Malcolm Casselle: Effective Changes in Video Game Asset Marketplace

OPSkins is the leading bitcoin merchant in the world especially the in-game virtual assets. Malcolm Casselle is the current CIO. The firm has a great multitude of users who make cross-border payments for micro-services. OPSkins is currently leading type of centralized marketplace for virtual kind assets. Its creators are building a new blockchain platform where virtual assets can be effectively traded. This platform is called WAX, Worldwide Asset Exchange. This is a marketplace for trading all virtual assert that is founded on blockchain and decentralized contracts. This will give a chance to the sellers and buyers in trading their virtual assets with each other. This platform, WAX, has brought in solution for two major issues. The first one is the fragmentation and secondly the fraud issues. What it does is it has a single widget that allows all the users to buy and sell their virtual goods instantly without having to click off the game. WAX has united the separated virtual asset market. It has introduced the WAX tokens and eSports that allow the users to tokenize and sell their virtual assets in a safe blockchain. It allows the buyers and sellers to tokenize their assets and engage in the trade with players from different places just by clicking on the screen. The president of WAX, Malcolm Casselle is a firm believer in the new technology affiliated to gaming. Moreover, it has solved fraud matters like receiving incomplete games assets, incomplete deliveries and much more. Their blockchain eliminates any intermediaries and ensures that all goods are availed to the users without the intervention of a third party.

He serves as the president at WAX. He is also the CIO for OPSkins. This is a leading marketplace for buyers and sellers of online video games. Before working here, Malcolm was the president and CTO for Tronc. He was the overseer for the properties and the leveraging of digital assets. He holds a degree in from the renowned Stanford University and MIT in Computer Science.

Malcolm Casselle is a pro at speaking Japanese and Mandarin. Malcolm has led many private companies in transforming their digital and technological aspects. He has been a chief executive officer and led to many startups in the digital industry.

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