Richard Liu Qiangdong Discloses How He Established JD.Com

Jingdong, famously known as is ranked among the world’s leading e-commerce stores. The China-based store is well known for it’s zero tolerance to fake products, user-friendly shopping platform, as well as its quick logistic services. It serves millions of customers in China, Thailand, France, Europe, the UK, Indonesia, and the US.

But, how did the online store develop to its present day position? According to a video interview posted on the World Economic Forum, Richard Liu Qiangdong revealed that Jingdong started as a computer accessory shop in 1998.

Mr. Liu Qiangdong had just completed his sociology studies when he opened the computer shop. He pursued his studies at the People’s University of China.

Primarily, Liu established the shop to raise capital that would cater to his grandmother’s medical bills. In just five years, Richard Liu Qiangdong opened 12 new computer accessory shops in different locations.

In 2004, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to close down his brick and mortar computer shops since China was going through a SARS outbreak, and people were advised to remain indoors.

He used the opportunity to launch, an e-commerce store that gave people the freedom to shop while indoors.

According to the World Economic Forum’s video interview, Richard Liu Qiangdong used three primary strategies to grow his e-commerce store.

First, supplied original products to its customers. This strategy helped to outwit its competitors who provided fake products.

Secondly, Richard Liu Qiangdong made sure that his customers received their orders in the same or next day after placing their orders. To date, has held the reputation of quick logistic services. In fact, 90% of customers receive their merchandise on the same day they make an order.

Thirdly, Richard Liu Qiangdong’s online store supplied almost all consumer products. It sold fresh farm produce, furniture, home appliances, books, clothes, processed foodstuffs, beauty products, and other consumer products.

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Building an e-commerce business the Richard Liu Qiangdong way

If you are thinking about starting an e-commerce business, you may consider taking a few lessons from Richard Liu Qiangdong. He is the founder of China’s largest e-commerce website and has proved beyond doubt that starting such a business does not require any magic. Over the years that his website has been operational, he has shown that no matter where you start, the most important thing is to stay focused on your aspirations. Today, he inspires many budding entrepreneurs to believe in what they dream of. In addition to that, he has been reaching out to other leading companies in the world.

How he started

Richard Liu graduated from the People’s University of China with a degree in sociology. However, he felt that there was more learning to do and therefore, he studies computer programming and coding. After these two courses, he noticed that he had just found the perfect avenue through which he could venture into business. However, he chose to be patient and worked for a Japanese company operating in China. After rising through the ranks to become a manager, he finally leaped, and that is how he started his first business.

His entrepreneurship journey

When Richard Liu Qiangdong ventured into his first business, he was selling magneto-optic products in a small rented shop in his hometown. However, he felt that this was not enough because he could only reach out to the local buyers. The sales were not as impressive as he hoped and therefore, he figured out how to find more clients. At this point, he remembered his computer skills and so, he embarked on a project to create an e-commerce website. He knew that through the internet, he could reach out to people across China and all over the world.

Richard Liu was right in his strategy because just a few months after the launch of his website, his popularity grew beyond what he had imagined. Therefore, he caught the attention of other entrepreneurs, and a new opportunity presented itself. He got into an agreement to list their high-quality products on his website and therefore, became an instant hit.

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Mike Nierenberg and His Rise to Success

Mike Nierenberg is a huge entrepreneur and a real estate investor. He is the current Managing Director at Fortress. As of this February 22nd, his net worth was over $16.5 million. He has over 60,000 units of residential investment. He worked in Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the managing director where he was in charge of all trading activities. He also worked for 14 years in a leadership position in Bear Stearns. He is also a former employee of JP Morgan and Lehman Brothers. Although he started a long time ago, his extensive experience has enabled him to get to the top.

While at Lehman Brothers, Mike Nierenberg took time to create flexible mortgage rates for the company’s business. In Bear Stearns were worked for fourteen years, he was in charge of foreign exchange and interest rate operations. He also headed structured products and trading of mortgage-backed securities. He was among the board member in the company from the year 2006 and 2008 and his achievements continued to soar.

In Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Mike Nierenberg was the head of Global Securitized Products and was also in the management committee. He later became the managing director and in charge of Securitized products and Global Mortgages. From the year 2013, he has worked as the CEO, the president, and the chairman of New Residential Investment Corp. this firm is currently publicly traded as a real estate asset that deals with managing investments that are associated with residential real estate.

Mike Nierenberg utilized his time at New Residential to redirect the firm during the financial crisis in the US. He used the situation to create lots of opportunities for the firm. As a result, he got himself a huge set of investments that the company would easily snap up. The company up to date and because of his works has been able to consistently improve its place and position in the world market.

Mike Nierenberg ideas and hard work also saw him get to his top position in the big company Fortress. He is a professional and an expert in his line of work a feature that has made him uniquely capable of handling real estate investments in the market that is continuing to expand.

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Bhanu Choudhrie, Skill Set As An Entrepreneur Strategist

It was an exciting time for self-made millionaire Bhanu Choudhrie in 2008 selected as Entrepreneur of the Year, by the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards. The awards highlight notable achievements by Asians in public and private industries. It should come as no surprise to those closest to him, because he was already interested in business, at an early age. He took his interest and expanded it further, graduating from the University of Boston with a degree in International Business and Marketing. From there the New Delhi born Choudhrie set his sights on London. He made London his home for both residential purposes and business endeavors. His finest achievements have come in real estate and hospitality, with an investment portfolio which includes luxury spa hotels in India and East Africa and a series of health care based homes, throughout the UK. Check out this link

Beginning in 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie began investing in multiple businesses as the Executive Director of C&C Alpha Group. Having acquired a number of prized properties, Choudhrie spoke about his decision to become a London-based entrepreneur. He attributed the choice to a college internship that he competed as an undergraduate. Bhanu Choudhrie went on to praise the potential for business growth and development opportunities that didn’t emerge in the US.

After investing in many industries, Bhanu was quite candid about the success that the family owned and operated business, C&C Alpha Group has achieved. He reflected on the great outcomes for the restaurant business, as well as the other areas that include aviation, real estate, travel, and the healthcare industry. Bhanu Choudhrie did add that business success often has some risks involved. But he saw risks as something worth taking because even the entrepreneur business failed, it was an experience to learn something new. An example being the airline industry in India, Bhanu Choudhrie could have failed, due to a lack of interest, although supported by an economic boom in aviation. Most were comfortable with taking the train. Cautiously, he went ahead with the acquisition but added that “on average, for every five investments, three end in failure.”

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Agera Energy, a New York-based Firm

Agera Energy is an Energy Servicing Company based in New York. It focuses on providing quality and affordable energy choices. Agera is a non- profit organization that offers a wide range of energy solutions. It was founded in March 2014. Agera’s mission is to provide readily available energy solutions to individuals across the globe. Agera ensures that its customers are satisfied by the services they are getting. Agera Energy launched during a winter breakout, and therefore energy was in high demand resulting in high fuel prices. Most individuals could not cope with the high prices. Consumers were demanding more than suppliers could provide which resulted in most businesses failing.

Agera Energy, unlike most energy firms, interacts with customers on a personal level. Agera focuses more on the customers need contrary to most firms that concentrate on bills payment. Agera also trains its technicians on how to communicate with consumers and how to help them make suitable energy choices. Other firms ensure that their technicians are well-equipped with knowledge of marketing and have useful marketing tactics.

Agera Energy focuses on refining energy choices for its consumers; this is contrary to what most firms do; they focus on residential customers only for commercial customers they change product names. Agera ensures that their products maximumly fit consumer needs. The firm has a wide range of products to meet the economic needs of all its customers. Agera concentrates on providing environmentally friendly energy solutions and products. Since the firm opened, it has expanded tremendously and is currently targeting the global markets.

Peter Briger Provides Alternative Assets Management Expert

Are you looking for a reliable investment firm or a professional that offers asset management advice? Do you want to enlist the services of a renowned investment advisory firm or professional? Maybe you are trying to learn more about Peter Briger and the team at Fortress Investment Group.

Peter has great expertise in investing, particularly, alternative asset management and comes highly recommended. Peter has been catering to a wide variety of clients for a long time and is considered a leader in the financial services arena.

When it comes to money management or investing, it is extremely important to learn from someone who is well versed in all aspects of the industry.

Peter Briger has a good understanding of what it takes to achieve great success in the investing arena and has numerous clients and associates. He was a partner at Goldman Sachs for 15 years before he started working with Fortress Investment Group. He joined Fortress Investment Group and is a top-rated professional in the firm. He is a member of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group and has a great reputation due to his honest and transparent dealings with his team and partners.

Financial matters can get complicated if you don’t know how things work in the industry. That’s why it is a good idea to have a great team by your side as you take steps towards your goal.

Peter Briger is highly reliable and can guide any ambitious individual. He has both institutional and individual clients and is well respected in the industry.

Well established investment firms have systems in place to help them address the needs of their clients effectively. They provide comprehensive investment operating platforms and have professionals who are well versed in a wide variety of investment issues. They have the expertise and industry resources to support all major asset classes.

Fortress Investment Group is a global investment company, focusing on alternative asset management. Fortress Investment Group is well equipped to help clients reach their investment goals.

As a reliable asset management professional, Peter Briger oversees the Fortress Credit division. Peter is the Principal & Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group.

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Brian Torchins Amazing Accomplishments

Brian Torchin is the owner of HCRC Staffing which staffs every aspect of the healthcare industry along with consulting, making HCRC a well-rounded healthcare business. He has been operating his staffing company for 12 years. His company helps staff all aspects of the healthcare industries. His company covers it all. He wanted the industry to have the best professionals available to make a great healthcare system. His company attracts the talent and services needed to achieve this goal.

Brian has business savvy and knowledge of the healthcare industry, which has been proven with the success of his businesses. He knows how to make long term relationships which is a key piece to any business. Being an entrepreneur, Torchin knows what it takes to make a business come to its full potential. Read more about Brian Torchin at Glassdoor.

Torchin knows what it takes to bring the best out in individuals to make the most of an Interview. He utilizes videos to show how to have a great interview and put their best foot forward. Crafting individuals into the best candidates they can be for career success.

Brian has earned both a bachelor’s degree in science and a doctorate degree in chiropractic. He opened his own chiropractic clinic to be able to help people become pain free. The people of Pennsylvania get the benefit of his expertise and knowledge.

Brian Torchin is a busy man who still finds time to publish articles on the company’s blog. He discusses topics that can help people live a healthier lifestyle or make their business better. One such topic is gym memberships. He also shares different ways to make your business more productive such as shared ownership. Brian has a lot of experience to share and does it well on the HCRC blog. Read more:


Michael Nierenberg and New Residential Investment Corporation Has What it Takes To Grow

A few of the factors that individuals should pay attention to when looking at potential investments is the management team, the profit potential, the certainty, the overall economics, market opportunities, competition, and more. Michael Nierenberg and his team New Residential seem to meet these different criteria in a big way, and seem like they will be carrying this into the future as well.

The Real Estate Industry Will Boom Again

Michael Nierenberg and his team are aware of the different events that are going on in the current economy. There is evidence of a general slowdown in the housing sector plus a general uptick in the interest rates. Many professionals in the mortgage sector are preparing for even further slowdowns that may occur in the mortgage lending sector over the next couple of years. The reality is that these mortgage professionals will have to look at regular changes that will be taking place over this year and then adjust their expectations as they get closer to the end of this current year. Michael Nierenberg and his team at New Residential Investment Corporation are also preparing to take advantage of the different changes occurring within the mortgage landscape to seize opportunities and bring home strong dividends and returns for their investors.

Michael Nierenberg and his team certainly be on the look out for the different statements by the federal reserve as well as other macro and micro trends that they will have to pay attention to as investors progress into 2019 and go into the next couple of years. Individuals are seeing that tax cuts, rates, trade deal hesitation, and other factors are playing a big role in market volatility and more are thinking if they should simply sit on the sidelines. Yet, experts such as Michael Nierenberg and his team are continuously looking at different corners of the mortgage sector and are seeking to derive profits from the interest spreads and generate more cash flows. Michael Nierenberg and New Residential will certainly look like a good option to add to a portfolio as they seem to be making the right moves and taking the right actions on a year-to-year basis. learn More.

Dr. Dov Rand Career and Background

Dr. Dov Rand is a medical specialist in rehabilitation and physical medicine. He was born in Washington and has over 15 years of experience working in this practice. Dr. Dov Rand has his firm that is the Healthy Aging Medical Centers that he operates. The core agenda of this firm is to help clients maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the different phases of health. It strives to help individuals be healthy despite their age bracket. This firm is efficient for those individuals that are looking for medical methods that contribute to healthy living. Dr. Dov Rand is well educated, and he completed his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University.

After completing his undergraduate degree, he went on to Howard University for his medical degree. For his internship, Dr. Dov Rand went to Saint Barnabas Medical Center. After this, he completed his residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center. Dr. Dov Rand’s success in the medical field stems from the passion and dedication that he has. He had an interest in athletics earlier on while in school, and he was completely dedicated to it. This is what taught him the true meaning of passion that he fueled into his medical career. Dr. Dov Rand himself takes pride in leading a healthy lifestyle and hopes that this can set an example for his patients. He does this by eating healthily and living an active lifestyle.

Some of the physical activity that Dr. Dov Rand engages in on a daily basis includes martial arts, yoga, cardiovascular exercise and strength training. He also partakes in mental exercise such as reading literature, writes and attending professional conferences. This is meant to keep his mind active and maintain good mental health. Dr. Dov Rand attributes his success to always learning something new. He has a thirst for knowledge and is always finding new books to read and conferences to attend. All the knowledge that he learns he puts it into his career, e.g., new scientific information. One thing that he recommends people should do in their career is to pursue education. One does not need to attend school but can learn a lot from various platforms on the internet (Weeklyopinion).