Madison Street Capital Receive Nod for Top Award

Madison Street Capital is an international financial advisor based in Illinois, Chicago. They have been named finalists in the 17th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Madison has been selected from a pool of many nominees and now what is remaining is the final selection of the winners. They have made it to the list of finalists in some categories. Learn more about Madison Street Capital: and

This include; Equity Financing of the Year, Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year, Private Equity Deal of the Year, M&A Deal of the Year and Professional Services of the Year. Their CEO Charles Botchway has appreciated the selection claiming that it proves their abilities and is an excellent motivator to his talented and dedicated team.

The M&A started out as a company to monitor and offer strategies on M&A activities. Over time they have built a big network of finance professionals. M&A Advisor Awards was launched in 2002 to reward the creativity and inventions of companies in various categories.

The M&A Advisor president David Fergusson recognizes the fantastic transformation that has been happening since the start of the awards. He appreciates the opportunity their firm has been given to recognize the various contributions the shortlisted companies have made in their industries.

Madison Capital has made a name for itself in the world of investment banking by providing exceptional services that have helped clients across the globe. They specialize in a wide range of services that they offer to corporations and private businesses.

Their services include advisory, business valuation services, investment banks, venture capital services, corporate tax planning services, private equity, mergers & acquisitions services, restructuring services and much more.

The privately held company has been in operation for over a decade and has only been experiencing excellence, especially with hedge funds. Serving their diverse clients, Madison has been able to accumulate skills on how to handle their different clients effectively.

Madison Street Capital reputation is untainted. They uphold the virtues of integrity, leadership, service, and are committed to excellence in their day to day operations.

The group also understands the sensitivity of time on businesses and as such respond instantly to opportunities as they come. One of the strengths of Madison is their team of highly talented and experienced persons who are always willing to help their clients to achieve their goals.

Madison has an arrangement for investment where both business owners and investors benefit. They match sellers to buyers and offer appropriate capital structures. Madison’s success makes them the company to go to for in-depth analysis and lasting financial solutions.

The company has created confidence in clients that their resources will bring gains. They have opened regional offices in Asia, North America and Africa to be near the locations and serve them better.

Sussex Healthcare Quality Person-Centred Services

For over 20 years Sussex healthcare has as given care to senior and alternative adults in want of specialized care. It facilities operate on England southern coast. The mix of Boghani’s expertise in working hotels and Sachedina’s medical experience as a dental practitioner has joint over the decades to form a vivacious and victory mature care network.

An enthusiastic and dedicated team of workers fastidiously designated for every conservation home and everyone attends in-house coaching as a portion of the upkeep provider’s quality plan. Read more about Sussex Healthcare at

All of their accommodations embody packages to encourage inhabitants to remain engaged and active in their environs, as well as customized activity and leisure plans supported the resident’s welfares earlier in existence. The group operates residential and medical aid services among Sussex healthcare, giving a specialist look after individuals with complicated health wants like medical specialty conditions, profound multiple learning disabilities, syndrome and purchased brain injury, as well as services for older individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or dementedness.

The role in Sussex healthcare East NHS Trust is to produce the most effective attainable tending service to patients; World Health Organization return initially in everything the organization will. There are around 525,000 people that board East Sussex and therefore the Trust is one in every of the most prominent organizations within the county.

Sussex Health Care is committed to creating the operating surroundings an area wherever everybody feels valued and may fulfill their potential. Education associated coaching are a key a part of their quality strategy this is why they need an Academy at Head workplace on the market to any or all workers World Health Organization desires to move their career or take a brand new path.

They actively encourage and support our workers to higher their coaching not just for personal improvement, however, to produce the best quality of care they’ll to their service users. They powerfully believe finance within the gifted associates of the team, and this is often one in every one of our fundamental values at Sussex healthcare and why we have a tendency to area recognized placement center for student Nurses from Greenwich University and therefore the university. Visit:


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Shows she’s Two Sides of the Same Coin

On February 23, 2017, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos arranged a meeting with a spokesperson for the LGBT employees at the Education Department to announce President Trump’s removal of transgender bathroom policies. The Removal of these guidelines would eliminate the ability for those identifying as transgender to use their preferred bathrooms.




