Article Title: San Miguel Joins JD.COMs Global Fruit Strategic Alliance

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A top citrus company called San Miguel from North America has entered into an agreement with JD.COM, a leading e-commerce platform in China, to market fresh produce through JD’s e-commerce platform. The business relationship between the leading citrus company and the major retail platform in China has grown stronger in the wake of the agreement. JD.COM announced the launch of “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance” to promote the vegetable and fruit activity in China.

Many other leading fruit producers including Wonderful Citrus and Zespri have signed up with the cooperation agreement. The partnership confirmed that San Miguel is one of the leading companies in the world in the industry. The alliance also boosts San Miguel’s business development via e-commerce. San Miguel was advanced with an opportunity to expand its presence in China.

According to the General Marketing Manager of Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division, Wu Zhengzhi, the initiative’s mission is to reach the world as well as encourage consumers to eat healthier. Jingdong Fresh has made incredible progress in rolling out on a global scale. The senior executive also affirmed the company’s commitment to helping San Miguel to succeed in the Chinese market.

According to San Miguel’s Andres Haloua, the partnership has brought them closer to their customers. They are delivering better range of products to Chinese consumers through e-commerce. JD.COM brings great value to the table as it is highly experienced in the sector and therefore, it will help San Miguel to satisfy the needs of Chinese consumers. The initiative is a big deal for the company from North America because it confirms it as a leader in the industry and it indicates that customers have trust in the company’s products. The company is driven by innovation and development. It works around the clock to provide consumers high quality products through robust and many channels to satisfy the needs of markets. JD is a leading go-to shopping platform in China which started in 2004. The Beijing-based company has developed a robust infrastructural network and it is continuing expanding its presence in China. It looks to expand into the rest parts of the world with time.

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