Steve Lesnard Advises on Principles to Follow when Marketing Products

Nowadays, people have adapted modern marketing methods such as social media network to reach their consumers. The digital medium is changing how businesses market their products. However, if they are not used properly will not yield the best results. Brands have to put their consumer’s needs first. Steve Lesnard gives two principles in marketing the products.

Keep it simple

The best product should outline what the consumer will benefit from the new product. Focusing on the innovative features of a product is necessary. For instance, Apple on the iPod campaign used the slogan, 10k songs in your pocket. The company used a simple solution to bring music on the go to consumers. Apple continues to keep their messages simple even when marketing its watch. It always gives consumers more reason why they need to upgrade. Peleton is yet another company that used simplicity to market its products. The company offered an indoor cycling studio which allows individuals to exercise from their homes.

Bring it to life

The other principle that Steve Lesnard gives is to bring the consumer experience to life. Using videos in the product in the right context. Using consumer testimony into the story line is necessary. Using consumer video is a way to outline the products best features. You need to describe the features that you want consumers to remember your product. Yeti entered a traditional business making their premium products using the outdoor lifestyle. The company’s products will make your water warmer or cooler for longer when you are in the wild. Yeti used their ambassadors to spread the word about their premium products.

If you are thinking of marketing your products, you should first think about the consumer benefits that people will remember in your product. You must look for the most immersive and creative way to make your product comes to life. It is also vital that you look for ambassadors who will help spread the message about your product. Steve Lesnard advises that you must always present your product in a way that can cut across the marketing medium that you choose.

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