Betsy DeVos: Where Philanthropy Led Her

The current U.S. Secretary of Education has a long history of lending a helping a hand to those who really need it. Betsy DeVos has put millions of dollars to support charter schools, religious organizations, and for the privatization of public schools. Together with her husband Dick, they’ve put together the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a non-profit organization that prioritizes “education, community, the arts, justice, and leadership.”



Among the many organizations Mrs. DeVos and her husband support include the West Michigan Aviation Academy, ArtPrize, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, The Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, and Marsh Hill Bible Church.



This could be the reason why Donald Trump chose her to become the education secretary, a position she held since February 2017. Mrs. DeVos’ is fully committed to her cause, having accepted the responsibility as one of the administrators for the American Federation for Children (AFC). This organization has sent many American students to school so they can build a stable career in the future.



Betsy DeVos has always been wealthy. She comes from an affluent family in Michigan and is married to Dick DeVos, who happens to be the heir of Amway, the larger than life multilevel company offering Americans products for home, health, and beauty. This is where she gets her money from, where all the donations are sourced to be given to several U.S. charities.



She is also an heir herself. Her father, Edgar Prince, was a successful developer, industrialist, and engineer who founded Prince Corp. Her in-laws are incredibly prominent people in America. Dick’s father, the late Richard DeVos, apart from the co-founding Amway also owns the Orlando Magic basketball team.



In high school, she attended Holland Christian High School in Michigan. She majored in business administration and political science in Calvin College, and like her, Betsy also ended up sending her children to private Christian schools.



Despite having it all, everything didn’t go easy for the philanthropist. When she was appointed as the education secretary, not everybody was happy with President Trump’s decision. Many believed that she was not ready to hold such a responsibility, but at the same time, her peers argued that she wasn’t exactly new to the inner workings of Congress. After all, she did serve as chair for the Michigan Republican Party.



Her husband also tried to enter politics in 2006. Dick DeVos run for governor of Michigan but lost to Democrat Jennifer Granholm. Still, the wealthy couple continued their work as philanthropists and educators.



Betsy’s experience in education has been long documented, having been the voice for parents and their children’s education for well over thirty years. She aims to give each child the opportunity to receive a quality education no matter what their financial status may be.



Mrs. DeVos’ passion for education stems from her mother who worked as a public teacher. This was the childhood the young Betsy grew up in. By the time she was capable, she worked hard in order to allow American children to have better opportunities when it comes to education.


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