During the meeting, DeVos’ aide told the representative that DeVos had opposed the move by Trump to rescind the policy. However, publicly, Betsy DeVos was seen announcing to that these transgender guidelines were a huge overreach by the Obama administration.




Despite this apparent idealogical conflict, DeVos had already spent most of her life establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with. A prominent advocate of charter schools and a former political chairwoman, DeVos has created a reputation of a powerful woman capable of accomplishing her goals while maintaining a public facade.




For example, DeVos, while raised in private schools, sought to heavily invest in charter schools which are privately run. Because of her influence, areas like Detroit now have the nation’s largest group of charter schools. She accomplished all this despite admitting publicly that the majority of Americans go to public school and nothing would ever change that fact.




In response to her work, Detroit education officials began to support legislation that would close down their failing charter schools in an effort to level the playing field of public schools and remove low-performing facilities. DeVos’ comeback was to oppose the bill, and she won. She later went on to claim that the public schools in Detroit should be completely shut down.




For those that have worked with DeVos on charter school advocacy groups, she has come off as genuine and down to earth. In personal interactions, DeVos rarely alludes to her intentions or the billions of dollars at her disposal. For some in Michigan, she has successfully come across as neutral on the political debate between public and charter schools, an impresive feat considering that she routinely speaks at conservative conferences and partakes in interviews with conservative news outlets.




Ultimately, with both her and her husbands charitable donations adding up to nearly $139 million and most if not all of the money funding personal partisan agendas, DeVos is no slouch to getting what she wants. In particular, reports from many of her donations paint a clear picture of how she can elaborate one stance while funding results for another. By making various charitable donations public, DeVos effectively creates the illusion of support for all forms of education, while her vast political donations aimed explicitly at charter schools tell a much different story.


Visit to learn more.


JHSF Chief Executive José Auriemo Neto and How the Company Has Developed into an Industrial Leader

As Brazil transforms its economy into modern status, the real estate industry of Brazil is playing a crucial role in this transformation. The Sao Paulo-based JHSF Participacoes was founded in 1972 and has expanded into a prominent force in the real developing industry. Currently, the public company has a workforce of about 5,000 employees and specializes in both residential and commercial buildings.

Besides being a leading developer in Brazil, JHSF administers luxurious hotels, a business airport, and shopping centers. The company prides itself with the capacity to spot new market opportunities and tap them into profitable ventures. Among the virtues that make the company a force in the real estate industry are the daring and innovative natures among employees and executives.

JHSF does not only operate in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil but also operates internationally – the USA and Uruguay. In Uruguay, the company operates in Punta Del Este and has additional operational bases in Miami and New York. It runs hotels and restaurants under the brand Fasano Hotel and Restaurant in addition to running an international airport.

Jose Auriemo Neto is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and has been at the helm of the firm’s operations. The Brazilian executive oversees the company’s interests in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and other extensive brand portfolios. Neto has steered the firm into expansions in the USA, Uruguay, Manaus, Salvador, and Metro Tucuruv. Besides, JHSF is developing two new projects in the Sao Paulo region under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto.

Auriemo Neto began his career with JHSF in 1993 after completing his FAAP University degree. Four years later, Neto founded Parkbem, a management company for parking lot. The service department through Parkbem was a success, prompting Neto to oversee another successful development – Shopping Santa Cruz. The shopping destination in Santa Cruz was the first for the group and was launched in 1998. A decade later, the Brazilian executive oversaw the first partnership agreements for retail ventures. The 2009 contracts were with Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci. At the same time, JHSF opened its first retail outlet in the shopping complex of Cidade Jardim.

The Rise, Fall, And Rise Of Entrepreneur Jacob Gottlieb

About twenty years ago Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod worked together before going their separate ways. They are now back together on the same roof and are collaborating with each other on the best ways to invest. Jacob Gottlieb is operating Altium Capital which will specialize in investing in healthcare firms. His first move was investing in Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in which he took at 5.61 percent stake.

