Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Shows she’s Two Sides of the Same Coin

On February 23, 2017, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos arranged a meeting with a spokesperson for the LGBT employees at the Education Department to announce President Trump’s removal of transgender bathroom policies. The Removal of these guidelines would eliminate the ability for those identifying as transgender to use their preferred bathrooms.




During the meeting, DeVos’ aide told the representative that DeVos had opposed the move by Trump to rescind the policy. However, publicly, Betsy DeVos was seen announcing to that these transgender guidelines were a huge overreach by the Obama administration.




Despite this apparent idealogical conflict, DeVos had already spent most of her life establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with. A prominent advocate of charter schools and a former political chairwoman, DeVos has created a reputation of a powerful woman capable of accomplishing her goals while maintaining a public facade.




For example, DeVos, while raised in private schools, sought to heavily invest in charter schools which are privately run. Because of her influence, areas like Detroit now have the nation’s largest group of charter schools. She accomplished all this despite admitting publicly that the majority of Americans go to public school and nothing would ever change that fact.




In response to her work, Detroit education officials began to support legislation that would close down their failing charter schools in an effort to level the playing field of public schools and remove low-performing facilities. DeVos’ comeback was to oppose the bill, and she won. She later went on to claim that the public schools in Detroit should be completely shut down.




For those that have worked with DeVos on charter school advocacy groups, she has come off as genuine and down to earth. In personal interactions, DeVos rarely alludes to her intentions or the billions of dollars at her disposal. For some in Michigan, she has successfully come across as neutral on the political debate between public and charter schools, an impresive feat considering that she routinely speaks at conservative conferences and partakes in interviews with conservative news outlets.




Ultimately, with both her and her husbands charitable donations adding up to nearly $139 million and most if not all of the money funding personal partisan agendas, DeVos is no slouch to getting what she wants. In particular, reports from many of her donations paint a clear picture of how she can elaborate one stance while funding results for another. By making various charitable donations public, DeVos effectively creates the illusion of support for all forms of education, while her vast political donations aimed explicitly at charter schools tell a much different story.


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