Academy of Art University: What’s Your Passion

The Academy of Art University has a strong influence on today’s entertainment culture. This extraordinary school for the arts has developed top-tier talent in a multiple array of fields, including design and fashion. The San Francisco-based school participates in the affluent New York Fashion Week on an annual basis. Many of its former-graduates have displayed their fashion lines at this prominent event and last year was no different. The school introduced five womenswear lines as well as two menswear lines at its last appearance.

The motion picture industry is another area that this school has sent its unlimited talent to. The Academy Awards is the most prestigious event in Hollywood as it honors the top films of the previous year. The Academy of Art University was well-represented by Daniel Arriaga at the 2018 event as he played a key role in bringing to life the animated flick “Cocoa.” Arriaga, a past student at AAU, works as a senior director at Pixar Animated Studios. He, and his team of animators created a brilliant film about a Mexican boy who set-out on a journey to find his passion in life. “Cocoa” has implemented a lot of Mexican culture right into the film such as spirit motifs, music, festivities and folklore.

This film won the Best Animated Feature Film award as well as won the Oscar for Best Original Song. The film was quite close to Arriaga as he is of Hispanic decent. Hours and hours went into developing and producing this work-of-art as it displayed some of the most brilliant visual effects.

The Academy of Art University has created an astounding environment for being creative thanks to its abundance of galleries, its exhibits, and its advanced technologies. This for-profit institution has certainly delivered on its promises, has raised the bar higher and has set new standards.

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