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod had worked together at Merlin BioMed Group. This company, which Weisbrod had co-founded, invested in companies that were in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, and healthcare services. Both have educational backgrounds in medicine with Jacob Gottlieb earning his medical degree while Stuart Weisbrod has a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

When Merlin BioMed Group shut its door in 2007 this team split up. Weisbrod went on to found Iguana Healthcare Partners while Jacob Gottlieb established Visium Asset Management. Gottlieb started out with $300 million and within a year he was managing a hedge fund worth $ 2.5 billion. He made it through the stock market crash of 2008-2009 and before long the hedge fund had ballooned to a value of $8 billion. His company had offices in New York City, London, and San Francisco.

Visium Asset Management came to a crashing halt in 2016, though. Three of its executives were arrested for mismarking and insider trading. This conduct had been revealed by a whistleblower. Both the FBI and the SEC investigated and another executive was also charged. Even though Jacob Gottlieb was cleared of any wrongdoing he was forced wind this company down, return money to investors, and dissolve its operations.

Jacob Gottlieb says that he enjoys now working out of the same office as Stuart Weisbrod. He sees some exciting developments in the healthcare industry and there are a number of investment opportunities to be had. He decided to invest in Oramed Pharmaceuticals because of their flagship product. This product is an insulin capsule that can be taken orally. This is much more preferential to the usual way of getting insulin which is sticking a needle in your arm.

Find out more about Jake Gottlieb Altium:


Marc Beer is a degree holder in Bachelor of Science, which he acquired in the University of Miami. He is an expert in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals innovation. In August 2016, Marc Beer in the company of Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorié formed the Renovia Incorporation, which is centered in Boston. Ramon Igles serves as the managing director while Marc Beer is the president.


Renovia incorporation aims at dealing with various ailments that affect women. Their primary objective is to provide long-term solutions to the disorders and hence minimizing the finances that are used in the frequent short-term treatments.


Marc Beer served in Genzyme, where his core duty was to oversee the marketing department by bringing products that targeted rare diseases into the market. Prior to working with Genzyme, he was a sales marketer of the Abbott Laboratories.


Back in 2000, he was the founding president of via cell, a biotechnology company that specializes in matters of the umbilical cord, i.e., collection, preservation and generating the umbilical cord’s blood stem cells. This company developed very fast, and in just five years of Marc Beers’s leadership, it created more open job slots and went public in 2005 and finally was bought by PerkinElmer.


Marc Beer’s involvement in the field before founding Renova significantly played a role in his governance at Renova. In just a few years, the company launched a new product ‘leva’ that has already gained the FDA’s approval back in April. The product segregates and enables favorable movement of the Levator Plate. Currently, they are into a new project; the company is coming up with various products that are aimed at treating pelvic floor disorders like loss of bladder control among others.


The company has invested $32 million from the Series B round and $10 million debt into the project. Series B round led by discerning investors exclusively in New York and Ascension Ventures from Missouri were joined by Inova Strategic, Longwood, OSF Ventures, Western Technology Investment, and Cormorant Asset Management. The funds will concentrate in; innovating and trial of four symptomatic products inclusive of a new type of Leva too and also to market and bring the products into the market.


The company hopes to find a remedy for the pelvic floor disorders that affects up to 250 million women globally. They also plan to use their research on the ailment to educate people more on the Pelvic floor disorder and to offer new therapy on the available medical care platforms. Learn more:


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: The Man Behind The Scalpel

With his wealth of knowledge and noble character, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar earned an honorable reputation in his domain as a reputable plastic surgeon. Both cultivated and grounded, Jejurikar possesses the characteristics of a successful surgeon. Jejurikar’s genius for reconstructive surgery became evident after implementing the extensive knowledge he’d garnered at the University of Michigan during his missionary work with Smile Bangladesh. Based out of New Jersey, Smile Bangladesh is an organization providing treatments for those who suffer from a cleft lip. Jejurikar states that his time spent in Bangladesh played a large part in shaping his humble disposition.

