Marc Beer is a degree holder in Bachelor of Science, which he acquired in the University of Miami. He is an expert in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals innovation. In August 2016, Marc Beer in the company of Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorié formed the Renovia Incorporation, which is centered in Boston. Ramon Igles serves as the managing director while Marc Beer is the president.


Renovia incorporation aims at dealing with various ailments that affect women. Their primary objective is to provide long-term solutions to the disorders and hence minimizing the finances that are used in the frequent short-term treatments.


Marc Beer served in Genzyme, where his core duty was to oversee the marketing department by bringing products that targeted rare diseases into the market. Prior to working with Genzyme, he was a sales marketer of the Abbott Laboratories.


Back in 2000, he was the founding president of via cell, a biotechnology company that specializes in matters of the umbilical cord, i.e., collection, preservation and generating the umbilical cord’s blood stem cells. This company developed very fast, and in just five years of Marc Beers’s leadership, it created more open job slots and went public in 2005 and finally was bought by PerkinElmer.


Marc Beer’s involvement in the field before founding Renova significantly played a role in his governance at Renova. In just a few years, the company launched a new product ‘leva’ that has already gained the FDA’s approval back in April. The product segregates and enables favorable movement of the Levator Plate. Currently, they are into a new project; the company is coming up with various products that are aimed at treating pelvic floor disorders like loss of bladder control among others.


The company has invested $32 million from the Series B round and $10 million debt into the project. Series B round led by discerning investors exclusively in New York and Ascension Ventures from Missouri were joined by Inova Strategic, Longwood, OSF Ventures, Western Technology Investment, and Cormorant Asset Management. The funds will concentrate in; innovating and trial of four symptomatic products inclusive of a new type of Leva too and also to market and bring the products into the market.


The company hopes to find a remedy for the pelvic floor disorders that affects up to 250 million women globally. They also plan to use their research on the ailment to educate people more on the Pelvic floor disorder and to offer new therapy on the available medical care platforms. Learn more:


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