Oncortarget Purposes to put an end to Cancer by publishing important information

Oncortarget is an American based peer-reviewed access journal which contains medical articles on oncology. Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Oncology, therefore, deals with functions of the cells common in aging and cancer. Oncortarget publishes subsections on topics such as Aging, Immunology, Microbiology among others and the access to this information is free Research of cancerous tumors is been done to get information on how to manage and treat the malignant cells during the early stages. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

The oncortarget journal is published once per week as this information is of importance as most people are succumbing to cancer. The information published on Oncortarget is on the pervasiveness of the disease and its primary causes, the treatments available and future possible ways to control and possibly eliminate it. The scientists who publish this journal are those who have vast knowledge and are highly skilled in the different roles they play.

The oncortarget mission is to make the scientific findings available to a large number of people at the shortest time possible; bringing together diverse specialists and linking different sectors of medical research and researchers along with their various discoveries. To be able to serve all who needs the information, Oncortarget makes sure that two free issues are available to the public on Tuesdays and Fridays. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

To further increase the reach and influence of scientific information, the papers which are accepted are later published in PubMed. Recently, Oncortarget published research conducted involving the Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. The research findings were that those people with Alzheimer’s disease have a higher risk of diagnosis with type 2 diabetes in future.

On 19th September this year, Oncortarget reassured its readers that its publications would continue to be available on PubMed. In partnership with National Library of Medicine, Oncortarget has become the first scientific journal to submit its issues to PubMed days after it publishes the information online. Oncortarget aims at eliminating this 21 century ‘killer’ and targets to see a life without disease.

Read: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-10/cg-e-s101817.php

Life Line screening healthy living

Our health should always be a priority. Before we focus our energies on other things it should be a good for us to prioritize our health. When we prioritize our health we stand to gain since we will have the energy and the drive to push on with other things in life. A weak body will mean that one cannot carry out even the basic functions that they are supposed to perform. Our health should be a priority that should be taken very seriously. Health is crucial for everyone, it should be taken for granted. It means the differences between a happy life and miserable one.

Everybody should make it a habit to have their bodies checked regular, there are many benefits that one will get from having their health status checked. In this article, we are looking at the benefits that one will get by taking Lifeline Screening. This is a company located in Texas that helps in the screening of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases can be lethal. This has a probability of taking lives faster than any other diseases. Over six hundred years people die from diseases related to cardiovascular issues. It is for this reason that Lifeline screening has made it a mandate to help people live healthy lives that are free from such issues. They offer services that will ensure every person is checked to ensure they are safe and free of any underlying medical issues. Most health problems take time to grow within the body. By the time we know we are suffering from a certain condition, it is already at an advanced stage and there is nothing we can do about it. To prevent such cases from happening Lifeline Screening have offer screening services that will ensure that people are tested to ensure they have no problems that are underlying in the body. People who are found to have issues will be taken through a medication process while those who are safe will be advised on how to keep living a healthy life.

Lifeline screening has the best services in the country. They are found in all states and anyone looking to have a healthy life should contact them and book a screening slot. They have a technology that will ensure that no issues go unnoticed. They will even carry out blood tests to ensure the minor underlying issues are tested. They have advanced equipment and manpower that will see every patient attended in the right manner.

About Lifeline screening: www.lifelinescreeningblog.com/

Organizations fighting for human rights

There are various organizations that fight for migrant rights in the country and around the world. What they do for humanity will always remain of great importance and will always rub some the wrong way. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://james-larkin.com/press/ and http://james-larkin.com/

This is why these organizations need support and laws that protect what they do. The following are some of the most iconic organizations around doing the above-mentioned work.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

This organization has been around for more than seventy years they have become one of the strongest forces advocating for the rights of refugees and take it upon themselves and as their personal responsibility to fight for and welcome refugees.

They endeavor to remain true to their mission and vision and work towards a world that holds the life and dignity of refugees in great regard as they welcome some of the most vulnerable to the country.

The Lutheran immigration and refugee service has been able to do so much for this refugees and immigrants and continues to lobby and advocate for better laws that will see them treated in the best way possible at every juncture. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

This is personal commitment has seen the organization work with other like-minded organizations and individuals to create bigger response teams to cater to the needs of refugees once they get into the country.

The Frontera fund

This organization was started by Micheal and Jim a pair of journalists who are the founders of the Phoenix New Times. They started the Frontera fund as a way of fighting for the Hispanic community around them after witnessing the kind o0f treatment they faced especially within the border communities.

Those law enforcement officers tasked with protecting them were at times the greatest violators of their rights both at individual levels as well as in the communities. The Frontera fund today is considered a strong force having taken on sheriff Joe Arpaio oppressive tendencies and constant harassment.

This is what led to the arrest of Lacey and Larkin who were then charged the charges were found to be illegitimate and were thrown out. They later went on to sue the county and the sheriff’s office this case was presided over by the ninth circuit court which found that indeed their rights had been violated and as such, they had to be compensated.

The county would, later on, settle for 3.75 million dollars with the entire amount begin dedicated to starting the Frontera Fund. Today the fund has helped numerous people with their litigation and other legal issues.

Brazil Home of Lawyers- Ricardo Tosto

Brazil is known to be a country of lawyers, this is because of the number of law schools established in the country. According to records established in 2010, Brazil was named among the third county in the world with the largest number of lawyers, the second one being the United States and the first one was India. On the contrary, Brazilians do not love law and not all they want to be lawyers, but because of the number of law schools in the country after high School students have to go to pursue law as a professional. It is estimated that the number of law schools in Brazil is many as compared to the number of law schools in the world all combined.

With the numerous lawyers and the legal institutions in the country does not mean that Brazil has the best lawyers in the world. The quality of their lawyers is not up to standard. The Brazilian Bar examination has only registered 800000 lawyers. According to statistics if all the students who attend law school in Brazil are qualified and registered by the Brazilian Bar, the number would be higher and about 3 million lawyers. It is evident that there are too many law courses in the country which are not recommended and are not the best.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most respected legal minds in Brazil. He is considered to a leader and a planner in the countries legal industry. Mr. Tosto had a humble beginning; he began his practice as an attorney in a small office which has later expanded to be one of the biggest law firms in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto specializes in litigation law.

Ricardo Tosto is a respected attorney who during his career as a lawyer has successfully defended top organizations as well as high profile personalities. He has not only defended the top personalities but he has been a source of legal advice to firms, government, politicians, multinationals, as well as corporations. In Brazil, Mr. Tosto has been a leader in the legal industry, and a mentor to other young attorneys who have served as interns in his law firm.

LinkedIn: https://br.linkedin.com/in/ricardo-tosto-9556a817

Sahm Adrangi Investing in his Future

The retirement age is increasing in the United States, but that has no affect on Sahm Adrangi. Recently retired at the youthful age of thirty five,Sahm Adrangi decided to get out of the rushing world of Wall Street and settled down outside the city of New York.

Beginning his career at Deutsche Bank, he quickly moved up their ranks to being an analyst at the multi-billion-dollar distressed debt hedge fund. He moved on from there to work at Chanin Capital Partners as an advisor for creditor committees in bankruptcy. He has also worked at a multi-billion dollar distressed debt fund Longacre Management subsequent to getting into the investment world. He has become quite famous for his workings with fraudulent Chinese companies. His working with the companies and subsequently ripping off the companies has landed those Chinese companies in hot water with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This is where his fame began, as he continued to push the envelope with shady companies, he continued to amass his wealth. It was 2010 and 2011 when he exposed China Marine Food Group, China-Biotics, and Lihua International that he began making a bigger name for himself. He eventually has acquired enough wealth to start his own company, Kerrisdale Capital.

Kerrisdale Capital was founded in 2008, with a fortune of $1 million dollars. Now just under a decade later, Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital now manage $150 million dollars of wealth. The wealth increase has been a result of Sahm Adrangi moving investments to other areas. Biotechnology is one of the new areas of investment with the company purchasing a multitude of companies that will provide new avenues for revenue. The mining sector is another area of investment along with telecommunications. Both of those sectors continue to rise and provide ample investment opportunities for Kerrisdale Capital and more

Jason Hope Supporting Anti-Aging Organizations

Jason Hope is a prominent entrepreneur who is passionate about finding anti-aging solutions. Age-related diseases current treatment is more of reactive and proactive. Many organizations are researching on how to stop old age diseases like Alzheimer’s from happening. Entrepreneurs like Jason Hope who is based in Arizona are helping organizations to manage anti-aging initiatives.

Jason Hope is a well-known philanthropist who is mainly linked to SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization that was founded to deal with age-related diseases. SENS Foundation has been working towards rejuvenation biotechnology. Mr. Hope donated $ 500,000 in 2010 to SENS Foundation which was used to establish its Cambridge SENS laboratory and to support its new projects.

Mr. Hope stated that he invested in the organization for some reasons and he believes in their work because it is essential in improving human medicine. Jason added that SENS Foundation has the power to change the healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical industries entirely. Other than funding the organization, Jason also plays an essential role in the group’s outreach efforts.

Moreover, Jason believes rejuvenation biotechnology represents the future of human health. This approach is not aimed at treating the diseases but towards understanding, prevention to create a longer and high-quality life. Normally, as years go by, metabolism gradually damages the body which then leads to the development of age-related disease. Therefore SENS Foundation works to repair such damages before the body develops the illnesses.

Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D., the Chief Science Officer of SENS Foundation is a skilled technician with innovative ideas that challenge the scientific community regarding the aging process. Dr. Aubrey de Grey stated that Mr. Hope’s funding would be used for research projects like arteriosclerosis research which is the hardening of arteries which causes blood pressure among others.

SENS Foundation CEO, Mike Kope stated that SENS Foundation is a catalyst for change in the biotech industry with their rejuvenation biotechnology treatments. He added that the company is proud that their projects are being appreciated and supported by top contributors in the regenerative medicine filed and Jason’s contribution was a significant one that will be used to build a strong foundation in fighting age-related disease. To learn more about us: https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/ click here.

Jason Hope is a prominent entrepreneur located in Scottsdale in Arizona. Jason attended Arizona State University and graduated with a Finance degree. Later, Jason joined Carey School of Business where he obtained an MBA. Jason is an active philanthropist because he is passionate about giving back to the society.

Adam Milstein: Real Estate Investor

In the recent interview, when asked about the idea of the origination of the Hager Pacific Properties, Adam said that while in the campus, many people came recruiting people for various jobs but did not appreciate his knowledge. That is why when he graduated, he decided to work as a Real Estate Commercial broker, something that he did for three years and went on to become an investor in the real estate industry.

Concerning his day plan, Mr. Adam said that when you are operating your own business, you do not know how your day looks like. As the business expands, there will be more activities. He added that his involvement in the philanthropy makes his daily work more satisfying.

In the way he actualizes his ideas, Adam retaliated that he pushes them till they become reality. He prefers to do his work personally.

When it comes to growing his business, Adam views that setting unspecified goals is good, because they used to limit his specific goals. He further explained that he is self-driven and does not listen to criticism from the people. In the industry of the real estate, Adam Milstein says that it takes a few years to make money.

In his experience as an entrepreneur, he holds that the biggest challenge that he has encountered is wanting to succeed big in a short period of time. Investing all you have in one venture with an aim of big returns. He advised that the way to succeed is to follow the long way.

Mr. Adam says that he has been influenced by people like David Hager who is his partner. He described him as smart, someone who employs psychology as well as a great thinker. He added that he has a sound knowledge of economic affairs and the outlook of the world in general.

He is the National Chairman as well as the co-founder of the Israel-American Council. He is also a Philanthropist and a community leader. Additionally, he serves on several boards including Hasbara Fellowship, Jewish Funders Network. Together with his wife, he is the co-founder of SifriyatPijamaB’America, an organization that deals with book donation.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adammilstein

The Great Achievements of Clay Siegall

Clay has proved to be a great leader and being the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics; he has in the recent years led the company towards its great successes. Clay has seen Seattle Genetics rise from a small firm into a prestigious and well-established company. The company which he founded in 1998 has brought significant revolutions in the healthcare sector through its employee’s great innovations. The firm has in the recent years focused on the invention and manufacture of therapeutic drugs to address the various diseases and conditions in humans that have not seen substantial mortality improvements in the past years.

The fast growth of the firm is proving of Clay`s impeccable skills as well as commitment towards achieving the best. The renowned CEO has also always paid attention to his team of employees as through their insight; he gets to acquire developmental ideas to aid in the operation of the firm. Clay has had many achievements in his career, and the development of an FDA approved antibody marked one of the lifetime achievements of the Seattle Genetics firm. The antibody currently acquired multiple approved indications, and this has seen Clay gain an excellent reputation for his significant contributions to the health sector.

Clay has proved to possess impeccable as well as excellent leadership skills, which has, in turn, motivated his team of employees. Under his instruction, the firm has successfully built a diverse pipeline of antibody-based cancer therapies which have eased the considerable effects of the deadly disease to its victims. Clay Siegall has always considered innovation as part of his business operations and throughout his career, he strives to come up with creative ideas that he believes will come to the aid of all the people suffering from severe diseases that cause them strain or acute stress. Besides Clay is a hard believer in teamwork and since the establishment of his firm, he has seen it collaborate with other companies to increase its production through the implementation of the ideas that they acquire from the other groups. Among the firms that Seattle Genetics has entered into multiple strategic licenses include, AbbVie, Genentech, Pfizer and many more.

Meet Greg Secker: The Forex Trading Expert

Greg Secker’s profession started while he was in Thomas Cook Financial services. He then shifted to foreign exchange business to operate a new business venture by the name Virtual trading Desk (VTD). Virtual Trading Desk was the first online real-time Forex trading platform. This platform gave a room for the clients to receive wide range foreign exchange transactions. Due to the uniqueness of his Forex trading platform, his career grew tremendously. As a result of this credible progress, he moved on to be the vice president at Mellon Financial Corporation after which he became a key Fortune 500 investments bank in the United States. It was at this juncture that he was lucky enough to be served around some of the reputable and very best traders renowned in the world.

He made good use of the similar trading strategies that he had discovered on his travels across the international trading floors. Greg Secker’s private trading account grew credibly to such an extent that he made a decision to abandon Mellon Financial Corporation so as to set up a trading floor from his home. Fortunately enough, his trading company “Learn to Trade” got established in 3 month time. For the past 13 years, over than 200,000 people have attended his several trading seminars as well as workshops all across the world. They have managed to learn how to generate second income through currency and stock market trading.

Greg Secker was rewarded as a finalist position by London Excellence awards in the year 2010. His company Lear to Trade managed to get the 49th position in the 2010 Sunday Times Track 100 awards. The Sunday Times Track 100 Awards was a Sunday Time initiative was co-sponsored by virgin that use to track and recognize the United Kingdom’s fastest growing companies. Greg Secker learns to trade company has been awarded as the best educator by the World Finance Magazine for two years consecutively. Lately, it was awarded as the Best Educator in the Global Banking and Finance Review, it was also recognized as the Best Forex Trading Training platform as well as the Best trading Education Product by the wealth and Finance awards.

Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings UK was established for in 2002. For over 15 years, this financial company has provided many businesses and individuals for reaching the financial goals that they are trying to achieve. Equities First Holdings specialize in stock-based and margin loans for business or personal growth. The company offers the lowest rate on loans, and is a global financial tool for capital to be obtained.

Equities First Holdings is an efficient alternative to obtaining the lending capital at a low rate and from a professional company that take pride in financial solutions. The company which was established in London also provide shareholder finances for individuals who want to obtain money to expand their businesses and more