Jejurikar was so moved by the work he did in Bangladesh that he vowed to remain intimately involved in the company’s affairs. Jejurikar continues to employ his expertise in the name of aiding others and regularly attends conventions, medical trips, and philanthropic causes as an attempt to gain insight into his ever-adapting trade. Jejurikar realizes that as the plastic surgery realm rapidly evolves, laymen will become apprehensive about exploring reconstructive procedures. In the hopes of alleviating these qualms, Jejurikar strives to arm himself with sufficient knowledge, in turn demonstrating to patients that there’s no facet of his trade he’s not adept at.

When he’s not thriving in his domain, Dr. Jejurikar is living his best life as a proud father. His three treasured and beloved prodigy remain the focal point of his life, and Jejurikar says that while his work is of paramount importance, his children are the elements on which all other matters hinge. Jejurikar strives to maintain a healthy balance between work and family life while pledging to cherish the simple pleasures in life. Both a doting father and skilled surgeon, Dr. Jejurikar is the exemplar of an industrious family man.

Dr. Mark McKenna Plans On Cutting Down On Cosmetic Medical Patients’ Wait Times Through OVME

While healthcare has come really far over the years, there continues to be long waits for people who seek certain kinds of services. Dr. Mark McKenna has noticed that this is only getting worse over the years, and he decided to startup a new kind of healthcare company that cuts down on wait times. McKenna has opened the doors of his medical aesthetic company OVME and did so after the successful sale of another company he had built named ShapeMed.

OVME offers minimally invasive cosmetic services, which includes Botox, Intense Pulsed Light, Dysport, Dermal Fillers, Kybella, and more. Dr. Mark McKenna is more than happy to be a part of a new company that will surely be disrupting the industry. OVME will be allowing people to use an app that will help to connect them with medical professionals who can come right out to their home in order to offer cosmetic treatments. McKenna has said this makes OVME an Uber of sorts for the cosmetic medical industry.

Dr. Mark McKenna studied at Tulane University Medical School where he received his medical degree. Instead of pursuing a career as a doctor immediately, he got into real estate after graduating and did really well for himself in the beginning. Due to no fault of his own, his real estate business came to a crashing halt when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. Dr. Mark McKenna decided to hang around the city and worked to rebuild it by contributing to low income housing construction. After he felt like he had done enough, he decided to leave the city and moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

It was there that he built up his company ShapeMed before selling it and moving on to OVME.

As OVME gains steam, Dr. Mark McKenna will be connecting with quality medical professionals who desire to sign up as a provider for its app. McKenna plans on attending medical trade shows and plastic surgery society meetings in order to find the right doctors. He will also be looking for physician assistants and nurses who have the qualifications to treat people with Botox.

Francisco Domenech: Biography

Franciso J. Domenech was born in Puerto Rico in 1978. Originally from San Juan, Domenech is one of the former Directors of the office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico. He served this position from 2005 until 2008.

Although born in Puerto Rico, Domenech spent a large part of his childhood and teenage years in Florida. Domenech has had a very diverse political career. He has been a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in the years 2004, 2008, 20012, and finally 2016. For over five years he was part of the Democratic National Committee where he represented Young Democrats of America. Visit Francisco Domenech at SlideShare.

From a political perspective, Domenech is a huge advocate of making Puerto Rico the 51st state of the United States of America. Domenech has his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and his Juris Doctor degree, both from the University of Puerto Rico.

Domenech has worked closely with many big named politicians. Most notably, he served on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He served as the Deputy Campaign Manager for Clinton’s Puerto Rican campaign. This campaign was incredibly successful, and poll numbers at the time revealed that Clinton was favored 61-37 there over her then adversary, Barrack Obama. Domenech also helped Clinton with her campaign trip to Puerto Rico in 2016 before the election.

In 2016, Domenech was part of a very special political campaign. He managed the campaign of Jennifer Gonzalez, the youngest person and first woman to serve as the Resident commissioner.

Domenech is incredibly involved in a variety of philanthropic endeavors as well. Some of these causes include the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, The Clinton Foundation, the Museo de Arte de ponce, and the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, among others. He is also involved in the TASIS Dorado Scholarship fund as well as the The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. Check: