Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani: Student, Writer, And Farmer

The beginning

Milan Kordestani began life in Stanford, California. After his parents divorced, his family moved to England. A year later, in 2010, he returned to the United States and graduated from high school in 2017.


Kordestani has many interests, and one of those of being horseback riding. Kordestani notes that one of the most significant moments in his life is when he was thrown off a horse while trail riding. Instead of being terrified of the horse like most kids his age would be, he got back on the horse and rode back to his camp. He quickly rose through the ranks and began competing on world championship horses. He has won many awards, and his highest ranking was a second place at World Championship Horse Show.

The start of Milan Farm

Just like many other high school students, Kordestani wanted to work. However, instead of getting a job at a fast food restaurant or at the mall, he started a company. Milan Farms was started while Kordestani was a sophomore in high school. His farm’s main concentrations are eggs, chickens, and saffron. He is the first farmer to grow saffron on a microfiber sponge.

Milan Farm became a trademark company in 2016. The farm has even expanded to three farms that distribute the cage-free eggs throughout the west coast. The saffron is sold all over the world. Kordestani’s goal is to create a system that would allow poultry to be raised humanely and organically. He also wants to grow pure saffron in an organic manner. He wants his processes to be completely transparent and for his customers to understand how their food is being raised and produced. Kordestani is constantly researching how to better grow his products. In his spare time, he continues to go to school and is also a writer for the Huffington Post.

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