans to move their businesses. Despite much of the information provided is personal, there is always some key points that entrepreneurs can learn from the Brazilian.

One of the most critical aspects that entrepreneurs should learn is realizing that opportunities don’t come knocking but are everywhere. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you have to use your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to discover those opportunities and exploit them. Guilherme Paulus highlights that, before starting his tour business in Brazil, there were no many tourist companies in the country. This gave him a hint that there is a chance that he could exploit to succeed in his business.

The second strategy includes understanding that a business should have various goals, objectives, mission, and vision. Most of the businesses don’t have a clear road-map, which means they lack both mission and vision. This means that the owners of these businesses don’t know what they want to achieve. Guilherme Paulus wanted to make his tour company be the largest in Brazil, which is what he worked towards achieving. Currently, CVS is the leading your company in Brazil.

It is also worth realizing that some business opportunities create a chance for other entrepreneurs to work. After starting a tour company, Guilherme Paulus realized that most of the tourists he was moving around the country needed exotic hotels. That’s how the idea of CJP Hotels and Resorts was borne. This is a clear lesson to investors that some opportunities emerge is ripple effects to what has been done.

Finally, Guilherme Paulus discusses he formulates daily and weekly schedule to make sure that he is always productive and up to the task. This should be behavior for all entrepreneurs. It is essential to understand that running a business daily needs skills, knowledge, experience, and more so, schedules to complete various tasks.

Article Title: San Miguel Joins JD.COMs Global Fruit Strategic Alliance

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A top citrus company called San Miguel from North America has entered into an agreement with JD.COM, a leading e-commerce platform in China, to market fresh produce through JD’s e-commerce platform. The business relationship between the leading citrus company and the major retail platform in China has grown stronger in the wake of the agreement. JD.COM announced the launch of “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance” to promote the vegetable and fruit activity in China.

Many other leading fruit producers including Wonderful Citrus and Zespri have signed up with the cooperation agreement. The partnership confirmed that San Miguel is one of the leading companies in the world in the industry. The alliance also boosts San Miguel’s business development via e-commerce. San Miguel was advanced with an opportunity to expand its presence in China.

According to the General Marketing Manager of Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division, Wu Zhengzhi, the initiative’s mission is to reach the world as well as encourage consumers to eat healthier. Jingdong Fresh has made incredible progress in rolling out on a global scale. The senior executive also affirmed the company’s commitment to helping San Miguel to succeed in the Chinese market.

According to San Miguel’s Andres Haloua, the partnership has brought them closer to their customers. They are delivering better range of products to Chinese consumers through e-commerce. JD.COM brings great value to the table as it is highly experienced in the sector and therefore, it will help San Miguel to satisfy the needs of Chinese consumers. The initiative is a big deal for the company from North America because it confirms it as a leader in the industry and it indicates that customers have trust in the company’s products. The company is driven by innovation and development. It works around the clock to provide consumers high quality products through robust and many channels to satisfy the needs of markets. JD is a leading go-to shopping platform in China which started in 2004. The Beijing-based company has developed a robust infrastructural network and it is continuing expanding its presence in China. It looks to expand into the rest parts of the world with time.

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